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Issue: # 4 March/2010

Sonia and Diego
Welcome to our fourth issue. We help you stay in touch with the latest news, events and travel information related to your favorite little town in Brazil.  Every month we will strive to bring you some useful and interesting information.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it.
Abadiania Web Portal Banner How long to stay in Brazil?
With your tourist Visa (Or if you are entering without a visa as an exempt visitor) You are allowed a maximum of 90 days stay in the country.  However, this is not a right you have but a privilege granted to you by the Federal Police Officer at the time of you go through passport control.  If the officer decides to give you only 30 days, then that is what you will get.  Remember this and be polite at all times.

Your stay can be extended for an additional 90 days if you go to the Federal Police in either Anapolis, Goiania or Brasilia.
Generally if you request an extension because you want to continue visiting Brazil they will grant it to you without any major issue.  This is particularly true if you can show you still have a return ticket with you.  When you ask for an extension be careful not to say you are requesting the visa medical reasons.  A medical extension is a completely different process and will require supporting documentation.

You will only be granted one extension. After that you must exit Brazil and not return for 6 months.  That is, you can only be in Brazil 6 months out of each 12 month period. 

If you overstay by a couple of days, then you may still be able to leave by paying a small fine at the time of your departure.  

NOTE : The casa cannot and will not assist you with your visa procedures.  The casa also has the obligation to report anyone who is staying in Brazil illegally.
School WallLocal School Creates Program for Visiting Children. 
Traveling to Abadiania with small children can be a challenge.  Although they are welcome at the Casa and in the current rooms, many children will get quickly bored and force parents to skip current sessions.  Now there is an Alternative:

Escola Paginas do Saber, a local private school offers a Visiting Student Program for children ages 4 to 7.  Parents will be able to drop off their children from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.    Your child will play and learn with brazilian children, make friends and turn their visit into a fun and culturally enriching experience.
Papaya Papaia-  The forgotten fruit?
This delicious and ubiquitous fruit has many uses.  In Brazil the more general name of Mamao (MAA- MAA -OO) is used to describe it, while the name Papaia is reserved only for the small variety which tends to be sweeter and more flavorful.  Papaia (or Papaya in Spanish) is very versatile and can be eaten alone, in salads, as a juice or as part of a smoothie.

There are many health benefits attributed to Papaia.:
  • It is a great digestive aid.
  • Fermented green Papaia is used for treating wounds. 
  • The seeds and skin of green papaia have contraceptive and abortive properties.  (Normal amounts of ripe papaia will not have this kind of effect.)
  • The juice has an antiproliferative effect on in vitro liver cancer cells, probably due to its component of lycopene.
  • Papaya seed could be used as an antibacterial agent for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, although further research is needed before advocating large-scale therapy.
  • Papaya seed extract may be nephroprotective (protect the kidneys) in toxicity-induced kidney failure.
  • Raw, fresh papaya leaves ground into juice can increase platelet count dramatically in a matter of days.
Used as a Tenderizer - Papaia contains a substance called papain which is a great meat tenderizer.  As you may know, most tenderizing prodducts are loaded with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).  For a healthy alternative to these products try making a paste papaia skins (1/4 inch deep) with salt (1/4 teaspoon per 2 tablespoons of the Papaia)  Two tablespoons of this paste should tenderize one pound of meat.  Do not remove the tenderizer before cooking the meat as a lot of the flavor will be trapped in it.   If you do not have time or the inclination to try this method you can buy Adolph's Meat tenderizer. which contains papain.  

Kardec's Spirituality
 Kardec's Spiritism- by Dr. Emma Bragdon
Allan Kardec's books have played an historic role in the development of several spiritual healing traditions, yet they are virtually unknown to the American public. (This book) attempts to rectify this situation. It is thoroughly researched and thoughtfully written. Many of Kardec's insights seem surprisingly contemporary, even though he wrote them in the 1800s. Numerous spiritist centers base much of their diagnosis and treatment on Kardec's pioneering discussion of what is now called "Energy Medicine". --Stanley Krippner, PhD. Co-author, "Becoming Psychic" and "Extraordinary Dreams"

Dr. Bragdon is on the leading edge of issues that must be addressed if we are going to realize a transformation in the ways in which health care is currently conceptualized and delivered. The future lies in the development of capacities which lie latent within all of us, and in technology which is more commesurate with recent scientific developments. Dr. Bragdon's book is an important step in that direction. -- Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv. Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA.

Health professionals in the West have become much more open to including spirituality in clinical work. While Kardec's approach cannot be transferred en toto to contemporary medicine and psychotherapy, Dr. Bragdon's cross-cultural study of Brazilian Spiritists is a rich resource for seeing how spiritual healing can be taught and practiced. -- David Lukoff, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School

We are not just this body, or mind, or feelings. We are essentially the eternal spirit that has no end. I honor Bradon's great respect for other cultural approaches and can quite clearly see a new spirituality coming from Brazil that will lead our world towards deep healing through a renewal of the teachings of Christ. -- Marilyn Feldberg Founder and Director of World Youth Service and Enterprise

Written with insight and sensitivity, this book is an extraordinary introduction to the rich wellness tradition of Brazilian Spiritists. Authentic and lasting body wellness comes with a sound and well adjusted spirit. Dr. Bragdon captured the essence of this grassroots model that will one day transform our medical care environment. A book that has strength and soul. -- John Zerio, President of the Allan Kardec Educational Society
To purchase this book and other interesting titles click here. .
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Diego & Sonia
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