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At Soulspring we understand that your passions run deep.  Our mission is to provide an avenue of support and inspiration; a network of confidants and empowerment tools, that when combined, provide the motivation you've been looking for to bring your passions to the surface.
By conquering your challenges, taking control of your thoughts, listening to your soul and uniting with others like you, you can bestow your unique gifts and talents unto the world.  Your strengths and spirit meet to bring you to a level of true empowerment!  For more information on Soulspring, click here.
A Message from the Soul Sisters
Soul Sisters
Summer is finally here and we're all spending more time outdoors (or at least are longing to).  Picnics, barbecues, afternoons at the beach; one phrase sums it up quite nicely...fun in the sun.
Well pull out your "shades" and get ready for a light more luminous than the sunniest day -- this issue of Soulspiration is dedicated to brightening up your life.  That's right, all the things we love about the sun are about to shine through you; the light, the warmth, the energy, and the power.
In this month's feature article we'll reveal the common behaviors that dim our inner light, and the actions we can take immediately to shine on the inside once again.  Our Soul Searching Questions segment takes your inner glow up yet another notch, as you reflect on the areas of your life that light you up, as well as the parts causing you to burn out.   
To ignite your passion even further, we're offering you a second chance to take part in last month's tele-training event, "The E Factor: What is Empowerment".  For a limited time Soulspiration subscribers can get a free download of the training audio and workbook through the Soul Store.  And our Facebook followers get in on the action this month with a "Fun in the Sun" Challenge.
But that's not all -- there's more to light your spark as we share about our limited time opportunity for new Soulspring members!  That's right, if you've been waiting to get your membership, or you've been debating about starting a group, don't wait any longer!  Now is the time to become a part of this amazing community of bright and empowered women at a $50 discount!
What would we do without the sun?  Obviously we couldn't survive (tune into nearly any show on the Sci-fi Channel and they'll share all the scientific reasons why).  We need the light, the warmth, the source of energy and the force that connects us.  Our personal radiance is just as important.  The sun is literally the center of our world, just as our soul is the center of us.
In passion and power-
(The Soul Sisters)
Shine Bright: Working on that Summer Glow
SunglassesLook inside yourself; is your light shining as brightly as it possibly can?  Or, has it begun to dim from years of neglecting your inner most wishes, dreams, and goals?  Read on as we uncover the top ways to brighten-up that inner shine, as well as the most common ways we dis-empower and dim ourselves, which over time can cause our light to flicker and go out.
The choice is yours.  It's easy to get wrapped up in daily life and make decisions unconsciously, without a second thought to long-range consequences.  These choices may sustain us for a while, but if we continually make decisions that are inconsistent with the vision we have for our life, the sizzle we long for will quickly fizzle!  Stop and give yourself a decision check-up weekly to review your recent choices.  This can be a great journal exercise; list out the decisions, both big and small, that you made that week.  How is each serving you and your ultimate goals?  Which choices do you repeatedly make that aren't?  Adjust how you make decisions where necessary.
SHINE BRIGHT: Making honest, conscious decisions, and assessing your choices weekly to ensure they are consistent with your purpose.
LOW LIGHT: Failing to honor your life's purpose by making choices inconsistent with your dreams and goals.  Failing to recognize why you make the choices you do and taking actions to change long-standing and damaging behavior patterns.
Be your greatest fan.  It's amazing to see the shift as people age; as children we think we can conquer the world, but as adults we question how incredible we really are.  If we want to shine our brightest we need to notice everything we have done right!  Your days are filled with accomplishments; be proud of yourself.  And when a mistake happens be gentle.  They're a necessary part of getting life right.  You are a rock star and it's time to let it be known!
SHINE BRIGHT: Taking notice and celebrating your accomplishments, both large and small.  Being confident in your abilities and acknowledging that there's only one you and you are magnificent! 
LOW LIGHT: Being overly critical and relying entirely on the opinions of others to fuel your self-esteem.
Keep the tank full.  We are all guilty of it; spreading ourselves way too thin.  We've heard it time and time again but we must now finally take notice.  Nothing can distinguish our inner light faster than spending all of our time on the agendas of others and things that don't support our own missions.  Take some well-deserved and regular time off to recharge and replenish!  Since the "golden" rule is already taken, let this be the "silver" rule: "Thou shalt honor thy creator by caring for and empowering thy self."
SHINE BRIGHT: Giving time to yourself, caring and respecting yourself, and reserving time in your schedule for your own interests and passions.  Learn to say "no" in a loving way.
LOW LIGHT: Not caring for yourself or respecting your boundaries and life purpose.  Running on empty is careless, foolish, and irresponsible.  It doesn't serve you or those most important in your life.
Out of your mouth and into your ears (as our friend Karyl always says).  Regardless of what we may think, our subconscious mind believes what it hears.  Studies have shown that by substituting words that we have come to view as negative with more positive versions, we can change our outlook on any task, job, or responsibility.  Be cautious of using words such as "have to" or "should".  They immediately imply to your subconscious-self that you are powerless and not in control.  Instead show gratitude, if for nothing more that the experience and lesson learned, by substituting words such as "get to" or "can".  Try it for yourself and literally feel the difference it can make!
SHINE BRIGHT: Looking at the bright side, and choosing the words you speak to yourself as wisely as you would any word spoken aloud.  Viewing life as an adventure that you "can" and "get to" experience.
LOW LIGHT: Burying yourself under a mountain of obligations, "should's" and "have to's".
Get after it.  Dreams and passions; this is the good stuff that Soulspring is made of!  Doesn't it feel great when you spend time doing what you love?  This one is easy, if you want to shine your brightest you're going to have to do what you are destined to do.  Withholding your strengths and talents from yourself and the world will only lead to conflict within.  Start listening to your inner voice today!  What is one step you can take right now, no matter how small or simple, to begin a journey toward your dreams?  Now do it!
SHINE BRIGHT: Doing what you love and going after your dreams!  Sharing your gifts liberally; your strengths and talents are one commodity that will never run out!
LOW LIGHT: Ignoring your inner voice and withholding the best of you from the world.
Choose well the company you keep.  We are the average of the five people we hang around with most.  Just as the motivating friends can help us shine, the people who can't see our significance dim us.  In most cases we are in control and can choose the people with whom we connect with most often.  Choose wisely; it's one of the most important decisions you make in your life.  Perhaps this is the time to join a Soulspring Group (or start one of your own).  There you will find the inspiration and support you need to tap into your power, realize your potential, and achieve your dreams!  It's one of the best strategies to ensure you are regularly interacting with people who are supportive and inspiring.  Together you will fuel each other and light each other from the outside in!
SHINE BRIGHT: Spending the majority of your time with people who inspire you and then inspiring others in return.  A Soulspring Group may be just what you need!
LOW LIGHT:  Spending significant amounts of our time with those who fail to see your power and greatness.  Protect yourself from the negative people around you.
You've got the power.  You have an amazing amount of power within yourself, but if you're not careful it's quite easy to give that power away, in little bits, without realizing or noticing.  If you attended our last tele-class you know what we're talking about (if you couldn't make the training get your free download below).  Watch out for the four Power Oppressors: excuses, blame, fear, and beliefs.  By falling victim to any of these areas, which are ultimately in our control, we dim our own light.
SHINE BRIGHT: Embracing your power and taking charge of your life.  While life doesn't always go as expected, you have more control over your direction in life than you might think!
LOW LIGHT: Making excuses, blaming others, not standing up to your fears, and failing to challenge beliefs that limit you.  By mustering up just a little more courage each day, you can change your life!
Light does not benefit anyone if kept contained.  Let your light be visible to the outside world, sharing warmth, energy, sparkle, and glow.  This summer, work on more than just that summer tan; open up your soul and share your talents and gifts with the world.  By acquiring that inner glow, you light your life the whole year through!

Shine Bright Resource: Power Up Your E Factor
If your feedback is any indication, we're pretty confident that we've hit on another hot-button topic.  Last month's "E Factor: What is Empowerment" tele-class training sparked some amazing feedback and comments from those in attendance, including requests to break several elements of the class down into more focused training segments. 
If you missed this session, you'll definitely want to take advantage of this 2nd chance opportunity to download the complimentary training audio and workbook.

In this session we revealed the 4 Power Oppressors that we allow to rob us of our power, The Empowerment Triangle and how this simple tool can help overcome any difficulty or challenge life sends our way, and finally our Empower Points to help us strengthen and flex our E Factor muscles!   Get motivated to take inspired action toward your dreams.  Instead of waiting for life to unfold, learn how to tap into a powerful force within yourself to take charge and create life on your terms!

"Fun in the Sun Challenge" on Facebook
Nothing shines brighter than a positive outlook and affirmations are a powerful tool anyone can use to program the mind for positive thoughts and beliefs.  This month we're inviting you to join us for our "Fun in the Sun Challenge". 
Because it takes 21 days to create a habit, we're challenging you to incorporate our "Shine Bright" affirmations into your daily routine!  By the end of the month you'll have sparked a new positive habit that will change your life! 
You can take part simply by downloading our "Fun in the Sun Challenge" from the PDF tab of our Facebook Page.  And if you haven't already, "LIKE" us while you're there (and we love it when you "Share" our page with your Facebook friends, too)!

This Month's Soul Searching Questions
A regular feature of our monthly e-newsletter, there's nothing like our Soul-Searching Questions to connect you with your spirit.  An amazing resource for self-discovery, this month's questions guide you to reflect on the areas of your life that shine bright, and contemplate the parts that don't. 

  • When I visualize myself "in my light", what does that look like?
  • Where in my life am I feeling dim?
  • What decision could I make in my life right now that would propel me toward a brighter future?
  • In the past, what have I allowed to hold me back from being my best and brightest?
On the Soul Sisters' Blog
When our souls open up we've got to share! We invite you to read our thoughts (and occasional rants) on women, empowerment, passion, destiny and life!  And share your comments; we love to hear your thoughts (and rants) too!
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This summer take a journey like never before...
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