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February 2012     

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Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
2012 ABCH Exam Dates
.Lisa McAuliffe
Palma Anshilevich
Heidi Mittelstadt
Color Remover Comparison
New DVD of Study Portfolio
Lowlights from the Editor
Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit

Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29 to receive a 20%  Early Bird discount!

Non ABCH Member $300 ($240 with Early Bird)   
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 Announcing 2012 ABCH Exam Dates 


 Chicago         Mar 4th                       Boston      Aug 19th 

 Denver          Apr 15th                      Seattle      Sept 9th       

 Los Angeles   Jun 24th                      Wash DC   Oct 7th  

 Dallas           July - 15th                    Atlanta      Nov 11th 

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Fast Easy Foil Techniques
Lisa McAuliffe

Lisa McAuliffe is a haircolor genius. Most of her 20 years of experience has been spent learning the art and science of haircolor. Haircolor is her love and her greatest thrill is having the opportunity to teach others how to improve their haircolor skills.  She will give you tools to work on yourself and improve what you do.


This class is not for the meek, come prepared to change your life. The object of her class at the Summit is to get you thinking differently about how to place foils in the hair. A good part of what you do is preparation. Foils, bleach, brushes and combs are all specialized tools used for foil work. Having different sizes of everything for each of the techniques you use will give you the ability to think more creatively about what you do.  This class is not only fun but it will educate you to be more productive with your foil work.


Designing Hair with Color for NAHA
Palma Anshilevich  
The love of hair and hairdressing has always been a part of Palma's life. After working in the salon for several years she wanted more, and was exposed to competition. She loved the
thrill of designing hair and dress for competition and her talent attracted manufacturers for whom she worked and traveled. 
This gave her more opportunity to travel and meet many other inspired hairdressers. A guest artist in Canada must abide by certain standards or you will not be allowed to participate in 
shows. Palma is one of Canada's favorite daughters. As the Avant Garde Finalist in this year's NAHA Awards and the Winner of the Contessa Award as the Avant Garde Hairstylist of 2012, you will love her and you will be inspired by her work. 
This is a class on creativity, plain and simple. Participating in competitions is the best way of refining your skills for the clients in your chair. Of course you don't style your clients hair with "Star Wars" avant-garde styles, but learning how to produce them gives you the skills to keep your clients interested and coming back to you.
Learn from Palma how marketing these extraordinary skills have helped her leap to the top of the hair fashion world. This is a class you do not want to miss.

Preserving Your Clients Highlighted Hair
Heidi Mittelstadt 
Heidi's class covers a myriad of subjects concerning your client's hair. It takes you through the mechanics of highlighting hair. The various categories of natural hair, the amount of hair being lightened and/or bleached. It covers just how much bleaching is an acceptable amount.
You can preserve the condition of the hair and still maintain your schedule. It is a matter of habits and how you apply the bleach to the hair.
Heidi has made this a crusade and is willing to share with you what she has learned from the many years of highlighting hair. You will leave her class knowing your time was well spent.

Check out all the Energizing Summit Classes on  
Proposed Color Remover Comparison Test
Color Out System, by Dennis Bernard's POWERTOOLS,     is another of a long list of non-invasive color removers, but this one is advertised to be better smelling than its competition.  For the longest time, there was only one such color remover introduced  by Schwarzkopf.
Now virtually every company has a non-invasive artificial color remover.  Non-invasive simply means the chemical reaction only affects artificial permanent and deposit-only haircolors, (sometimes referred to as demi- and semi-permanent haircolors) and will not effect the natural haircolor.    
It is time to do a comparison to determine which brands of the reduction type of haircolor removers are the most effective in removing color from the hair. More importantly, how many repetitions are necessary before enough color molecules are removed to avoid re-darkening? 
If you have a favorite color remover that you would like to submit for the next comparison test, please send it to the ABCH office before March 15


After hundreds of hours and much patience, the Study Portfolio is on DVD. These DVD's give the aspiring haircolorist another form of study to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist. The portfolio DVD is a combination of still pictures enhanced by graphics and motion where necessary to emphasize certain points. For instance the study portfolio shows the decomposition of peroxide with still pictures. It much more meaningful to see it happening. The preparation of the mannequin is especially beneficial when viewing the motions involved. This helps understand of the process.  

As a bonus, included is an additional DVD showing the Performance Examination being performed at various locations. Examples of both good and bad workmanship are shown.

Emma Hirsch of Colorado is one of the featured candidates taking the examination, oral questions and evaluations. Emma will be educating at the Energizing Summit sharing her scores and informing her students what she would do differently. The name of Emma's class is "Hooray, I Passed!"  

The DVD's are not meant to replace the study portfolio, as there are portions of the portfolio that are not included in the DVD's. The entire 3 DVD Study Portfolio set and the bonus Performance Examination DVD can be purchased for only $89.00.



Google "chalking." The results list DIY videos and blog articles galore using craft store oil pastel chalk sticks  ==>

to temporarily color hair. Techniques suggest following with a flat iron.

Kevin Murphy jump-started this trend with a professional product last year called Color.Bug, small pots of colored hair chalk, make-up for your hair. Kevin recommends using it alone or over other products to vary the color effect- use over paste for brightest colors and over texturizing sprays for a more subtle effect. Color.Bug seems to give good color even on dark hair but is quite messy to apply both on your hands and chalk dust all over the client's caped shoulders. The label says that it washes out easily. They retail for $20 each. 

Use Caution when applying chalk on grade 4 hair. We do not recommend frequent use on grade 5 porosity, as this chalk type of product needs to be slightly scrubbed into the hair, which is too harsh for the fragile cuticles of these higher grades. Coating the hair with a flexible styling product before applying the chalk should reduce the abuse. The chalk should wash out easily but be wary of use on highly bleached hair, as it could result in deeper staining.

Lowlights from the Editor 
Update: The Indiana legislature decided to kill the bill HB1006, which recommended eliminating the State Board of Cosmetology and no longer required licensing for hairstylists! Professionalism, consumer protection, and wisdom prevailed! 
Energizing Summit Registration is now open.
We have introduced three new Summit educators in this
, each offering unique class topics.
Come join us in Los Angeles, California in June!    
Pureology Challenge results, photos and comparison charts, are available for $10 per set, postage included. Contact Andre,      

Write to me...I want to share your fun pictures from previous Summit years.        USE subject line: ABCH    

Certifiably yours, Mary

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