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February 2012     

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Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
2012 ABCH Exam Dates
Jessee Skittral
Denise Frase
Amy McNamara
Dwaye Ross
Second Nature
Tush magazine
Lowlights from the Editor
Energizing Summit brochures are now in the mail.
The brochure includes the complete schedule and descriptions of the vast selection of classes and talented educators.
You can also go to to preview the brochure.
                             Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29 to receive a 20%  Early Bird discount!
Non ABCH Member $300 ($240 with Early Bird)   
ABCH Member $250 ($200 with Early Bird)
LAX Marriott Hotel room rates are lower than ever! The hotel is joining in on our 
12th anniversary celebration by reducing the room rates to $112 per night! 
Share the room and save money-- only $56 each person!
Hotel reservations call (310) 641 5700 

2012 ABCH Exam Dates 


 Chicago         Mar 4                       Boston      Aug 19 

 Denver          Apr 15                      Seattle      Sept 9       

 Los Angeles    Jun 24                     Wash DC   Oct 7  

 Dallas            July 15                     Atlanta      Nov 11 

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Correcting Haircolor Disasters 
Jessee Skittral  
The class Jessee teaches at the Energizing Summit is more than a corrective haircolor class. During this three-hour class you will learn to deal with the worst of the worst haircolor disasters; everything from consultation to formulation. You will be able to learn how to deal with porosity, something that is always a factor with corrective situations. Because he still works behind the chair he is able to relate to your everyday haircolor challenges. "Corrective haircolor is one of the most challenging services you must master in your haircolor career."
You will absolutely love this class. The three hours will fly by. 
Killer Corrective Techniques
Denise Fraser   
This is a class on how to implement various foiling methods. Most corrective haircolors must be applied with some type of dimensional application.
Special mannequins, that need correction, will be used as a means of teaching the finer points of corrective haircolor techniques.
Several quick and easy techniques will be demonstrated that offer solutions to those who have struggled with solving corrective haircolor problems.  What seems daunting today will become routine with just a little education, this class is so worthwhile."        

As mentor for haircolorists seeking to become American Board Certified, Denise has a lofty goal--to require all the haircolorists in the company to become board certified!  

Stylist Facebook Marketing 101
Amy McNamara 
Build, manage, and analyze your salon or individual Facebook business page and learn how to engage your current and future clients, create events, and generate overall attention. Each class attendee will leave with their own personalized social media plan and the knowledge to run their campaign effectively. Amy has refined and tailored an online marketing class specifically for hairstylists. Learn how to run an effective Facebook campaign.
You need to have at least a Facebook page already and be somewhat familiar with it.  
"Establish an online presence in her Energizing Summit class and build a Facebook marketing campaign that makes you soar above your competition."


* Stylists must already have a Facebook account and are strongly encouraged to bring their laptop to class.

Celebrity Haircoloring
Dwayne Ross 

Dwayne is successful because he understands that celebrity clients are just people. His calm and confident demeanor is appreciated by his famous clients and the Summit attendees in his class. He shares his personal story, explains why education is paramount in this business and gives us the lowdown on owning a Beverly Hills salon. You might be surprised at the products he uses on celebrities. It is not only about what product you use, it is how you use it. Celebrity formulations and inspirational stories, Dwayne delivers in this popular class. 

Dwayne is an ABCH and a member of the Hair & Makeup Union, Local 706. Aside from caring for his clients in his Beverly Hills salon, he also works on television shows, award shows (Oscars, Emmy Awards) and editorial photo shoots.

"Haircoloring is an art that should be grounded in science," Dwayne Ross.

ABCH Examination is all about learning


How many haircolorists have actually taken the time to bleach dark hair to a blonde shade and record the stages of lightening and the amount of time it takes to go through those stages? Probably less than one tenth of one percent. Is this important? Absolutely! It may make the difference between damaging a client's hair and thereby losing their business or retaining the clients trust.


In one part of the Certification Examination, the candidate is required to bleach the hair through defined stages of lightening. They are also required to prepare a mannequin by bleaching one quadrant to a blonde stage, leaving a faux "outgrowth" of one inch. It is a difficult task, but also a valuable learning experience. Each candidate is graded on each of the line items, which when executed improperly, can cause failure of the exam. Most importantly, it reveals to the Evaluators how serious a candidate is about the examination.


ABCH strives to produce a more professional haircolorist, retaining their reputation and enhancing the reputation of each board certified haircolorist.

For more info on the ABCH exams go to 

Andre Nizetich says:

It was  Second Nature...

Clairol was the first company to produce a deposit only haircolor. It was among the favorites of many distinguished haircolorists. One of the big selling points of the color was that it could be used with any brand of peroxide thereby making it less expensive. Second Nature colors were specially formulated to be applied using an applicator bottle, making it easily mixed and easier to apply.

The reason given for phasing out the color line was that the fragrance used was discontinued by the manufacturer. Their reason provided--not enough demand for the fragrance to continue manufacturing. It was not an easy decision to discontinue the Second Nature line, but replacing the fragrance would take a minimum of 18 months to two years. It is not a simple matter of just making a switch, since there must be testing performed the same as with new products before they can be marketed.

Now Second Nature lovers are left scrambling to find a replacement brand. We will help by running some comparison tests on competitive brands around the same price point. When finished, the results will be posted in the ABCH newsletter.



A few months ago, the German magazine,Tush, featured a men's beauty editorial that offers a bright new concept. Three models are featured, each with vibrantly colored hair, beards, and eyebrows, styled by Isabel Eiler. While the lavender is the most "natural" (love the hightlights) and the green is incredibly striking, the mustard yellow is unexpected and a strong contrast to the model's pale skin and gray eyes. 


Check out the models in this great video! 

Lowlights from the Editor 
RIP  Whitney Houston 
"...I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of.  
And I wish to you, joy and happiness.  
But above all this, I wish you love. 
And I will always love you..." 

Write to me...did you ever do a celebrity's hair? before or after they were famous? I have done lots of stage theater hairstyling (even a skull cap for my son as Daddy Warbucks in Annie) but no celebrities. Seeing my work under the bright lights, bringing characters to life is amazing! Tell me your story.        USE subject line: ABCH    

Certifiably yours, Mary

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