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Issue: # 5 MAY/2010

Sonia and Diego
Welcome to our fifth issue. We help you stay in touch with the latest news, events and travel information related to your favorite little town in Brazil.  Every month we will strive to bring you some useful and interesting information.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it.
San RafaelHotel San Raphael - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT
The hotel San Rafphel has been sold to Constantinos Papadopoulos or "Costas" as we know him in Abadiania.  Costas comes from a family of hotel owners in southern Brazil.  He brings a lot of hotel management experience to the San Rafael.   The San Raphael now has a full time kitchen and offers three meals a day.   You will also notice the reservations and front desk staff will be responding to your needs quickly and effectively.

Click here to find out more about the new San Raphael


We are a Global Community. Abadiania is affected by the Volcano.

Volcanic Cloud
Volcanic CLoud
Although we are as far as possible from the environmental effects of the volcanic cloud.  The impact of this tragic event in the northern hemisphere has affected even Abadiania. which is 9,300 Kilometers (5,800 Miles) away.  Because thousands of flights have been cancelled around Europe, the number of European vistors to Abadiania has declined in the last few weeks.   Fortunately the air seems to be clearing and more and more people are returning to Abadiania for Healing. 
SPECIAL FEATURE - Polish Opera Stars visit Abadiania
School WallJoanna Wos' and Henryk Baranowski touch the Casa and the children of Abadiania.
Joanna Wos' (Wosh) is a Famous Soprano  from Poland. Joanna sings throughout Europe in leading opera roles.  Her husband Henryk is a respected actor and famous Opera director in Warsaw.   Although they came to the casa for healing and they blended into the crowd we finally found out their little secret and we asked Joanna to sing at the casa (With the entities permission.)  Her rendition of the Ave Maria moistened every eye in the hall.  She treated us to another singing demonstration at the Sunday prayers and We cannot describe to you the impact her voice had on everyone present.  It took a while for any of us to get enough courage to break the silence that followed her singing.    As if that wasn't enough, Joanna graciously agreed to an impromptu performance at one of the local schools.  On Monday afternoon near seventy children sat on the floor with painted faces (it was clown day)  to witness something they had never heard of. Opera! .  Along with the kids, a dozen or so educators a handful of parents and the Abadiania Education Secretary sat in chairs to listen to Joanna sing.   We asked them if they had ever heard of Opera, and nearly all of them had not.  So after a brief explanation Joanna started singing. 

If you have ever stood a few feet from an Opera singer, you know there is a lot of energy there and this time was no exception. So much energy that the kids started to giggle and get unruly, but to Joanna's credit she picked up on it and pulled some of the kids up front to dance with her.  Having  some of their own up on stage was all they needed to feel a part of the performance.  I can only imagine how much effort is needed to nonchalantly dance around the room with a dozen children in tow while singing Opera, but she pulled it off.  At the end of five songs plus an encore Joanna bowed to a crowd of excited and very moved children.  Some vowed to study music, some were simply shaking and would spend the rest of the evening telling their dumbfounded parents all about opera.  There was also the deaf mute girl who stood up and tried to imitate the singing because for the first time she could feel the singing in her bones.  There were too many touching moments and we cannot describe them all.  But after photos were taken and autographs were signed, Joanna left these children with an experience they may have never had in their lives and I believe they left a little bit of Abadiania in her heart.

Just like a pebble in a pond creates expanding circles of ripples, so the mission John of God has taken on creates ripples around his work.  Many lives are touched by the casa, the soup kitchen and sometimes by unexpected moments such as this one.

Tamarind Pods Tamarind
Tamar indicus is endemic to tropical Africa, particularly where it continues to grow wild in Sudan; it is also cultivated in Cameroon, Nigeria and Tanzania.  It was first described by western Botanists in India as Tamarindus  indica, the latin derivative of the Arabic name commonly attributed to it.  "Tamar Al-Hind" or "The Hindu Date"   It is widely distributed through the tropical belt, from Africa to India and throughout South East Asia, Taiwan and as far as China.   In the 16th century, it was heavily introduced to Mexico as well as South America by Spanish and Portuguese colonists, to the degree that it became a common ingredient in every day living. 
Tamarind Juice is a delicious treat available at the casa snack shop.   It is very tart in its natural state, so a bit of sugar or sweetener is necessary.    You can add it to your favorite smoothie for a tangy zip  or you can use tamarind paste as an ingredient on Chicken and fish dishes. 
Medicinal Uses.
Tamarind is used in Ayurvedic Medicine for gastric or indigestion problems and as a protector for the heart.
In South  East Asia Tamarind Paste is applied to the forehead as a fever reducer.   In Northern Africa the bark of the Tamarind tree is used to treat stomach disorders, pain, yellow fever, as a blood tonic and a skin cleanser. The fruit juice as an antiseptic and an infusion of the leaves to control malarian fever.
Other medicinal uses include: Anthelminthic (expels worms), antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, asthma, astringent, bacterial skin infections (erysipelas), boils, chest pain, cholesterol metabolism disorders, colds, colic, conjunctivitis (pink eye), constipation (chronic or acute), diabetes, diarrhea (chronic), dry eyes, dysentery (severe diarrhea), eye inflammation, fever, food preservative, food uses (coloring), gallbladder disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insecticide, jaundice, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), leprosy, liver disorders, nausea and vomiting (pregnancy-related), paralysis, poisoning (Datura plant), rash, rheumatism, saliva production, skin disinfectant/sterilization, sore throat, sores, sprains, sunscreen, sunstroke, swelling (joints), urinary stones, wound healing
In animal studies, tamarind has been found to lower serum cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Due to a lack of available human clinical trials, there is insufficient evidence to recommend tamarind for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) or diabetes.
Excess consumption has been noted as a traditional laxative.

FEATURED BOOK - The Rosary Handbook
Rosary Handbook
The Rosary Handbook is a must have for everyone - whether you are a first timer  or yo have been praying the rosary for many years, this book has something useful for you. Find out about  the origins and history of the Rosary. If you are new to this practice you will benefit much from the instructional aspect. All will benefit from the wonderful meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary. Mr. Finley manages to convey profound truths in simple reader-friendly language.

To purchase this book and other interesting titles click here. .
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Diego & Sonia
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