April 2010 The Clubmaker Report
Sponsored by Aldila Voodoo and Tacki Mac Itomic Golf Grips
Congrats to Bill Lind, winner of the Aldila RIP Tour Bag drawing! Check out Bill's new bag here http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/aldila.rip.html . Nice job from our friends at Aldila. More equipment giveaways below, make sure to read this weeks report for details.
Tacki Mac Itomic Golf Grips
  Itomic Golf Grips
Tacki Mac's colorful new ITOMIC grips are not like traditional rubber grips. They are made from a proprietary blend of elastomeric materials that are very tacky with a super soft (but firm) feel. This revolutionary blend of thermo-forming materials is both very durable, and high performing in all weather conditions. ITOMIC grips maintain their tacky feel and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water. The new Itomic grips are available in black, white, red, or blue and in a new wrap style. Follow the link below to order Itomic grips direct from Tacki Mac.
UST Proforce AXIVCore Sale-Save $50
The sale of the UST Proforce AXIVCore shafts continue this week. I can offer Clubmaker Report subscribers great pricing of $50 off on the UST AXIVCore Black, Red, and Green shaft models. They're regularly $139.99, sale $89.99, and 22% off on the Tour Blue. These shafts get a lot of Tour usage. Stewart Cink used the Tour Red in his driver and fairway woods for his Open victory last year and the winner of last weeks Shell Houston Open had the Tour Green prototype in his driver and Tour Green in his fairway woods. The Proforce AXIVCore Blue shaft features an active tip section that optimizes torque and improves feel and generates more spin for greater carry distance. The woven AXIV material provides enhanced stability and consistent shaft recovery without sacrificing feel. For players seeking high initial launch, low spin and increased ball speed, the Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black is a tour-proven, counter-balance design that utilizes the AXIV weave that provides enhanced stability and consistent shaft recovery. The new Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red is for players who generate above average ball speed and who desire a penetrating launch angle, low ball spin, and a stable feel. Similar to the Tour Black model, the AXIVCore Red is a tour-proven design that combines the AXIV weave and a superior high-modulus carbon fiber in the mid and tip sections of the shaft. However, the Tour Red Series features a stiffer tip profile that delivers a strong, penetrating launch trajectory, low spin, and firmer feel. For the player seeking better feel and tighter shot dispersion in a lower launch, low spin high performance golf shaft. The new Tour Green integrates a true weave, 4-axis material within the inner walls of the tip section. This provides a flexurally stable, torsionally responsive tip profile for lower ball flight, reduced spin and better shot-making control without sacrificing feel. This tip-balanced shaft positions the overall center of gravity closer to the tip so players can better feel the position of the clubhead throughout the swing.

I hope you take advantage of this special savings on a fantastic shaft line. Send me a note if you need help choosing the right shaft for your swing. UST has a really cool interactive fitting page at http://www.ustmamiya.com/swingfit/ Plug in the variables they ask for and you'll get a suggested shaft model, weight, and flex based on your answers. If you lie and say you have a 115 mph swingspeed when it is really only 85 mph, a hand will pop out of your screen and slap you silly. It hurts, I know from experience.

BestGrip Leather Golf Grips
Our favorite leather golf grip company has a new name-- Best Grips. They've been a sponsor at Clubmaker Online for a long time and make a great product.

Here's what they have to say about their premium leather grips: The proprietary Pro-tack leather treatment provides a positive, active adhesion between your hand and the leather. The leather is moisture activated so the tack increases just when you need it. Leather just feels right and is superior to synthetic grips in every way: durability, shock absorption, feedback and grip. You owe it to yourself to play the Best!

They have some unique exotic putter grips, a hand laced and baseball laced putter grip and a fantastic club grip.

Matrix HD Shaft Giveaway/Drawing
Matrix had a great showing at this years Masters. The list of players using their Ozik shafts includes a recent Masters champ, a recent US Open champ, the guy that just missed winning last years Masters and an impressive list of PGA Tour stars. Their Ozik HD6 was by far the most popular shaft from this group of superstars.

Here's some info from Matrix: The new Ozik HD6 and HD7 are low launch low spin shafts positioned with the Code series (mid launch mid spin) and XCon series (high launch/low spin).

With the Matrix Ozik HD and Matrix Ozik TPHD franchise, Matrix created new levels of structural strength and combined them with advancements in spin control. "HD" refers to the hexdecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the new designs are built. With the stronger 16-cutt butt section, Matrix engineers were able to better structure and strengthen the tip without adding overall weight and, at time, even lowering balance points to better match today's high MOI, low CG heads. The result is a stronger tip-strength-to-weight ratio than found with any previous Matrix Ozik.

The internal HD structure can be made more consistently uniform than a circular design, further reducing the need for specific orientation during installation.

To celebrate their great showing at the Masters, I thought I'd do a giveaway of an Ozik HD6 shaft (a $300 value). Follow the link below and read up on the HD6. Send me a quick note with Matrix Ozik in the subject line and tell me what type of ball flight you should expect from the HD6 (copy and paste is fine). I'll announce the winner at the next Clubmaker Report.

Hot Shots
I enjoy all of the "what's in the bag" reports that you can find online and like picking out what my favorite golfers are playing (especially if they're doing well).

At the Masters, I saw Phil with a Mitsubishi Fubuki driver, fairway and Thump hybrid, Project X in his irons, Westwood with an Aldila Voodo, Cabrera with an Aldila RIP, KJ with an Aldila NV (we've got to get him in an NV Voodoo), Anthony Kim with a UST AXIVcore Tour green, Freddie with a Fuji (maybe an old school model) in his driver and a Harrison Mugen in his 3 wood.

Golf Pride also notes that 47 players, nearly half the field, use their Tour Velvet model. You can find specs and details on all of these fine brands at my web site. I've tried most of the products that they offer and can offer you advice on choosing the right one for your game.

Aldila Voodoo
  Aldila Voodoo
What sets the VooDoo apart from other shafts is its patent pending S-core, or stabilized core, Technology designed to increase distance and provide outstanding accuracy with each swing. The real "magic" of the VooDoo is the high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. "Our S-core Technology dramatically stabilizes the shaft's cross-section through the use of an internal carbon-fiber rib system," said John Oldenburg, Aldila's Vice President of Engineering. "The innovative rib structure increases hoop strength/stiffness so much that it is 80 percent greater than conventional graphite, and up to 60 percent greater than competitors' attempts at cross sectional stabilization." Visit the Aldila Voodoo Web Site here http://aldilavoodoo.html .

For a chart showing launch and spin characteristics of the entire Aldila line, go here http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/aldila.launch.html


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