Casa Guides Quarterly
A Quartely Newsletter for Guides of the Casa de Dom Inacio Q2/2010
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Renew Your Old Casa Guide Badge
Casa Badge
In recent months the Casa ha been issuing a new type of Guide badge.  To get this badge you must sign the new Casa Guide Contract and provide some personal contact information as well as a copy of your passport.

The contract is intended to insure that all Casa Guides abide by the rules and are informed of all their responsibilities at the Casa. Failure to comply with the agreement may result in loss of your Casa Guide privileges.

If you have not yet renewed your badge, please contact Ricardo when you arrive at the Casa so you can sign the contract. 

The Casa is now charging a small fee to offset the cost of producing and managing the badges. 
Casa Schedules
Blue Triangle
Prayers        Sun. 9:00 AM

Orientation  Tue.  7:30 PM

Rosary         Daily 8:00 PM

Mon - Tue 7:00 AM 5:00 PM
Wed- Fri   6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday  7:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Wed - Fri 7:00 AM -  Noon
                2:00 PM - 6:00PM
Meetings and Gatherings
Gold Speakerman
There has been some confusion lately arising from meetings or gatherings in Abadiania.  We just want to clarify the Casa's position in this regard.   Only Casa staff  or volunteers are allowed to speak publicly abut the Casa in Abadiania.  If you want to have a meeting or discuss ecology, or gather to discuss the latest advances in Noetic Science or to watch a movie, that is great.  But please do not set up public meetings to talk about the work of the Casa.  If you really want to share your experience of the Casa, then ask the entity for permission to speak on Stage during a Casa session.  We are clearly talking about public meetings where you advertise publicly.
This does not affect guides talking to their groups. Guides having  a group meeting at the pousada to help their participants make the most of their experience at the casa are welcome to do that.   Unfortunately there is too much misinformation floating around about the casa procedures and the work at the casa.   We want to make sure that at the very least anything that looks official and public is coming directly from the Casa and not someone else.  
Through this newlsetter  we will keep you posted on new developments important for casa guides every few months.  If there are changes in the rules, clarifications or topics guides should be addressing with their visitors or to update you on any upcoming events at the casa.  There are also some subtleties about being at the casa that are better communicated by a guide at the appropriate time rather than being published and buried in the bottom of some manual.   We ask you to keep this publication confidential to the guides and not to share copies of it with other casa participants.  We would like this to be a forum to communicate issues that are applicable only to guides.  As such you cannot simply sign up for this newsletter, you must be a current guide of the casa.  If you know a guide who is not getting this newsletter, please write an email to Diego or Ricardo or simply respond to this email.
Dom Bosco Church
The final word on Trips and Tours
Frequently guides arrive and as the translators : " What is the latest on Pirenopolis?" "Is Pirenopolis authorized again or not?".   Recently the Entity talked at length about the topic and asked us to communicate this to all the guides.  In essence the message is this, there are no "Forbidden" places and there are also no "Authorized" places.  Each guide must ask for permission to take their group  anywhere while they are in Abadiania.  Although we understand the urge to do some tourism while visiting this exciting country, your group is here primarily for treatment and they are under the care of the entity.  Only the entity knows what is the process your people are undergoing and only they can determine if it is safe to travel anywhere during their visit.

Recently a young man with a life threatening condition asked the entity for permission to do some touring in Brasilia, the Entity said he should stay in Abadiania and drink lots of blessed water.  Feeling pretty energized the young man decided to defy the entity's instruction and he went off to Brasilia with his friend.  Unfortunately while in Brasilia he tripped and broke a bone and requires surgery. Because of his pre-existing condition this surgery is extremely dangerous and his life is now at risk. 

Please make sure that you tell your travelers that tours are dependent on the Entity's authorization.  State that in all your travel materials and do not set an expectation that they will be traveling to some exotic location while they are here.  If they want to do that and the entity allows it, then so be it.  But if you promise them an exotic tour you are creating an expectation that you may not be able to fulfill without putting them at risk. 

If you are convincing someone to come here because they are also going to see interesting parts of Brazil, I would suggest you drop that person from your group.  Alternatively, if you want to take your people somewehere before or after their visit to the Casa, then you can do so.  But please do not leave Abadiania with anyone without first asking the Entity for permission.

Remember, the Casa is a hospital not a tourist destination.
Corumba falls
Going to the Waterfall
The number of people coming to the casa has been increasing and so have the number of ways to circumvent casa rules.  The waterfall is always a source of wonderful cleansing and healing energy but too often it is also the topic of some complaint or disagreement.   Every week we hear someone saying :"I was at the waterfall and So and So took too long, or they were screaming and I was intimidated."

The staff at the casa is not able to patrol the waterfall every day.  We are all very busy taking care of people at the casa.  It is for this reason that we are making it the responsibility of the guides to improve the situation at the waterfall.   This is not a change that will take place overnight.  It will take some time to get people used to respecting the waterfall as it should be respected.
From now on, group leaders must introduce their people to the waterfall.  It is no longer acceptable to have people going to the waterfall by themselves the first time.  If someone is here without a group leader they will have to find a group leader to take them to the waterfall.   Group leaders should post at least two times each week or weekend when they will be going to the waterfall with their group and they will be accepting new people from outside their group.

All group leaders must instruct their people on how to use the waterfall in the same way.  Consistency is the only way that we will be able to communicate to everyone how to work at the waterfall.  Please resist the urge of deviating from the standard Waterfall protocol for any reason.  Including "That is the way I have always done it", or "that is how I was taught", or any other reason.

You must gather your group in a circle at the parking area and pray an Our father and a Hail Mary, call on the entities of the casa and the waterfall and ask that everyone's spiritual work be done with safety and protection.  Then you should walk down to the gate in silence.  Instruct everyone to repeat the prayers in their mind while they are walking from the gate to the waterfall.  If they are removing any clothes, this should be done quickly at the bench.  Once there they are at the waterfall should mentalize any requests and go in the water.  

The five minute rule is no longer applicable.  The number of people going to the waterfall is increasing and the wait times are too long. From now on you must instruct your people that the work in the water should be 30 seconds at most. If everyone respects this protocol, the whole process for a group of 10 people should take no longer than 8 or 9 minutes from the time they cross the gate.

The Waterfall must be treated with the same respect that we use towards the current rooms.  The work to be done at the waterfall must be in line with the casa style.  This is not a place for Shamanic drumming, chanting, cathartic screaming or any other type of work.  You are there to do work that is inline with the entity's will.  You are not there to so some other type of work.

If you notice someone braking the rules at the waterfall, do not confront them, just note who they are, and bring them to our attention.  If appropriate we will have them speak to the entity.

We will be publishing the waterfall rules for the general public in the near future.   In the meantime, we would love to have your feedback about this topic. 

Touching People at the Casa
For years the casa manual has stated that you should not touch other people in the current rooms.  This is not only limited to the times when people have their eyes closed, but as you are exiting the current. 

It is one thing to see a friend who recognizes you and shares a mutual hug with you.  It is a very different move to place your hand on their body, most especially on one of their chakras.    Many times I have had people place their hand on my heart chakra as if to say, "I know you" "I am a kindred spirit" or I bless you".  Although acceptable in social circles frequented by spiritual people, this kind of move is very arrogant and possible dangerous at the casa. 

People are sitting in a current environment where the entities have been tugging at their energies.  For example, Peter Godly is getting up from current and even though the work has officially finished, his energy field is very open.  Perhaps because the entities want him to carry energy to someone or because his work is not yet complete.   Now here comes Joe Spiritual and places his hand on his friends chest, immediately grounding him.  Now the entity's energy is dissipated and Joe feeling good about himself says some social nicety and moves on.  Peter does not quite know what happened but the energy is quickly forgotten and life goes on albeit without the intended result. 

In some cases, the situation is not that simple. For example last Friday Medium Joao was just returning from his usual Photo session in the garden when someone came up to him and put his hand on his chest. Medium Joao was thrown back a few feet and landed on his back hitting his head.  Obviously, Medium Joao is dealing with much more energy than your average current participant, but the principle is the same.  Except that in this case, the future of the whole casa may have been at stake instead of only one person's well being. 

Thankfully Medium Joao was OK and a few minutes later he was receiving people in his office. But let this be a lesson for everyone.  DO NOT TOUCH PEOPLE at the casa unless they are expecting it and have agreed to it. 

As guides you should reinforce this instruction to your people so it is not just an instruction buried in the manual somewhere.


 On behalf of the Casa we would like to thank you for being a Casa Guide and for joining your efforts to John of God's Mission.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments or if there are any other topics you would like to see discussed in this newsletter.


Diego & Ricardo