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March 2012     

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Bridget Davis
Mary Petillo
Jan Caruso
Marshlick & von Berg
Energizing Summit
Carole LaBute
Color Remover Comparison
Andre's Point of View
Lauren Bacall
Lowlights from the Editor
Thousands of ABCH Energizing Summit brochures have been mailed across the country. The brochure includes the complete schedule and descriptions of the vast selection of classes and talented educators.
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Next Certification Exam

Denver, CO. Apr 15, 2012


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Mastering undertones is having the ability to predict what the outcome of the color will be, based on the natural haircolor. This class will teach you how you can confidently predict the outcome of a haircolor. The haircolor in the tube or bottle is a constant. The only thing that changes are undertones, and they are based on your client's parentage and the colors the hair has gone through while growing up. You will learn to use the client consultation swatch chart and you will come away from this class with the ability to better anticipate the final color result. This is a class for the newer haircolorist and anyone seeking to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist. 
 Bridget Davis      
The ABCs of ABCH  
In studying to take the ABCH examination, Mary Petillo was taken with how much easier her haircolor decisions became. In this class she will review the ABCH curriculum and what she perceives to be the parts of the curriculum that were most important to her and why. These are --- the haircolor categories, the gray card rule and the grading of porosity. Already a competent haircolorist she found a renewed enthusiasm for her work. The ability to communicate with her clients in a more intellectual manner was important to her, and as a result her business flourished. This class will be extremely helpful if you plan to take the ABCH examination.                                                                                                                       Mary Petillo 
Passing the ABCH Interactive Exam
Jan Caruso has successfully guided many individuals in passing the certification exam. With skill and patience, she coaxes and tutors candidates on what it takes to receive a high score. In her Energizing Summit class, Jan will show you how the model answers are determined and how the score sheets work. You will explore how the various challenges should be handled and compare your decision with others in the class. You need to develop a sense of what the evaluators are looking for to pass this part of the examination. This is an intense and exciting class. If you are considering taking the ABCH certification examination, this class is a must.                                       Jan Caruso   
ABCH Performance Exam Simplified 
Jay Marshlick & Courtney von Berg 

The Performance Exam portion of the ABCH certification exam is perhaps the most challenging for most haircolorists. This class offers the step by step process of taking the examination as demonstrated by Jay Marshlick and Courtney von  Berg, distinguished haircolorists with 10 years of ABCH  evaluating  experience. The knowledge you gain in this class will propel  you to the top of the scoring ladder. You will have three  hours to process all of the information and techniques necessary to pass the examination.

This Summit class has a $15.00 surcharge for the maintenance of the mannequin. You will be using mock bleach and the mannequin will remain in the classroom at the end of the class.

Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit
June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel
Non-ABCH Member $300
ABCH Member $250
Hotel reservations  $112 per night.
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Carole LaBute                              



Carole LaBute passed the ABCH exam 15 years ago and has mentored 10 of her stylists to take the ABCH exam. Her salon,The Mane Connection, is celebrating 30yrs of business in Farmington Hills, Michgan!

Carole has a devoted client in Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008. Carole styled Kirsten's long blonde hair for the pageant in Las Vegas, and then soon after, cut it all off to donate to Locks of Love.  

Over the next year, Carole gently transformed Kirsten through a strawberry blonde, to warm caramel, and finally into a rich chocolate  brown, that brought out her lovely eyes. Kirsten will be a bride this year and Carole is transitioning her back into a blonde. 

Good job, Carole! You are an inspiration as an ABCH mentor, successful businesswoman, and talented haircolorist. 

Color Remover Comparison Underway
The first step in the color remover comparison is underway.  The initial coloring of the swatches is completed. Using the same haircolor, we colored 4 swatches--two swatches with permanent haircolor and two with deposit-only color. Of these, one was a blonde swatch and the other a medium brown with a sprinkling of gray (5%).  We used a level 5 Ion Color from Sally's Beauty.  We chose Sally color because their permanent color and deposit colors are similar in depth and tone.  The next step is to read all of the instructions very carefully and carry out the removal process.  We already learned something in reading the instructions.  See the article on, "Saving Money on Removers."  We will have this finished by the next newsletter.

Andre's Point of View...



Hairdressing is the kindest, most gentle industry possible.  My colleagues cringe when I say something unkind about manufacturers or school owners.  The schools are the first to respond, "We know there are some bad schools but there are some bad salons as well, and we run a very good school.  All of our graduates are well trained and they all go to work."

My response --"Rubbish"!  You cannot possibly put all of the beauty school graduates to work in salons.  There are simply not enough clients to go around.  If an established salon with a trained staff has difficulty maintaining a steady clientele, how is a new graduate who knows little to nothing going attract a clientele?  

Wynn Claybaugh, who manages 100 plus Paul Mitchell Schools, calls his student body "Future Professionals".  We have one of his future professionals working in our salon.  This "Future Professional" has been out of school four years and she is still scraping to pay off her student loan.  I think we could close ALL of the schools for two years, then, maybe the salon industry can absorb the excess "Future Professionals. " 

Lauren Bacall

"To Have and Have Not", 1943, was Lauren Bacall's movie debut at 19 where she met her future husband, Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske. This photo is a screen shot of various hairstyles from the film. Notice her name, Betty Bacall. All four hairstyles are classic and, although considered retro now, would look at home on today's red carpet.

Lauren's hair in the beginning was neither a signature bleach blonde nor sultry brunette, but rather a mid-toned dark blonde with very subtle highlights. While the tone varied slightly over the years, she remained within one level lighter or darker than her natural dark blonde color. Later in life as Lauren's hair became gray, her colorist transitioned her into a lighter soft golden blonde, which suited her delicate coloring. 

Lowlights from the Editor                                      
Thank you all who wrote in to suggest tube haircolor suitable for use with a bottle application. Andre has made a note of all the recommended brands and he will test accordingly in his search for a replacement for Clairol's discontinued Second Nature hair color. We will let you know the results in the coming months.
Thanks are again due as I received many responses about pinning hairstyles and such to boards in Pinterest. This is already quite popular in the hair industry.  

Write to me... and offer to write a guest article in this newsletter. We may publish your story in Highlights!    USE subject line: ABCH                    Certifiably yours,


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