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Spring 2010
Spring, 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Welcome . . . . .

Paula Winter Design is launching its first newsletter!

Each newsletter will include inspiring thoughts about the world of interior design. We will have elements about design philosophy, design-related trivia, explore ideas about design that can be used in your everyday life, & updates on current projects. There will even be a Q & A section that we call Design Dilemmas --an opportunity for you to send us your thoughts and questions!

home main photoPaula Winter Design specializes in high-end interior design, and is located in Highland Park, Illinois. Paula offers a full spectrum of design services including space planning, custom furnishings and accessories.
Colorful Comment . . . .
Color Comment 

..."I never met a color I didn't like"  Dale Chihuly -from The Painter's Keys Resource of Art Quotations

How will you select the colors for your home? Ever wonder what those colors really say about you?  The colors we choose affect our mood, how we function in that space, & how much time we spend in that room.

When asked to create a more serene, peaceful environment we may suggest a more wistful, ethereal palette. The colors should envelope you and may be reminiscent of frothy clouds, hazy sun rises, or willowy breezes evoking a calm response. 

Paula Winter Design has experience with full interior color selections for both existing and new construction, exterior color selections for new and remodeling projects, color selections for getting a home ready to sell...even just one or two room color consults.

Each newsletter will highlight one color. What color would you like to know more about?

Designing Forward . . . 
Designining Forward 
We are currently working on...
         A condominium in Chicago where we'll be transforming a 'blank canvas' home with gorgeous views into a wonderful & functional family home. The project includes a fully custom young girl's room, a multi-functioning foyer, and concepts for future plans. Watch for "before and after" photos.
         A returning client has asked us to convert an unused living room (waste of precious space and great light!) into a gathering room for guests, games, and entertaining.
         Designing an "I'm done with college and moving home!" young adult space.  The space hasn't been addressed since early childhood. It now needs to reflect the lifestyle of a 'twenty-something' entering the professional world.
         Finishing a fantastic lower level remodel. We created a family room, lovely transition area, tons of additional storage, and a guest room with multiple functions. Almost ready to unveil.


Just completed...
  •  An exciting lower level entertainment room created from an unfinished basement. This includes a secondary kitchen, room for lots of fun, and a great place for watching television.
  • Wonderful apartment in a senior living community using careful planning, charming use of select existing pieces and accessories, and thoughtful introduction of new furnishings, colors, and textures. Paula, a certified Aging-In-Place specialist,  was able to provide particular attention to safety concerns as well as comfort.
Trivia . . . . 

Who created the Color Wheel?

The first color wheel, it is said, was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666. He split white sunlight into colors and then rejoined them to depict a natural progression. He also associated each color with a note on the musical scale. It is thought that the color wheel was the basis for the creation of color theory.

Questions & Answers . . .  Design Dilemmas

This is an opportunity for you to submit your design dilemmas. For each newsletter, there will be one inquiry selected and answered. 



"...We have children coming home to live with us. They have completed college and will be living at home while getting their careers started. What types of changes should we make to their rooms? "


There are many things to consider. How long will they plan on living there? Will you be investing in furnishings they'll be taking with them when they move out on their own? Will their work schedule be in sync with your lifestyle and schedule? Will you be transforming a new or existing area into this new environment? Will others also be using this space?

The best thing to do is to answer these questions and create an environment that is appropriate for both of your lifestyles. This environment needs to be multi-functional. An allocated area for relaxing  (reading, music, television), sleeping, and working.  Include comfort, lighting, acoustics, and an acceptable level of maintenance. This can be a great opportunity for your child to explore some of their own design preferences. There are lots of great ways to include all of this in any size space. I hope you'll call Paula Winter Design to help with this project! 

CLICK here for all your Design Dilemma questions......

Have a great Spring!
Paula Winter  Allied Member ASID, Assoc. IIDA, CAPS
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