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My purpose is to help as many people as I can achieve better health naturally 
Preparing for Flu Season 

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What do you do if you think you are coming down with the flu? Here are some tips which I have used to help people either ward off the flu or lessen its effects:
1. Core Level Thymus from NutriWest is a powerful immune booster. I keep this on hand for my family and grab it if I think I have been exposed. Their Multi-Immune is also very powerful.
2. Colostrum is the first bit of mother's milk formed immediately after birth. This is loaded with the essential immune boosting elements passed on from mother to child. This is available from cow's milk and may be just what you need to jump-start your immune response.
3. Vitamin D3; taking 5000 IU's daily at the onset of symptoms can be very helpful in enhancing your body's defense system. This must be an organic D3, not synthetic. All your vitamins should be food based and organic. Synthetic vitamins are not as recognizable to your body and can actually cause allergic reactions and toxicity. Sunshine is a great source of D3 - in fact, it even helps your body utilize D3.
4. Another great product is Olivirex, from Bio Botanical. Olive leaves have great antiviral and antibiotic factors. Also Biocidin Throat Spray is excellent for helping and preventing sore throats.
5. Garlic and ginger are both great natural antibiotic and antiviral substances, You can get garlic in capsules or for the brave you can eat 2-3 cloves. Organic ginger sliced and added to pepperment tea will help your liver detoxify and warm your body.
6. Sea salt dissolved in warm water is a great help. You can dip your fingers in it and then breathe in the solution through your nose; this will kill bugs on contact. Gargling it is very helpful for sore throats and helps kill ingested pathogens .
7. Sugar, white flour and caffeine should all be avoided as these substances feed the little buggers and allow them to thrive.
8.Wash your hands and face regularly.
9. Get plently of sleep or rest. Vitamin B1 (300-500 mg) can help your brain relax, and CalMag (calcium and magnesium) taken right before you lay down helps your muscles relax.
10. Here is my grandma's favorite recipe for stomping out the cold monsters: 
1/2 an organic grapefruit boiled in 8oz water
add 1 tbs honey
add 1 oz brandy
Smash the grapefruit with a potato masher, and drink.
Next, heat a towel in the oven, rub Vicks' VapoRub on your chest, wrap the warm towel around your neck and go to bed.  I'm not sure if it was the brandy, but I always slept like a baby and woke up feeling much better!
11. Last, but certainly not least: GET ADJUSTED! Chiropractic is so helpful in freeing up your body's natural healing ability. Your brain controls every cell, organ and tissue in your body - that includes your immune system. Regular chiropractic adjustments can keep your body healthy and keep your immune system sharp and powerful. Call today for a preventative turn-up. Don't be afraid to come in when you are sick or feeling like you are on the verge of getting something. We want to help you!
There are so many other ways to prepare for and handle a flu or cold. I'm sure you all have your tricks and natural remedies; I would love to hear about them! I hope this was some help to you and your loved ones.
Call today and set up an appointment. I would be very happy to help you figure out the best approach for making you or keeping you healthy. Pass this on to someone you know who would like my help.
For better health,  
Dr Duncan McCollum DC
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