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February 2012     

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Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
2012 ABCH Exam Dates
Balayage/Ombre with the Siggers Team
Michael Page
Doug Martucci
BIR interviews Andre
Hoshall's at 2011 Summit
Lowlights from the Editor
In the next few weeks, there will be thousands of Energizing Summit brochures sent out across the country. The brochure includes a complete schedule and class descriptions of the wide array of classes and educators. 
Go to for a preview of the brochure.
                             Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29 to receive a 20%  Early Bird discount!
Non ABCH Member $300 ($240 with Early Bird)   
ABCH Member $250 ($200 with Early Bird)
LAX Marriott Hotel room rates are lower than ever! The hotel is joining in on our 
12th anniversary celebration by reducing the room rates to 
$112 per night, double occupancy. Great prices for such a fine hotel.

 Announcing 2012 ABCH Exam Dates 


 Chicago         Mar 4                       Boston      Aug 19 

 Denver          Apr 15                      Seattle      Sept 9       

 Los Angeles    Jun 24                     Wash DC   Oct 7  

 Dallas            July 15                     Atlanta      Nov 11 

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Balayage/Ombre Hands-On Workshop 
When the ombre effect is done well, the result is a seamless transition of shading from dark to light, which is best achieved through a balayage technique. The Siggers team are the 'go-to guys and gals' for learning balayage -- no one is more qualified to teach this method of adding highlights to the hair. The number of instructors from the Siggers team attending the Summit make learning an enjoyable experience. Their team received accolades
The Siggers Team                          from the attendees of last year's Summit
for their wonderful job of teaching.
This one class is worth the price of admission!
Advanced Foil Placement
Michael Page  
Tired of placing foils into the hair in the same manner? Want to try something new? Michael Page has the class for you. His creative haircolor skills go far beyond what most of us imagine. His approach to creating newness to his haircolor foil placement runs the gamut from avant garde to soft and subtle. You will leave Michael's class inspired and excited to try these new techniques. His clear, concise manner of teaching will leave you with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. 
This is a class you will not want to miss.
Dimensional Mastery
Doug Martucci 
High energy, extreme creativity and bold haircoloring are a few words that describe this class. Doug Martucci gets behind the 
in-depth process of dimensional coloring--what it means, who is your audience, how you can benefit from it, and why you need to have it in your arsenal of haircolor techniques. 
Doug shares application patterns and their use for different effects, which you replicate on mannequins that you get to take home.
Only 2 hands-on classes, so sign up NOW!

Check out all the Energizing Summit Classes on  



Andre Nizetich
If the ISSE show held in Long Beach was measured by attendance, it would have to be considered a giant success. It was a mob scene, with people moving up and down the aisles with their luggage in tow, looking for the bargains of which there were few.

According to the few shoppers that I spoke with, the prices were not much cheaper than what could be found at the beauty supply store. All of the inexpensive goods was junk, like leftover inventory. 

It was advertised as the biggest cash-and-carry show on the west coast, and that it was. The noise level on the exhibition floor was louder than a rock concert. You could not carry on a conversation. There were vendors actually attempting to educate on the exhibition floor, but it was like blowing smoke into a fan. That's just about how far the sound traveled.

One of the biggest complaints we heard was the difficulty in entering the convention center, up to 45 minutes, and this was after having pre-registered.

According to Robert Reed, a vendor, "Even though there seems to be a lot of interest in our products, purchases were not as brisk as they were in the past. People were definitely looking for bargains; nonetheless, we will be back next year."

Beauty Industry Report interviews ABCH president

Andre Nizetich, president of ABCH, was given the opportunity

to pontificate on the state of the beauty industry, thanks to

Mike Nave, publisher of the BIR. The BIR is an industry newsletter read mostly by manufacturers and distributors. Andre expressed the need for support of the certification program for haircolorists. He outlined how haircolor certification can get more clients into the salons for haircolor services.

Here is the link to read the entire text of Andre's Feature Interview article in the Beauty Industry Report online.


What do you call a group of colorists?

A Bevy...Flock...Charm...Family...

 Hoshall's Salon and Spa in Folsom, CA near Sacramento sent a large group of colorists to the 2011 Energizing Summit. Check out this great   page of photos  posted on Hoshall's website. They look like they are having a great time! 
Notice the small intimate class size and wonderful accommodations  of the LAX Marriott hotel. Attending the Energizing Summit classes and then discussing what you leaned with friends that evening over drinks is so fun!  
     Team Hoshall's at 2011 Summit                   Bring a few friends/co-workers
 and get Energized together!
Lowlights from the Editor 
This is a salon client and techno geek,who is a fan of Google Chrome. Many men keep their hair so short that they make great candidates for wild changes like this example. 
What unique or bizarre creations come out of your chair?
Energizing Summit registration is now open with Early Bird discounts through February. Book your flight now to save even more!
p.s. reserve a mini-fridge for your hotel room (it's free!)

Write to me...I want to share your fun pictures from previous Summit years.        USE subject line: ABCH    

Certifiably yours, Mary

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