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Spring 2011
Spring, 2011 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Welcome . . . . .

Paula Winter Design's Spring Newsletter


 Spring Forward..Spring in Your Step...Spring Fever...Spring is in the Air...

I'm sure there are many I haven't listed, but the message is the same-bouncy, fragrant, and fresh.  Spring is a time for freshening up and re-energizing  your world. What better way to do that through the environment you live in?



home main photoPaula Winter Design specializes in high-end interior design, and is located in Highland Park, Illinois. Paula offers a full spectrum of design services including space planning, custom furnishings and accessories.
Colorful Comment . . . .

Think Spring---what color comes to mind? Yellow? Orange? Fuchsia? Do you envision pastels or brights? Your answer will reflect your personal comfort level with color and possibly the project you're considering. The colors you'll incorporate will invoke a personality to the environment.

 For the sake of this article, let's say you'd select yellow. Sunshine! Daffodils! Daisies!

"the earth laughs in flowers"....e.e.cummings

 Yellow can mean motion, spontaneity, & change.  It can mean happiness, can be playful and is always dynamic. Yellow is known to stimulate mental activity and generate energy so we are mindful of where and what type of yellow is suggested. It is a great attention getter! Therefore, we incorporate it strategically in a design. We want that much attention in the correct place. 

Creating a yellow 'complimentary color scheme' for an environment we would include blues. For an analogous scheme, we would introduce a variety of yellows, oranges, and yellow-greens. Combining the preferred hues in proper proportions can be an exciting and awakening burst of energy. Who doesn't like that?

Designing Forward . . . .

Just completed...

  • Had the opportunity to see a new condo in Florida that had been a recent project. Wonderful, fresh, and light-exactly what the client wanted.
  • Photographed an urban lower level remodel in a building from the 1880s. One of the photos is highlighting this newsletter! Please take a look at for more photos.
  • Have networked over the past several months with many superbly talented and professional resources-all eager to work together on projects.
  •  We are currently working on...

    • Working on a master bedroom with the objective of gaining storage and giving it a wow! factor.
    • Selecting some additional furnishings and finishing touches for a fabulous long time client
    • Assembling recommendations for art to complete a recent project
Applause . . . . 

Paula, Thank you... my mother wrote this for you weeks ago .....and then I added something from me!


Paula Winter and I (Anita) are both winners.            Trading one lifestyle for another, I sorely needed HELP!

 I moved from a spacious penthouse (2 bedroom, 2 bath luxury apartment) in Florida to "The Park," a senior residence in Illinois, to be near my family.  My move was to a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom small apartment.  I had many sleepless nights, until I met Paula Winter...and watched her impeccable planning, measuring, and designing until she perfected a beautiful plan to my satisfaction.

From every perspective, I found Paula Winter Design to be an excellent example of dedication, concentration, and elegance.  Paula is a unique problem solver with a sense of the personal needs of each individual she deals with, regardless of age.

You no longer need "HELP" after working with Paula Winter Design!

Sincerely,      Anita C.
And now here's something from me:

When we decided that my mother should move from Florida to Illinois to live closer to us, we knew that the prospect of the move itself was beyond overwhelming.  After 27 years in her showcase condo, my mother had accumulated furniture, paintings, and memories.  How could we even begin to sort out which pieces would best fit in her new, much smaller apartment, how to deal with a very different floor plan, and how to transform this new, unfamiliar space into a spectacular, comfortable, and warm home?  Add in the complications of my mother living in a different area from Paula and me, our needing to communicate by phone and computer photos, and trying to accommodate the understandable nervous anticipation of both mother and daughters/son-in-law.

Paula worked magic.  With her naturally calming influence, Paula led us through a challenging process with grace, ease, and talent.  Suffice it to say that my mother's apartment is stunning.  Paula bridged my mother's transition from Florida to Illinois with cheerfulness and competency that will leave us forever grateful.

Sincerely,   Kerry, Michael and Randy

Paula Winter  Allied Member ASID, Assoc. IIDA, CAPS
Paula Winter Design, Ltd.