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Two quick items: A last minute concert announcement and a request for your comments.
Junk Kitchen #6 Concert Saturday June 23
"When it comes to new music...countless times don't we settle for music that is, well . . . only sorta new?  I mean is John Cage really new anymore? Would you drink a 20 to 60-year-old cup of coffee? No! You'd expect it to be fresh, hot and tasty. So shouldn't new music be the same way?" -- from the Junk Kitchen blog

Featuring NEW compositions by: Ian Dicke, Todd Brunel, Eric Biondo, Brian Abbott, Rob Manthey, Pam Marshall and others

My newly thought-up contribution to this concert is Phrase by Phrase, an improv of statements, comments, and punctuation.

SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012  8PM @ Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St., Inman Square, Cambridge, MA

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Play Book Feedback
Play Book CD coverI've just published Play Book, a music book and CD by me and local piano students, for piano students. If you're a piano teacher, or an amateur pianist, I'd love to get your feedback. So, here's my plan:

Preview the Play Book CD tracks at the Spindrift Bandcamp store. Then, go to my Play Book Party blog post and leave your comments.

For the first 10 interesting comments (positive or negative -- I won't discriminate), I will send you Bandcamp download codes to download the Play Book CD tracks free. You've got to say more than "Congrats/Good job/Bad stuff". Make sure I can get in touch!

You can also check out the printed music: "Like" Spindrift on Facebook, and download a preview copy of the music book (non-printing)

As always, thank you for your interest and support, and for your feedback!
Pamela Marshall
Spindrift Music Company