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In This Issue
Start Your Home Practice
Spring Special Focus Classes
Anatomy Awareness in Asana
Portland, Oregon
August 8 - 12, 2011 with Julie Gudmestad

For more information and to download a registration form click here


Italy Yoga Vacation

with Stuart

June 2 - 9, 2011

for details

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Yoga Journal Conference - Grand Geneva, July 8 - 11

for details click here 

Are you interested in a midwest yoga vacation this summer? Consider taking some classes with Julie Gudmestad at the YJ Conference in Grand Geneva, Wisconsin.  


Her courses include: Anatomy for Beginners; Arm Balances: Tips and Tricks; Core Strengthening; Psoas and the Hip Flexors; and Muscle Imbalances and Back Pain.



"I have been studying at Gudmestad Yoga Studio for 14 years, and I can't imagine life without my yoga classes. Not only do the teachers have a deep understanding of yoga, they also guide their students in a practice carefully designed to ensure that they work in ways that keep them safe from injury. I always feel challenged but never pushed. One of the best parts of my practice is that it carries over into my daily life in so many ways. Whether I'm sitting at the computer, standing in the kitchen, or kneeling to garden, I hear my teacher's voice reminding me to take good care of myself."

Mary Beth


Yoga International Article
By Julie Gudmestad

Read Julie's debut article in the current issue of this well respected magazine. "Asana Solutions: The Elusive Psoas"


Gudmestad Yoga

Spring Quarterly Newsletter


Welcome to Gudmestad Yoga Studio. In an effort to keep our students and friends informed about all the good things that Gudmestad Yoga Studio has to offer, we are excited to include you in the debut of our inaugural e-newsletter.


Our mission is to enrich our students' yoga practice with helpful hints and highlights about our unique yoga teachings, including asana practice, therapeutics, athletic enhancement, and breathing and mindfulness.  We'll share what's new and exciting at the studio - including a regular feature - a "yoga tip" in each edition. In addition, we'll showcase interesting features about our community of teachers and students.


We hope you'll look forward to finding our quarterly newsletter in your inbox, but want you to know that if this is something you'd rather not find there, with a simple click of your mouse, you can unsubscribe - and we promise it won't hurt our feelings. Also, please understand that privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone.


As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.




Julie Gudmestad


Start Your Home Practice

We are often asked, "How can I start up a home yoga practice? I love yoga, but between work and home life, I don't have much extra time. Where should I start?"


We recommend that you make it easy on yourself, and start with a practice that's short, sweet and simple. Then make the commitment to do it most days. Expecting yourself to start with an hour, or even a half hour, or even a quarter hour, makes it too easy to say, "I don't have time today. I'll start tomorrow." On the other hand, most of us can actually find a few minutes each day to do an easy pose, connect with your breath, and begin to reap the benefits of yoga.


A great way to start a regular home practice is with the lying on the roll pose that we often do at the beginning of class. It's simple, doesn't require complicated props, and feels good. It counteracts the effects of slumped posture by opening the chest and uncompressing the diaphragm (the primary muscle of respiration that separates the heart and lungs above from the digestive organs below), and is a wonderful position to practice neck relaxation.


The gentlest variation of this supported backbend  starts with making a long roll out of a firm blanket or a couple of bath towels stacked on top of each other and rolled. Lie on your side beside it, then roll onto it so that your spine, head, and tailbone are on the roll (but don't flatten your low back). If your chin sticks up higher than your forehead, put a small pillow or folded blanket under your head. Keep your knees bent, and open your arms (90 degrees at the elbows and shoulders) to open your chest. If this arm position is uncomfortable for your shoulders or your hands go to sleep, just stretch your arms straight out to the sides. Breathe and relax for 2-4 minutes.


This simple pose can be practiced any time, but it's especially nice after work, just before bed, or any other time you'd like to shift gears from a busy or stressed frame of mind to relaxation. Besides the physical benefits, the attention to breathing represents the meditative aspect of yoga practice, the relaxed, attentive focus of consciousness which is the heart of yoga. 


If you found this yoga tip informative and yearn for more in depth articles about anatomy and yoga written by Julie, click here 

Spring Special Focus Classes

Check out our fun and informative weekend special focus classes. We're sure you'll find something among our offerings that speaks to you. Pre- registration is required. For complete description of classes and to download a registration form click here (remember to mail in your check with registration form - sorry no credit cards). 


Yoga for Gardeners                 

Saturday, April 2nd           12-2 pm      Betsy


"Don't let your body get in the way of your love for gardening." 





Yoga for Your Core                 

Sunday, April 3rd               9-ll am        Laila


"Come to this workshop and I'll show you how to get more from your core."  




Yoga for Feet                           

Saturday, April 9th              4-6 pm       Julie


"Take off your shoes, pull off your socks and let's learn about feet." 





Intro to Pranayama                

Saturday, April 16th            3-5 pm       Julie


"No doubt you think you are doing a pretty good job of breathing. Come learn how the art of Pranayama can help you refine breathing to a rich rewarding practice."



Yoga for Cyclists

Saturday, April 23rd            12-2pm      Beth


"It's not just about the bike, it's about the body that propels the bike!" 




Yoga for Kids

Saturday, April 30th            2-3pm      Anne


"Hey kids, bring your parent (or grandparent) for some yoga fun." 





Balance Challenges  

Friday, May 6th                  12-2pm      Stuart


"Decreased balance skills do not have to be part of the aging process - let's work on it!" 




Foam Roller Class                  

Saturday, May 7th             12-2 pm      Ryan/Betsy


"Rock and roll yourself to well being." 





Yoga For Vulnerable Shoulders

Saturday, May 14th            12-2pm      Beth


"This shoulder workshop offers a path to no pain, more to gain." 





Yoga for Insomnia

Sunday, May 15th               2-4pm       Betsy


"You deserve a good nights sleep. Come to Yoga for Insomnia and I'll show you how." 





Hope to see you this spring - in either a weekly class (some classes still have openings - call 503 223 8157 for availability) or one or more of our Special Focus Classes. And we're betting you're probably already looking around for a blanket to roll up to jump start your home practice with this issue's yoga tip. Be sure to check back for our next newsletter's yoga tip. And before you know it, you'll have a well defined home practice to compliment your weekly class!



Nari Maidl
Yoga Coordinator
Gudmestad Yoga
Gudmestad Yoga Studio    3903 SW Kelly Avenue, Suite 210    Portland, OR  97239 

phone: 503 223 8157

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