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March 2012     

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Chicago Exam 2012
2012 ABCH Exam Dates
Theresa Reagor
Peggy Sue Schmoldt
Chase Wakeling
Tom Dispanza vs. Redken
Color Remover Comparison
Replacing a Classic
Lowlights from the Editor
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Introducing the first 2012 American Board Certified Haircolorists!

Chicago,  March 2012

What a great group of candidates, the best ever! All but one passed the performance exam, everyone passed the written exam, and only three failed the interactive exam.  "The cheering and tears were overwhelming! If only every exam could be like this, it would be wonderful!" said Tamara Dahill, the Evaluator captain. "It was wonderful to see". Tamara Dahill and Pamela Pacheo were the evaluators. Both agreed that all of the candidates were well prepared for the examination. 

Several of the candidates came from salons owned by Jill Ruone and Steve Gengler, who have the best interest of their salons in mind and insist that their haircolorists be certified. Both salons have experienced enormous growth in their haircolor business as the result of board certification.

Next Certification Exam is in Denver, CO on Apr 15, 2012

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Bumping the Base
Whether you call it bumping the base, breaking the base or something else, this service is in need of clarification. Teresa Reagor will clear up any misconceptions you may have about this highly useful skill. Whether used in isolation or used in conjunction with another service, it is a service that is required as part of your haircolor arsenal. When taking this class you will leave with a full knowledge and formulations to execute "BUMPING THE BASE". Don't miss the opportunity to see and hear one of the very best at what she does. You'll love her class! 
 Theresa Reagor 
Peggy Sue will give you the "no-fail" tools to formulate. Formulating should not be a shot in the dark. It should be a well thought out process based on factors everyone should know. Peggy Sue will put you through the 4 step process. This plan follows the ABCH curriculum from the lift deposit concept through the natural hair and determination of the undertones. You will see how big a part the undertones play in the final color result, and be amazed at how easy it is. Peggy Sue conveys her message with clarity and crispness.  
Peggy Sue Schmoldt 
One Step Color Correction 
This class is designed to give you the information you need to perform color correction in the simplest forms, in just one step. You will be working on mannequins that have been damaged by previous highlighting and you will use real haircolor and bleach to correct them. Chase will demonstrate techniques, then you will be asked to repeat the technique on your mannequin. This is a class we all need. You will learn technique as well as formulating. You will also learn how haircolor responds to porosity and how to compensate for it
Chase Wakeling 
Knowing and Understanding Bleaches 
This class is all about bleaches. Working with a variety of bleaches, each participant will put their bleach through its paces. Then the participants will compare results: which is faster, which is slower, which produces the most dust when mixing. It is also interesting to note the pH of each bleach and how much it changes the longer the bleach has been mixed. The price of each bleach is explored to see if the more expensive bleaches are worth the additional money. You will come away from this class with a world of knowledge about bleaches.
Craig Miller 
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 REDKEN STEALS CHROMASTICS NAME                               Tom Dispenza


It seems so unfair that with all of the names that can be used for a haircolor, Redken has to use Chromatics. It's not OK to use a name that is already in use by another haircolor manufacturer just by leaving out the letter "s" in the middle of their name. The two names, Chromastics (Tom's) and Chromatics, can be easily confused.

Tom Dispenza is a noted haircolor educator with a great following, who has worked hard to establish his own line of haircolor. Recently, Tom sent out a newsletter to all of his haircolorist friends letting them know he is disassociating himself from the Redken colorline. The Redken Chromatics product contains MEA, an ingredient from which Tom Dispenza distances himself. The MEA craze was started by L'oreal with the introduction of Inoa. In spite of Inoa receiving mixed reviews, other manufacturers have rushed to replicate the no ammonia concept. With all of the creative minds at Redken, why couldn't they come up with a completely original brand name?

Color Remover Comparison

The office has received several emails from haircolorists indicating that they would donate a certain brand of color remover that they were anxious to see compared to other products. To date- NONE have been received, but the only commitments received were for Pravana and Rusk Elimin8. The remainder has to be purchased by ABCH. We will limit the number of products to 12.

If you have a favorite artificial color remover (liquid form), send it in to our offices ASAP!  Contact the ABCH office for address.

Andre asks...
How to Replace a Classic Haircolor Line When There Are No Competitors?

Trying to find a replacement for Second Nature is no easy task! Now that Clairol has discontinued making this classic, the only deposit-only haircolor sold in bottle form that is easily applied with an applicator bottle is Redken's Shades EQ. Although, their price points are substantially higher. 

Second Nature is available for $2.75 each in quantity from either Sally's or other beauty supply stores that carry open lines until stock is sold out. Shades EQ, on the other hand, must be purchased from an exclusive distributor for $4.75 each. Regardless of how many you purchase, the price is still the same. Those salespeople need their commissions.

Now, all we have left is deposit-only color that comes in tubes, must be applied with a brush and bowl, and which often requires special dedicated peroxide. All other brands used for our initial comparison were even more expensive than Shades EQ. This whole situation is difficult for me to understand.

Shades EQ is the #1 deposit only color and it is the only one that comes in a bottle! I am no marketing genius, but if I were a manufacturer seeking to introduce a new deposit-only color, I would replicate the #1-rated product as closely as I can. Any number of deposit-only colors have been introduced since Shades EQ has held the #1 spot and yet they are all in tubes. Even Redken is running out of new ideas so they are re-introducing Shades EQ in tubes. It seems like someone is not paying attention. If someone knows of a tube deposit-only that can be mixed in an applicator bottle, preferably with generic brand peroxide, let me know. We'll do the testing.

Lowlights from the Editor                                        
Pinterest has captured the attention of hairstylists  across America!  People in the beauty industry are typically extremely visual so this new form of social media is a good fit.  Are you pinning yet? 

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