Evolve: A Body Balance Movement Therapy Company
EVOLVE Movement invites you to join Yoga Instructor Michelle Corey for an uplifting and inspiring workshop:
 Shine Out and Stand Tall
on May 16th from 2-5pm
 Michelle Corey
Michelle Corey has taught all of manner of fitness classes since 1987; her passion now however, is yoga. She absolutely loves the transformational power that a consistent yoga practice offers, and delights in sharing this with her students. A registered RYT since 2001, she has studied under many yoga luminaries, Eric Shiffman, Dharma Mitra, Shiva Rea and John Friend. All, who share a deep abide for as Eric Shiffman says, moving into the stillness, for it is in the stillness that you will find the Light and Peace of Love.  You can look forward to a celebration of heart, while practicing asana with Michelle.
Shine Out and Stand Tall with Michelle Corey
Wouldn't it be wonderful if our outer posture reflected our inner Grace, our inner Shine? We will begin with the basic assumption, that each one of us is inherently perfect, grace taken form. This inner Grace is what we want to Shine Out. If we start from this perspective, it will make a difference in how we engage everything else in life. Just think about it for a moment: what would it really look like, how would it shift your experience, if you just began from an inner posture of your own greatness?
In this workshop we're going to work on constructing that outer posture on top of the inner poise of the self. In particular, we'll work on building the strength of the rhomboid muscles, which are key to holding our outer posture in the shoulders. We will look at several asanas and how and what the upper body needs to do in order to Shine Out and Stand Tall all the time! 

Sunday May 16, 2010 from 2-5pm  Cost $30 early bird, $35 for drop in.
EVOLVE Yoga Sanctuary
215 Bickett Blvd.
Raleigh, NC  27608


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