February 2010
Maintaining Good Health with
Chiropractic Pays $ Off!
National studies comparing two groups, those receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and those who had never been adjusted, revealed that those people receiving regular chiropractic adjustments were:
  • 41% less likely to be hospitalized
  • 79% less likely to use a nursing home
  • 34% less likely to suffer from arthritis
  • able to exercise more vigorously
  • more active overall
  • likely to rate their health as good as excellent.
  • use less prescriptive drugs 
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When you consult this office you are entering into a unique partnership. Your current health is the result of your habits, your thoughts, your actions, and all the circumstances of your life. Little can be done about the past, but we are here to help you with the future. Learn as much as you can about the nature of true health and follow your chiropractor's recommendations
Dr. Duncan McCollum, DC
McCollum Wellness Center
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A Word from our Patients:
I've always been on relief care with other chiropractors in the past. The notion of corrective care was never offered to me before meeting Dr. McCollum and it really made a lot of sense to me. I really like Duncan's style and how he addresses my issues. The staff is really friendly any my mobility is so much better.
---  C.K. 
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If you or someone you know would like to improve their health TODAY, then look no further. We invite you to accept a complimentary consultation and examination at our Wellness Center.  
Your 1-hour session will also include a body composition analysis, adrenal stress analysis, and basic toxicity screening. With the offer of a free consultation and exam, there's no excuse to delay being healthy any further. Find out today how we can help.
McCollum Wellness Center
1726 Seabright Avenue (between Soquel Ave & Water St.)
Santa Cruz, CA  95062