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   Paint Trends and Tips 

October 2012  

Prime painting season is now...

The kids have returned to school. The weather is cooler and you want to make some home improvements before the holidays.


BE READY! Start thinking and planning colors.


Check out all the smart tools we have to help you choose the best colors for your home or business. Both low and high-tech options are available.


FAn DeckFan Decks: From the Aura Affinity Deck includes 144 cultivated hues to either the Classic or Color Preview Decks, both of which include over 1600 colors!


Color Samples: In 3 ounce jars and 1 pint cans to try (and live with) the actual colors at home. Arborcoat samples to try on your deck are also available. See more below.  


Personal Color Viewer: This color visualization computer software program allows you to Color Viewerexperiment with color before picking up a paintbrush by applying colors to images of your own home.


Color Capture App: For the iPhone and iPad. Snap a photo of a color inspiration anywhere in the world and match it in seconds to one of Benjamin Moore's 3,300+ colors. The app also includes a searchable color library, full screen color samples, and the ability to create custom palettes. Color Capture is available in the iTunes app store.



 You are always welcome to come into the store
to speak with our color specialists!




Take color for a test drive before you buy!


 Color Sample Pints  


Interior designers and professional painters apply paint to small sections of the walls to see how the color looks in the actual environment. By sampling a color at home, you will get the most accurate sense of how the color will actually look in the room under different lighting conditions.


With Benjamin Moore Color Samples, you can:

  • Experiment with different colors before deciding on a color scheme for a room.
  • Decide between several shades and tints of a particular color.
  • Compare how different undertones of a color (vibrant yellow, gray-yellow, green-yellow, etc.) affect the feel of the room.
  • Determine how a particular color in a room will flow with the colors in adjoining rooms.
  • Determine how a particular color works with other colors in the room (such as a deeply hued rug).
  • Experience how a particular color is enhanced by different lighting conditions. 


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