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Yoga Tip: Viparita Karani
Meet Susan Post
Check out Holiday Classes


Several drop-ins taught by Stuart and Beth are available. The special focus classes  are full.

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Winter Term begins January 9th


Some classes still have openings. If you'd like to join us, call 503.223.8157 to register.  

Little Known Teacher Fun Factoids

Oh, do we have some fun for you!  


Beginning with this e-newsletter issue, we'll share some little known fun factoids about our teachers. We'll feature one teacher per issue. And because we just know you'll want to know more than just the teaser, we'll follow up in the next issue with some explanation about the factoids, in the teacher's own words.

And, it's a contest!  


With a prize!  


Ballots will be available at the front desk. Just fill one out with your best guess as to who we've described, and place in the payment slot on the reception counter. (Deadline for submitting ballots is Saturday, January 17, 2012). We know several of our students are very clever, so imagine that quite a few of you will pick the right teacher, so from those, we'll pick just one to award $25 credit that you may redeem on yoga classes, books or props. So, put on your thinking caps and figure out who... 



Spent two weeks at Rajneeshpuram?


Lived in Stockholm at age twelve for 6 months? 


Jumped out an airplane without a helmet? 


Began career as a CPA? 


2012 NY Yoga Journal Conference

April 12 - 16, 2012
5 days. 45+ master teachers, including Julie Gudmestad. 100+ classes.

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Stuart's Italy Trip

There is still time to sign up for Stuart's 6th annual Tuscan yoga retreat, June 3 - 10, 2012.  

For information regarding travel, and to download a flyer with full details, click here.

Anatomy Awareness in Asana
Portland, Oregon
August 6 - 10, 2012 with Julie Gudmestad

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Want To Be Our Neighbor?

Do you know anyone who might be interested in renting our downstairs office space? 1,500 sq ft, 6 offices plus a waiting room and reception area. $1,800 a month.
Contact our broker, Chris Ingraham, if interested @ 503- 249-1706 (office) or 503-784-1969 (cell).


Gudmestad Yoga

Winter Quarterly Newsletter


Do you notice a bit of a downturn in your energy level at this time of year? With the short dark days, is the couch calling your name? Perhaps you feel drawn to lie down and relax, read a good book, or just watch the raindrops roll down the window pane.

Sadly, this pull to relax comes at a time when many people have to go into overdrive to finish up end-of-the-year projects or holiday preparations. This is unfortunate timing because the dark days of winter are all animals' time to hibernate - a time to recharge our batteries after the long, productive days of summer and harvest season.

In the natural scheme of things, periods of rest and introspection follow periods of productivity and creativity. During this hibernation, healing occurs on all levels; physical, mental, and spiritual. Our energy stores are replenished, setting the stage for our next burst of creativity and accomplishment. If we're forced to operate at a constant high level of productivity, missing out on the natural periods of rest and replenishment, exhaustion and even illness are bound to follow.

To combat this tendency toward winter exhaustion, perhaps you've arranged a wonderful relaxing weekend for yourself at the beach or in the mountains this holiday season. However, if you'll be sticking close to home and projects, remember that you can indulge in a 'mini-hibernation' by practicing one or more restorative poses. Even a few minutes of deep rest and quiet breathing can be wonderfully refreshing, and can help keep your energy on an even keel as you navigate a busy holiday season.


As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.




Julie Gudmestad


Yoga Tip: Viparita Karani

One of our favorite restorative poses is Viparita Karani, which you can practice at home or on the road, with props or without. It can be as simple as lying flat on your back with your legs stretched straight up the wall. Or if you have props handy, you can place a bolster or rectangular-folded blanket(s) under your pelvis for more chest opening. Make sure that the tops of your shoulder blades and base of your neck are on the floor, so that the back of your neck is long.


Whether you have props or not, a few tricks can help deepen your hibernation experience. A belt around your thighs holds your legs together so your leg muscles can fully relax. Opening your arms wide - ninety degrees at both shoulders and elbows is customary - fully opens your chest and shoulders. An eye bag or piece of cloth placed over your eyes will help you turn inward, and then let go of any tension in your jaws, mouth and eyes. Focus on soft, relaxed breathing, and allow yourself a few minutes to sink into delicious, refreshing rest.


If you found this yoga tip informative and yearn for more in depth articles about anatomy and yoga written by Julie, click here 

Meet Susan Post

Susan Post is one of Julie's original students. In 1985, Susan signed up to take a beginning-level class with Julie at Ariadne in Milwaukie. Since that first class, where she clearly remembers having her nose in the shag carpet, she's stuck with Julie, her only teacher. She's been in Julie's most advanced class for several years and credits Julie and her teaching to being the real anchor in her life.


Susan is soft spoken, petite and unassuming. Don't let her gentle demeanor fool you, however, as this diminutive yogini has blazed her own trail - both creatively and physically. From competitive running, to motorcycle riding, to operating a printing press to wielding a torch, Susan has always followed her dreams.

Once a serious runner, having completed 30 marathons, Susan doesn't dwell much on her "glory days," preferring to focus on her current passions: yoga, motorcycle trail-riding and golf, and she feels her best days are yet ahead of her.

Always drawn to art, Susan attended Oregon State University, taking lots of art classes, but she couldn't find employment she liked until an opportunity to train on a printing press came along. Over the course of a couple of years she worked at a string of print shops, learning what she could at each job, with which she would eventually become bored before deciding to move on to the next one.

There was no more boredom for her, however, when, in 1983, she opened Kaleidoscope Graphics & Printing, her one-woman print shop in Sellwood. Her small shop found its niche "with jobs that bigger shops didn't want to mess with and quick print shops weren't capable of - the nit picky jobs." She was happy to build her long-standing business (Susan's been Gudmestad Yoga's printer since 1986 and we love her work!).


With her printing business running smoothly and on the look-out for a new creative outlet, Susan enrolled in a general sculpture class at PCC 15 years ago and decided she liked welding best. Something about that torch! She began creating railings, gates, signs, bear heads and masks, and anything utilitarian from scrap steel. Her welding talent has spread by word of mouth, including the words of one gentleman who told her: "Yeah, yeah, I love your sculptures but could you fix my garbage can??" She was happy to do so.


A motorcycle rider since the 1970s, and always ready for the next adventure, she came to dirt-bike riding during her middle years (44), when she met Randy (her future husband) and liked his dirt bike. She wanted to ride with him and, well, as the story goes, they are still (dirt bike) riding together. They enjoy organized rides in forested areas throughout the Pacific Northwest and have ventured into California, Nevada, Idaho and Baja.


In addition to her print shop and welding business, this self-described "dabbler" claims many creative passions, including two of her favorites: water-colored pet portraits and jewelry-making. One of her friends says of her: "You just like to make things." She thinks this is an apt description.

Citing her many athletic adventures and the very physical nature of her work, Susan reflects: "Yoga has been the one constant in my life - my backbone. Whether I'm digging in the dirt, running, golfing or riding my motorcycle, I remember to always do it on both sides," just like her teacher taught her.



"A few months ago I was being treated by a Physical Therapist for a mid-back problem. The PT did a great job on getting me back on my feet. I asked her what could I do to prevent a recurrence, she suggested Gudmestad Yoga and that I should take some classes. I signed up for the fall session and the beginning yoga class at your studio. In the five weeks since classes started I have been practicing and working on the positions about 3 times a week, I have seen a big change in my posture, flexibility and breathing. The pain in my back has subsided and the medications are now a thing of the past. The beginning yoga instructor Terry Waddell  really understands the challenges of the over 40 set and does a great job in striking a balance between individual limitations while challenging us to continually make progress at our own pace. I am very happy with my progress and Gudmestad definitely has exceeded my expectations."




Following the busyness of the holidays, many of us welcome the fresh start that comes with the New Year. Of course, there are those pesky resolutions - all made with great intention - some to be kept, some to be broken. We hope among your resolutions this year is a renewed commitment to regularly attend your weekly yoga class complimented by an inspired home practice. Sounds doable, right?

Some Winter Term classes still have openings. If you're not already enrolled, or would like to add a 2nd class (discounted by 20%), give us a call. We are looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!



Nari Maidl
Yoga Coordinator
Gudmestad Yoga
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