February 2010 The Clubmaker Report
The Clubmaker Report is brought to you this week by the new Aldila Voodoo, Itomic Golf Grips, and Integra Golf.
Aldila Voodoo
  Aldila Voodoo
What sets the VooDoo apart from other shafts is its patent pending S-core, or stabilized core, Technology designed to increase distance and provide outstanding accuracy with each swing. The real "magic" of the VooDoo is the high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. "Our S-core Technology dramatically stabilizes the shaft's cross-section through the use of an internal carbon-fiber rib system," said John Oldenburg, Aldila's Vice President of Engineering. "The innovative rib structure increases hoop strength/stiffness so much that it is 80 percent greater than conventional graphite, and up to 60 percent greater than competitors' attempts at cross sectional stabilization."

New for 2010 is the NV Voodoo profile. A bit firmer tip for lower launch and lower spin vs. the VS Voodoo. Visit the Aldila Voodoo Web Site here http://aldilavoodoo.html For a chart showing launch and spin characteristics of the entire Aldila line, go here http://www.clubmaker-online.com/products/aldila.launch.html

Itomic Golf Grips from Tacki Mac
  Itomic Golf Grips
Tacki Macs colorful new ITOMIC grips are not like traditional rubber grips. They are made from a proprietary blend of elastomeric materials that are very tacky with a super soft (but firm) feel. This revolutionary blend of thermo-forming materials is both very durable, and high performing in all weather conditions. ITOMIC grips maintain their tacky feel and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water.

The new Itomic grips are available in black, white, red, or blue and in a new wrap style. Follow the link below to order Itomic grips direct from Tacki Mac.

Accuflex Shaft Clearance Sale
I'm excited to announce a fantastic special from new Clubmaker Report Sponsor Integra Golf. They've purchased a supply of Accuflex shafts direct from the foundry and they're offering Clubmaker Report readers super sale pricing on the following Accuflex shafts. You might note that the Creation 65 and Creation 80 woods were originally priced at $399 and Integra has them priced at $39 a piece. The Evolution had PGA Tour usage and was one of the first Nanocomposite shaft designs. It has a unique paint treatment that "flops" or changes from orange to red depending on the angle in the sunlight. It originally sold for $89, Integra has it at $25 a piece. Please see all sale prices below

Creation 65 wood shaft-Reg, Stiff and X Stiff $39.00/pcs. Ion Silver Paint treatment. Creation 80 wood shaft-Reg, Stiff and X-Stiff $39.00/pcs Ion Copper/Rust paint treatment. Evolution (orange) wood Reg and Stiff $25.00/pc Acculaunch hybrid shaft: Regular, Stiff, X-stiff $10.00/pc Assassin II wood: Regular, Stiff and X-stiff $20.00/pc Acculaunch 60 wood shaft: Regular, Stiff and Senior $20/pcs To order any of the Accuflex shafts that are on sale, contact Integra Golf direct at toll free (888) 271-3638 or (626) 581-8276. Email trophysports@hotmail.com .

New Fujikura Models for 2010
Fujikura has revamped nearly their entire shaft lineup for 2010. I've talked about the hot new Motore Speeder Red model with it's new Quadra Axis design (sort of a blend of their original Triax and new Motore design) and they've also announced a higher kickpoint Motore Speeder Blue. A bit lower launch and spin vs. the Red. See the link below for installed prices on this new line. Perfect in an R9.

They have also introduced the Motore F3, an easier to hit, higher launch/higher spin version of last years Motore F1. According to Fujikura, Motore H.I.T. Technology stores more energy during the downswing and releases the energy just before impact while maintaining stability. Contact me for installed pricing on the F1 and F3.

Finally, Fuji has introduced the Fit-on Max. This is the replacement to the E-Series. According to Fujikura, this new design gives each shaft optimal flexural rigidity and exceptional feedback. Good looking new shaft line and priced at $125 plus installation.

Project X Graphite Woods and Hybrids
I've been carrying the new Project X Wood and Hybrid shafts since late last summer. The first batch were tour designs (still available) and the shafts are now available in a non-tour model in softer flexes with a slightly higher launch and spin profile. The 5.0 is 60g with a mid tip stiffness, the 5.5 is 62g with mid tip stiffness, the 6.0 is 66g with a stiff-mid tip stiffness, the 6.5 and 7.0 is 69g with a stiff tip. The Project X hybrids are also available in the softer non-tour models.

The new Project X driver shaft has a similar bend profile to Project X iron shafts. The driver shafts firm tip design yields a penetrating launch and low spin while its low torque and reinforced cross section provide the most stable shaft performance on tour. One lucky Twitter follower of mine won one in a drawing I did the other day. Follow along at http://twitter.com/golfcast . I hope to do other contests and free giveaways.

Send me an email for ordering instructions if you decide to go with the non-tour model. Specs and pricing on the Tour version at the link below. Great new shaft line.

Nickent 4D Hybrid with new True Temper G95
I can still get the Nickent 4DX as a component and have found an interesting combination for you to consider. I talked to my contact at True Temper and asked about their new GS95 iron shaft for use as a hybrid shaft. He suggested it for the mid to high handicapper looking for a lightweight (101g) steel shaft with an active tip that is easy to hit. The GS95 is supposed to offer the stability and consistency of steel but with a unique "graphite-like feel". Price is $18.39 each.

I also have a special Project X hybrid that offers lower launch and spin for stronger players that is excellent in the Nickent head, especially if you're looking to match up your hybrid with your iron shaft weights. Comes in both a mid and mid/high launch version If you like to build your own hybrid I can sell you the head for $40 or build you one with the GS95, Project X, or any shaft you like. Send me a note for a quote.

Short Shots
I put a call out recently for PGA Merchandise Show news to include in the Clubmaker Report and received lots of great new product information. The nice folks at Softspikes introduced a new Black Widow grip that looks interesting, Winn has a new superlight grip called the Winnlight, Lamkin has a new grip called the N-Dur and 3Gen, Golf Pride announced their new lineup for 2010 which includes the revamped Tour Wrap® 2G, the purple/black New Decade® MultiCompound and the white/black DD2® swing grips.

Matrix also has the Radix, Phi, and Reign line of shafts. The Reign M2 has heat sensitive paint that changes color from light blue to white at 86 deg. I've seen a video of it, really cool.

I'll try and do full write-ups on these and other products in future Clubmaker Report issues. I also hope to have some nice product giveaways/contests in the next few weeks for Clubmaker Report readers, watch your email inbox for details.

Finally, you may have noticed more sponsors interested in passing along product information to you via The Clubmaker Report. I will identify each sponsor at the top of the newsletter for clarity on what is editorial and paid advertising.


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