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:: Premieres This Season
:: Zoa in Concert, Free MP3 of Whisper Wild
:: Planning for Next Christmas
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I'd like to share with you my latest music news, which includes an exciting fall of premieres, both chamber and choral music. Plus, I want to make sure you know about my tax-deductible Spindrift Commissioning Guild fundraiser for 2012. Read more below!

As I wrote in a press release, "It's hard for musicians to fund their work. We love our work; it's our calling and we must do it, funding or not, to keep hold of our artistic voice and our technique. So we keep at it until we can't pay the bills. And there are plenty of bills. Concert halls, performers, and publicity cost money, and many record labels want composers to come up with the money to produce recordings. Many people, who love new music, local music and live performances, can combine their support, through efforts like my Guild, to keep the music flowing."

I like the idea of crowdfunding. The old concept of the single rich patron is definitely passe.
The Internet has made publicity more accessible, but takes time and social-networking savvy
to reach the people who might care. Donate now, or at least before January 27, and share with your friends, because you care!

I hope you had a great past year and that 2012 is starting off right.


Spindrift Commissioning Guild 2012
Be a new music supporter

If you love new music, I'll bet you'd like to help in the creating of it. Become a Commissioning Guild member and support the 2012 project:

Duo & Trio - Chamber Music with Flute

Through January 27, you can donate to support two new compositions and recordings, and get some great perks in return. There's mp3 downloads of existing recordings and the new pieces, when those recordings get made. You can get downloads of the sheet music or autographed copies of the printed score or CD. For larger donations, I will lead an improv workshop for you and your friends, or you can have a private concert in your home. There are T-shirts too!

Donate at RocketHub
before January 27!

Thank you for your interest and support!


Premieres This Season
Zoa, Turbulient, Shepherds & Angels

Piazza di Coniglia
"2", Peter Bloom and Mary Jane Rupert, played my flute-harp duo Zoa at the Advent Church Library in Boston in September. They'll be playing it again January 29. (See "Zoa in Concert", next column.)

Todd Brunel played Turbulient for solo clarinet on the Vortex series in early December. He recorded three solo clarinet pieces for me. They'll be available soon! He is the founder of the Vortex series, a fabulous clarinetist, and producer of the Vortex Live CD. Get your copy at CDBaby.

Shepherds and Angels for chorus, harp, violin and tamborine had two performances: in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. I heard both and loved all the performers. The music is a heartwarming and inviting setting of 9 early American and Appalachian Christmas carols.
Read about the music
Zoa in Concert
January 29 3pm in Lexington, MA

"2" will be guests of the Lexington Music Club performing my Zoa for flute and harp and some of the New Zealand concert repertoire.

The annual scholarship fund concert is open to the public at First Parish Unitarian, 7 Harrington Road, Lexington, MA. Donations accepted for the Club's music scholarship.

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Planning for Next Christmas
Master Singers concert poster 

Don't you love David Grotrian's poster design for last December's concert?

If you are looking for Christmas choral programming for next season, read more about Shepherds and Angels. Please contact me!  

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Music-making is a collaborative project, between composer, performer, and listener.
I'm continually grateful for your interest and support. Thank you!


Pamela Marshall
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