March 2010
Did You Know...
The average American's diet consists of high-fat, low-fiber, refined junk foods. 36 different toxins form in the large intestine and are absorbed by the bloodstream, resulting in the body's inability to metabolize food properly or to provide vital energy for living. Two to three bowel movements per day, shortly after each meal eaten, are considered healthy. 44% of the current U.S. population will die as a result of colon-related diseases! The third most common reason for hospitalization among 15-44 year old persons is digestive disorders.
1. Most North Americans are storing 5 to 10 pounds of old fecal matter in their bodies.
2. It is documented that when John Wayne died he had 40 pounds of toxic waste in his colon. Elvis Presley had 60 pounds.
3. A neglected colon and a crippled immune system can leave you vulnerable to disease.
4. Our detoxifcation program will target not only the colon but also all the other organs of elimination. These organs - primarily the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and bloods systems - cleanse and protect the body from toxic substances.
How toxic are you TODAY? To find out, schedule a complimentary body composition analysis. We care about your health and want you to have as much information as possible about your body. Call NOW and find out how toxic you are and if detoxification can help you.
There is no reason not to.
Dr. Duncan McCollum, D.C.
McCollum Wellness Center