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Chiropractic Safe and Effective During Pregnancy, Labor and Birth --

for Both Mother and Infant.

Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy.


According to the results of recent studies, Chiropractic not only eliminates and reduces back pain, but also reduces the difficulties of pregnancy and labor, reduces the need for drugs, prevents and cures toxemia, and expedites the return to prepartum health.

  • Relieves low back pain during pregnancy: In a study involving 94 pregnant women, 23 suffered with low back pain. After receiving Chiropractic adjustments, 91% of the women were relieved of the pain and symptoms.
  • Reduces labor time: Women who received Chiropractic adjustments during their first pregnancy averaged 24% shorter labor times; women in labor during subsequent pregnancies, averaged 39% shorter labor times than non-Chiropractic patients.
  • Reduces labor pains and need for drugs: Of 500 women in labor, 70.4% were relieved of pain when pressure was applied to the lower back; thus eliminating the need for narcotic pain medication and tranquilizer medicine.
  • Reduces risk of injury to infants: Chiropractic helps align the pelvic area for birth; thus reducing brain bleeds, infant brain disease, and distortion of fetal skulls from pelvic misalignment and forceps deliveries.

Source: "Pregnancy," International Chiropractic Pediatric Association;