March 2010 The Clubmaker Report
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Itomic Grips from Tacki Mac
  Itomic Golf Grips
I received my first batch of the Tour wrap Itomic grip the other day. You won't find a tackier wrap style grip. Nice to have a choice between the original and wrap style.

Tacki Mac's colorful new ITOMIC grips are not like traditional rubber grips. They are made from a proprietary blend of elastomeric materials that are very tacky with a super soft (but firm) feel. This revolutionary blend of thermo-forming materials is both very durable, and high performing in all weather conditions. ITOMIC grips maintain their tacky feel and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water. The new Itomic grips are available in black, white, red, or blue and in a new wrap style. Follow the link below to order Itomic grips direct from Tacki Mac.

Project X Graphite
  Back to Back PGA Tour Wins
I was excited to see the new Project X graphite shaft pick up a win two weeks in a row at Bay Hill. The winner used the Project X graphite in his driver, 3, and hybrid. In addition, the 2nd place finisher played the Project X in his driver, 3, 5, and hybrid. (see True Temper Press release below).

It's a great shaft for those looking for a super stable, mid launch, low spin shaft. After searching some time for a hybrid shaft I could hit, I settled on the Project X hybrid shaft and it has stayed in my bag ever since. Highly recommended.

From True Temper: The champion at Bay Hill played the new Project X graphite wood shaft in his driver and 3-wood and the new Project X graphite hybrid shaft in his hybrid. He earned $1.08 million with the win and became the first player since 2001 to win twice on the Florida Swing and emerged as seventh in the official world golf ranking. Additionally, the second place finisher at Bay Hill played the new Project X shafts in his driver, 3-wood, 5-wood and hybrid. "The Project X graphite shafts have exploded on tour since we officially launched them late last year," says Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for True Temper. "At Bay Hill, 21 Project X graphite pieces were in play and the event marked the fourth PGA TOUR win for Project X graphite this season. Also, True Temper continued to lead the iron shaft count this past weekend with 96 sets in play, including nine sets among the top ten finishers." The new Project X graphite shaft, designed and manufactured by True Temper, features a unique tapered design that maximizes a player's distance through the precise integration of frequency, weight distribution and launch profiles. The new shaft combines a stable butt section with a constant taper bend profile and reinforces the tip with two additional wraps of super high modulus graphite in the lower third of the golf shaft. The result is a reduction of spin by up to 500 RPM more than other low-spin Tour model competitors. Project X graphite shafts are available in woods and hybrids.

Alpha V5 Fairway Wood
The Alpha V5 fairway wood's unique feature is that it's titanium (vs. steel for most fairway woods) which allows the designer to reach the same maximum COR of .83 (trampoline effect) that most drivers have. I started noticing more and more positive reviews from the guys that play it on the online groups that I sponsor. Many have said the V5 Hi Core fairway is as long as their driver.

Technical information from Alpha: Why a Titanium Fairway Wood? Fairway woods traditionally have steel heads. All drivers used to be steel as well. But when golf designers realized the superior characteristics of Titanium, they switched to create longer and more accurate clubs off the tee. A similar trend is starting to happen with fairway woods. Titanium is lightweight yet very strong. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is as strong as steel, but 40% lighter. This allows golf drivers to reach the enormous volumes of 460cc - a size that cannot be attained with the much heavier steel. But fairway woods do not need to be "oversized" which is why the cheaper steel still makes sense for the average golfer. Yet titanium's weight advantage allows designers to build optimizations into fairway woods that are physically impossible with a heavy metal like steel. The lighter titanium lets designers add in extraneous weight, and place it in strategic areas of the head. Most of the extra mass pads the back and the sole of the club head to strategically place the center of gravity. The strength-to-weight ratio of titanium lets designers make the face extremely thin - a design feat that is physically impossible to reproduce with steel. High performance club designers try to create as thin of a face as possible since it induces a "trampoline effect" that is not attainable with a thicker face.

I can sell the Alpha V5 fairway as a component or build one for you. You might also look at the Alpha V5 titanium hybrid, another great clubhead. I built mine with the Project X hybrid shaft mentioned in the article above and love it. Available in 15, 18, and 21 deg (I do have one handpicked 14 deg if interested). Take a little time to read the full article from Alpha at the link below, you'll enjoy it.

Virtual Shaft Fitting
True Temper and UST Mamiya have added excellent virtual shaft fitting programs to their web site to help you choose the right shaft for you game. Enter information on your swing and you'll get recommendations on shaft model, weight, and flex.

The True Temper Virtual Shaft Fitting page is here: UST Mamiya's is here: After receiving the recommendations, send me a note and I'll quote you a price on the shaft they suggest for you.

Hot Shots
I'll have the new Miura 1957 "fluted sole" wedges are arriving in about a week. . My putter studio now features premium putters from Bettinardi, Miura, Yamada, and Yes! Golf. Send me a note if you're looking for a unique, high end putter.

A lot of my customers have trouble finding an "in-between" flex shaft if their swingspeed is in the 97-101 mph range. I've got a great solution, the AJ Tech 4360 AP Signature series. Super high end materials, super lightweight, very low torque. One of the best shafts of all time and my #1 recommendation for Taylormade reshafts. Designed for .350 heads like Taylormade, Ping, etc. Email me for pricing.

Aldila Voodoo
  RIP Tour Bag Contest Aldila Voodoo
What sets the VooDoo apart from other shafts is its patent pending S-core, or stabilized core, Technology designed to increase distance and provide outstanding accuracy with each swing. The real "magic" of the VooDoo is the high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. "Our S-core Technology dramatically stabilizes the shaft's cross-section through the use of an internal carbon-fiber rib system," said John Oldenburg, Aldila's Vice President of Engineering. "The innovative rib structure increases hoop strength/stiffness so much that it is 80 percent greater than conventional graphite, and up to 60 percent greater than competitors' attempts at cross sectional stabilization." Visit the Aldila Voodoo Web Site here http://aldilavoodoo.html . For a chart showing launch and spin characteristics of the entire Aldila line, go here The price of the Aldila Voodoo is now $199 (was $299 last year). Good value for a premium shaft!

In coming weeks make sure you read The Clubmaker Report and watch for details on a drawing to win a sharp Aldila RIP Staff Bag. If you've already entered the NV Giveaway there is no need to re-enter for the RIP Staff bag. To enter the RIP bag contest, simply send me an email or tweet with "Aldila RIP" in the subject line. You can also enter via my facebook page here . I'll do the drawing and make the announcement the week after the Masters.


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