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Yoga Tip: Calf Stretching
Meet Ginny Jensen
Spring Fun Factoid Teacher Revealed
Summer Term begins June 4th


We embrace the casualness of summer here at Gudmestad Yoga Studio by breaking from our "sign up for a whole term" system and shifting instead to offering a totally drop-in schedule June, July, August, and through the 3rd week of September. Summer punch cards are available, or simply pay as you go. Click here for an explanation of how summer works around here and our summer schedule.


Summer Special Focus Classes


We think we've got a little something for just about everyone - for golfers, cyclists, gardeners, for those wanting to develop a home practice, and those who want to play with their dog, or work on their core, build their arches or strengthen their upper bodies.  


Choose from among 13 Special Focus Classes taught by Julie, Betsy, Stuart, Beth and Laila. As always, you need to pre-register for these classes, and they have been known to fill quickly - so don't delay. We hope you find what you're looking for!  


For more information click here.


Little Known Teacher Fun Factoids

Congrats to our winner of the Spring e-newsletter teacher fun factoid contest. Drum roll please...for the ONLY correct guesser among you...Laura Cruikshank. Laura won a $25 gift certificate for her efforts.

Introducing our next Teacher via his/her factoids...



1. Who spent 2 summers changing light bulbs in grocery stores, banks, and office buildings for a maintenance company?


2. Whose family was the first on their block to have a remote control for their TV in 1960?


3. Who had an accident on way to taking driver's test for the first time?  


4. Who, in fifth grade, was the only student asked to participate in all 4 extra curricular activities - glee, dance and drama clubs, and orchestra?   


Look for the yellow ballots at the front desk. Ballots accepted until August 1, 2012. Winner will be announced in the next e-newsletter coming out September 21st.


2012 Estes Park Yoga Journal Conference

Sept. 30 - Oct. 7, 2012

Interested in an early fall Rockie Mountain yoga adventure? Consider attending the YJ Journal Estes Park, Colorado Conference, featuring many renowned yoga instructors, including Julie who'll be offering these workshops: Anatomy for Beginners, How to Work with Tight Hamstrings, Upper Body Strengthening for Wimps, Psoas and Hip Flexors.

For more information click here


Anatomy Awareness in Asana
Portland, Oregon
August 6 - 10, 2012 with Julie Gudmestad

For more information and to download a registration form click here


Gudmestad Yoga Teachers Team up with Cycle Oregon

Two of our Gudmestad Yoga teachers; bike fitting specialist
and massage therapist
have been invited to lead yoga sessions for cyclists participating in both the 25th annual week long Cycle Oregon (Sept. 8-15) and the Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride (July 13-15).

Michael and Beth will lead evening classes for the week long ride and morning and evening classes for the weekend ride. We know those lucky cyclists who participate in these yoga sessions will get a good stretch and undoubtedly have happier hamstrings and more enjoyable rides!

Whether or not you'll be riding along with Cycle Oregon this summer, if you're a cyclist and want to find out how yoga can enhance your ride, consider attending either or both of Beth's "Yoga for Cyclists" classes this summer - offered Wednesdays, 6-8 pm,on June 20th and July 18th.


Want To Be Our Neighbor?

Do you know anyone who might be interested in renting our downstairs office space? 1,500 sq ft, 6 offices plus a waiting room and reception area. $1,800 a month.
Contact our broker, Chris Ingraham, if interested @ 503- 249-1706 (office) or 503-784-1969 (cell).


Gudmestad Yoga

Summer Quarterly Newsletter


Have our recent sunny weekends got you dreaming about favorite summer activities? Beach walks, bike rides, and hikes in the woods-all are excellent ways to enjoy our beautiful Northwest summers. Even though outdoor activities seem to expand to fill our summer leisure time, don't forget to weave a few yoga poses into the mix. Remember, your yoga practice doesn't have to be a "formal" regimen limited strictly to time on the mat.

You can easily add a pose or two into a rest break during a hike, for example. Clasp your hands behind your back for a chest opener when you stop to admire the view. Whenever you get off your bike, do an impromptu standing lunge (a modified Warrior One, with one leg forward, knee bent, and one leg back, knee straight) to open the front of your hips. And don't forget to stretch your calves, as all our beloved summer activities strengthen, and eventually shorten, the calf muscles.

Adding an occasional stretch into other activities not only helps you maintain your mobility and flexibility, it also helps you bridge the gap between "yoga practice" and the rest of your life. Many people in our society don't have the luxury of even a half hour of uninterrupted practice time: think mothers with young children or folks with long work hours. They must learn to grab an occasional pose whenever and wherever they can. Those single poses influence the activities-mental and physical-that follow and form a sort of thread that links into an all-day practice. You may find that this sort of all-day yoga adds up to a more relaxed day, lived with better posture and more consciousness.


As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.




Julie Gudmestad


Yoga Tip: Calf Stretching

Your calf muscles are some of the biggest, strongest muscles in your body, as they help propel the human body forward in common activities like walking, ascending stairs, running, and cycling. In fact, physical therapists test for calf strength by having you stand on one leg and raise up on tip toe: a "normal" muscle should be able to do several repetitions in a row without fatiguing. The downside of using the calves so much is that they tighten up, and short calf muscles can contribute to posture and gait problems, hyper-extended knees and muscle tears. Tight calves also limit the freedom of ankle movement in yoga poses, including some standing poses, and prevent you from getting your heels on the floor in downward facing dog.


The runner's calf stretch is an effective and simple way to stretch the calves, and doesn't require any special equipment or yoga props. This means that you can practice it in the middle of your hike or bike ride, as well as at home on the mat. Simply place your hands on a wall, tree trunk or fence rail, and step one foot forward with knee bent over its heel. Then move the back foot back until you have calf stretch, keeping the heel on the ground and the foot pointing straight ahead. As you press the heel down, keep a bit of lift on the inner arch of the foot and inner ankle bone, so you don't flatten your arches as you make your calves more flexible--not a good bargain!


Add some intensity to your calf stretching by standing on a slight incline, so that your heel is a little lower than the ball of your foot. In the house, roll up your mat and stand with the ball of your foot on the roll and your heel on the floor. Outside, you can stand on a slope or place the ball of your foot on a rock or tree root that sits an inch or two higher than the surface of the ground. The incline trick also works nicely in your outdoor downward dog pose: again standing on sloping ground, with your heels going downhill, place your hands on a rock, ledge, or even a fallen log and do your dog. Be careful, though, when stretching your calves with lowered heels. Always make sure your heels are on the ground, because you can tear the muscle by overstretching it with the heels unsupported and all your body weight pressing down (for example, standing on a step with the heel hanging down over the edge).


Now, get outside and enjoy the beautiful day!   


If you found this yoga tip informative and yearn for more in depth articles about anatomy and yoga written by Julie, click here 

Student Spotlight - Ginny Jensen

Growing up in Atlanta with parents who hoped their kids would be musical, Ginny and her 3 siblings were each encouraged to pick an instrument to play when they turned 10. She chose drums, thinking she at least wouldn't have to learn notes, just rhythms. (Her older sister had continuously complained about "all those notes" whilst learning the flute). Ginny was also hoping her parents might let her off the hook if she didn't pick a "real" instrument. But they didn't. And so the toddler who danced before she walked soon discovered she indeed had rhythm ... and is still playing the drums today!


She endured quite a bit of teasing being the only girl among all those boy drummers back in grade school. That is, until she hit 8th grade and was deemed the best in the high school band and gained a newfound respect among the boys. Participating in many state-wide high school band and orchestra competitions, she was chosen to be the Timpanist for the Georgia All-State Symphonic Band. And those drums were her ticket to Portland - she came out on a music scholarship to attend Warner Pacific College and has called Portland her home ever since.


Ginny first came to Gudmestad Yoga Studio nearly 10 years ago when a friend "gifted" her with a set of classes. She's currently enrolled in Terry's Level 2 and always appreciates Terry's "yoga spirit" as she reminds her students that they've come to class not just for the physical, but also for the mental, as she encourages them to let go of their cares for the 1-1/2 hour class and relax their minds as well as their bodies. She feels very blessed to be in Terry's class.


These days, the West Linn happily married mother of 3 adult children says: "My life is filled with music - classical, African dance music, rock and roll and everything in between. I suppose I'm semi-professional - sometimes I'm paid, sometimes not. The main thing is, I just really love to play." Currently she's drumming in 2 distinct groups, including timpani for the Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra. And she's also the main drummer for Zimba! Marimba, an all-women, high-energy African music band who plays all over the Pacific Northwest at parties, weddings, farmers' markets, festivals, and the Portland Center for the Performing Arts Summer Series.


She has no doubt that she's a better percussionist because of yoga. Ginny is quick to point out that playing drums is all about being in balance. She's always using both hands and feet, and yoga helps her maintain this symmetry and balance. Her favorite pose? Definitely downward dog, especially when her Siberian husky Mitch joins her.


Revealing our Spring Fun Factoid Teacher

Fresh from winning the 1976 Olympic Gold Medal in the decathlon, Bruce Jenner traveled around the US on a goodwill/PR tour, visiting and inspiring college track athletes along the way. One stop was at Mankato State University (southern Minnesota) where he took a minute to pose for a photo that included future physical therapist and yoga teacher, DeeAnn Dougherty. "We all thought he was soooo cute. He was very outgoing and personable and hung out and chatted with us as we worked out "a little" recalls DeeAnn.

Photo above: That's DeeAnn in her red shorts and big 70's hair, next to Bruce Jenner!

Frustrated by her tomboyish ways, DeeAnn's grandma decided she needed some "polishing." At 14, DeeAnn admits to stubbornly resisting wearing dresses and/or make up. So grandma paid for a 6-week charm school course held at the local JC Penney's. The course featured tips in public speaking and culminated in a fashion show, with each of the girls showing how they learned to stand and walk like models for all their admiring parents (and in DeeAnn's case her grandparents, as well!).

Claiming she forgot all she learned about applying make up in charm school, DeeAnn is forever grateful to her Aunt Ruthie who came to her rescue and applied her make up for her wedding. She has rarely worn any since.

DeeAnn can trace her roots, through her mother's side, back to Sara Ingersoll, who at the tender age of 2, journeyed on the Mayflower from England to the colonies in 1629, settling in Salem, Massachusetts. Sara married Joseph Houlton.

DeeAnn recently learned that her ancestors - Sara and Joseph - both gave depositions supporting the accusations at the Salem Witchcraft trials. Later Sara recanted saying she had been pressured. The couple subsequently moved to Maine and founded a town that they named after themselves - Houlton.

Turns out the grandmother, Edna Cairns Benzie, who insisted DeeAnn get some charm school polishing, is also her direct connection to some of our earliest colonists.       

There's a lot of buzz about upcoming vacations around the studio. Teachers and students alike are looking forward to travel both abroad and closer to home. As always, we hope you'll remember to take your yoga practice along with you - and be sure to incorporate Julie's easy-to-do calf stretches (as outlined in this edition's Yoga Tip) to ensure happy calves along the way.  

When you're in town, we hope you'll spend some time with us this summer too! Be sure to check out our Summer class schedule along with our fun Special Focus Class offerings. See you soon and often!



Nari Maidl
Yoga Coordinator
Gudmestad Yoga
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