April 2010 The Clubmaker Report
Special Sale Announcement
UST AXIV Shaft Sale-Save $50
John Muir  
Sorry to send out another report so soon but I didn't want to wait until next week to let you know about this special from our friends at UST that I found out about this morning.

I can offer Clubmaker Report subscribers great pricing of $50 off on the UST AXIV Black, Red, and Green shaft models. They're regularly $139.99, sale $89.99, and 22% off on the Tour Blue. These shafts get a lot of Tour usage. Stewart Cink used the Tour Red in his driver and fairway woods for his Open victory last year and the winner of last weeks Shell Houston Open had the Tour Green prototype in his driver and Tour Green in his fairway woods.

The Proforce AXIVCore Blue shaft features an active tip section that optimizes torque and improves feel and generates more spin for greater carry distance. The woven AXIV material provides enhanced stability and consistent shaft recovery without sacrificing feel.

For players seeking high initial launch, low spin and increased ball speed, the Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black is a tour-proven, counter-balance design that utilizes the AXIV weave that provides enhanced stability and consistent shaft recovery.

The new Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red is for players who generate above average ball speed and who desire a penetrating launch angle, low ball spin, and a stable feel. Similar to the Tour Black model, the AXIVCore Red is a tour-proven design that combines the AXIV weave and a superior high-modulus carbon fiber in the mid and tip sections of the shaft. However, the Tour Red Series features a stiffer tip profile that delivers a strong, penetrating launch trajectory, low spin, and firmer feel.

For the player seeking better feel and tighter shot dispersion in a lower launch, low spin high performance golf shaft. The new Tour Green integrates a true weave, 4-axis material within the inner walls of the tip section. This provides a flexurally stable, torsionally responsive tip profile for lower ball flight, reduced spin and better shot-making control without sacrificing feel. This tip-balanced shaft positions the overall center of gravity closer to the tip so players can better feel the position of the clubhead throughout the swing.

I hope you take advantage of this special savings on a fantastic shaft line and enjoy watching the Masters this weekend! Send me a note if you need help choosing the right shaft for your swing.


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