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March 31, 2010
Hot Posts of the Week

Peals of WisdomPhilly Moms Blog
In "Take Those Sex Offenders Somewhere Else, We Don't Want Them Here!  Or Do We?" Kristine takes on the fine line between fear and compassion.  What would you do if juvenile sex offenders needed transitional housing in your town?  Kristine answers this question poignantly.

Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Ana Garza's son is being raised by same-sex parents, but he wants to be a Boy Scout like his grandfathers were.  The problem is that in June of 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court found that the Boy Scouts of America has a legal right to discriminate against agnostics, athiests and homosexuals.  She asks "Is Boyscouts Morally Wrong for Us?"

Rocky Mountain Moms Blog
In "Never Too Early to Think about College... Maybe," Joan writes of the Boulder school district's decision to offer elementary school college nights.  Read this piece, and you'll either want to move to Boulder or send your kids outside to play while scratching your head and asking: Boulder, WTH?

Chicago Moms Blog
How do you handle your bad days?  In "Mommy Needs to Chill Out," Jamie B reminds us that not every day is going to be a good one, yet we have it in our power to turn the next one around, if only for the sake of little watching eyes.

Deep South Moms Blog
Carrie Faith takes on how we feed our children in "Food Is a Battlefield."  Have you watched Jamie Oliver's new "Food Revolution" TV show or the movie "Food Inc.," and have they changed how you feed your family?

Los Angeles Moms Blog
Every day seems to bring another story of cuts to public education.   Erin S. reacts to the LAUSD's potential dismissal of library aides, which may lead to closed school libraries, in "Public School Libraries Are Not 'Extras.'"

New York City Moms Blog

"Here Comes the Boy.  Should We Circumcise?"  Kelcey takes on the controversial issue as she expects her first son.

DC Metro Moms Blog

J.J. Newby is packing her family of four for vacation, a major undertaking; but J.J.'s ready: she has "Life's Little Checklists."

New Jersey Moms Blog
In "The Disaster & the Lost Corned Beef: A Tragic-Comedy," Theta Pavis makes us cry and laugh while reminding us that, in difficult times, laughter, family, and a good appetite are sustaining.

Ohio Moms Blog
Emilie Davis feels "What We've Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate" when it comes to her three year-old daughter.  How do you reason with little ones?

50-Something Moms Blog
In "Answering the Hardest Questions," Alicia discusses the complexity of questions related to adoption and find that, when it comes to the hardest questions, "love" is often the best answer.

Orange County Moms Blog
How do you prepare your son for a new baby?  Marcy Massura shares her experience in "How to Prepare Your Toddler for the New Baby.  Or Not."

Canada Moms Blog
In "America's Health Care Reform - One Step Forward," Karen Green shares her experience with a recent medical emergency in Canada and congratulates her "neighbors to the South" on the passage of healthcare reform legislation.

SV MOMS GROUP MONTHLY BOOK CLUB: Top 100 Finger Foods & Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel

BookclubOne of the things us parents must do on a daily basis - whether you find it a joy or an annoyance - is to feed our kids. For babies just starting out in the food world beyond milk, it is just the beginning. As our kids get older, there can be the classic toddler picky eater syndrome and the excitement when we discover something they like. Join us today as we discuss the books Top 100 Baby Purees and Top 100 Finger Foods by Annabel Karmel. 

Special thanks to Elizabeth from Los Angeles Moms Blog, who sourced this book club for us, following her lunch date last summer with Annabel Karmel.

Click HERE to see our SV MOMS GROUP Blogger-book-club roundup.


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