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Issue: # 1 November/2009

Sonia and DiegoWe help you stay in touch with the latest news, events and travel information related to your favorite little town in Brazil.  Every month we will strive to bring you some useful and interesting information.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it.
Delta LogoDelta Offers Direct Flight to Brasilia  
On December 17, 2009 Delta will begin offering direct flights from Atlanta to Brasilia Delta's schedule between Atlanta and Brasilia.  Flights depart Atlanta at 9:20 PM on Mondays Thursdays and Saturdays. arriving in Brasilia at 8:45 AM  Return flights will leave Brasilia on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 11:45 PM. arriving in Atlanta at 5:40 AM.  For more information Click on the Delta Logo.

Luggage Scale
Buy $100 bills for $10 each.
Sounds like a good deal?  If your checked suitcase is only 2 pounds over the limit you will be charged $90 each way in excess baggage fees.  That's per suitcase!!!  Protect yourself and use a luggage scale. For about $20 you will be able to save yourself hundreds in excess baggage fees.  You can't afford to travel without one of these portable lightweight travel tools!  To get your luggage scale click on the scale image.

Abadiania Web Portal Banner The rules have changed recently
To become a Brazilian Resident you must fit into one of the following categories.  Note that in addition to the main requirements listed here there are many other procedural requirements. Please make sure to consult with your local Consulate to get the latest information.

Family Reunion Visa : Your Spouse and or Child is Brazilian
Retirement Visa: You are over 50 and have proof of U$2,000 a month retirement income.
Investor Visa: You must invest R$150,000 in a new or existing business in Brazil.  Or you must be hired as a Senior Executive of a company  or as a scientific researcher

The Casa de Dom Inacio cannot assist you to obtain a visa in any way. You must qualify on your own merits.  Participating at the casa does not qualify you for any special treatment by the authorities.  Click on the flag for more details.

Russian Ship Sarah trapped in the south pole.
Our very own Sarah Key decided to go to Antarctica on a Russian Ice Breaker to see the emperor penguins.  A few days ago the ship was trapped in the polar ice.  Sarah was able to send an e-mail letting us know she was OK and asking the entity for help for some of her fellow passengers who had some health issues come up during the extended trip. It seems sometimes the entities have a  mission for us when we  least expect it!  Read the full story by clicking on the image.
Acai Berries Acai - Natures Superfruit
The açaí palm or aqai (Euterpe oleracea) is a species of palm tree in the genus  Euterpe  cultivated for their fruit and superior hearts of palm
The juice and pulp of açaí fruits (Euterpe oleracea) are used in various juice blends, smoothies, sodas, and other beverages. In northern Brazil, açaí is traditionally served in gourds called "cuias" with tapioca and, depending on the local preference, can be consumed either salty or sweet (sugar, rapadura, and honey are known to be used in the mix).Açaí has become popular in southern Brazil where it is consumed cold as açaí na tigela ("açaí in the bowl"), mostly mixed with granola. Açaí is also widely consumed in Brazil as an ice cream flavor or juice.  Read the full Wikipedia article on Acai by clicking on the image.
Paul and Stephen Book Paul and Stephen by Chico Xavier
How did an old man's trip to the market to buy fish and vegetables lead to a chain of cause and effect events that would change the religious face of the world forever? Who was Paul of Tarsus? A fanatical Pharisee and ruthless persecutor of Christians and the newborn Christian doctrine? Or a being predestined by divine choice, who converted upon receiving the gift of the apparition of Jesus in a glorious vision at the gates of Damascus? This book will show the reader the greatness of Paul of Tarsus, a courageous, daring and sincere man, who repented for his radical posture that culminated in the stoning of Christianity's first martyr, Stephen, and who humbly undertook the accelerated revision of his ideas in answer to Jesus' call. Amid persecutions, infirmities, mockery, disillusionment, desertions by friends, stonings, beatings and imprisonment, he transformed his life into an example of labor through dozens of years of struggle by founding churches and rendering them assistance. At some point in our lives, we all receive Christ's call. What have we done? Paul and Stephen will enable the reader to understand how love erases a multitude of wrongs.  To Purchase this and other spiritual books click on the book image.
Comercial Ribeiro Comercial Ribeiro
This full featured convenience store/ mini market is located behind Hotel Rei Davi.  They will deliver groceries to your door when you are in Abadiania at no additional charge.  Zezinho is the owner.  He has been a volunteer at the casa for  many years. You can hear his calm deep prayerful voice as he leads the surgery room from his wheelchair most days.  He is a native of the state of Maranhao in north eastern Brazil and spent some time in the Brazilian Navy before moving to Abadiania.  He lives here with his Wife and daughter and his parents who all help in the shop.  For more detail or to place an order online for the day you arrive in Abadiania click on the image above. 

Abadiania Web Portal is your direct connection to Abadiania. If you are preparing to travel to Brazil or you simply miss the experience of being in Abadiania, Abadiania Web Portal has something for you.  You can reserve a Hotel, Taxi or House in Abadiania from your desktop.  You can get white clothes, travel insurance or even acai or Brazilian coffee delivered to you. 

We hope you enjoy it and help us spread the word.

Diego & Sonia
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