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January 2012     

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Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit
2012 ABCH Exam Dates
Color Concentration
Hands-On Performance Exam
Looking Back at 2011
Correction to Pureology Challenge Results
Another PureOlogy?
Lowlights from the Editor
Early Bird Discount for 2012 Energizing Summit

Register to attend the 2012 Energizing Summit June 10-11 at the LAX Marriott Hotel between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29 to receive a 20%  Early Bird discount!
General Summit Reg $300 ($240 with Early Bird) or 
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Announcing 2012 ABCH Exam Dates 


                    Chicago  on March 4

                       Denver  on April 15  

                          Los Angeles  on June 24

                             Dallas  on July 15

                                 Boston  on August 19

                                   Seattle  on September 9   

                                      Washington DC  on October 7

                                          Atlanta  on November 11 


               8 examinations + the Energizing Summit makes for a full year.   
Be a part of it!

     Register online     or   take the practice exam

Color Concentration
 Kathy Partin, ABCH

"Watered down" formulas may be part of the problem when desired coverage or vibrancy is not achieved in a haircolor service. Kathy Partin solves this through a "Color Concentration" system that she developed, which combines haircolor from several brands into one formula.

Kathy explains: "The combination of different product types fills in all of the color receptors and allows for a fully developed, natural-looking color. The small amount of higher-volume peroxide eliminates excess water in the formula and develops the color efficiently. Developers are acidic; color is alkaline. So, less developer equals better color and coverage."

Learn the advanced haircolor chemistry and uniquely creative formulas that is Kathy's signature. You will understand peroxide like never before and think about color in a completely new way.

Kathy Partin offers Color Concentration classes at the Energizing Summit.

Are you concentrating yet?

Hands-On ABCH Performance Exam
Tamara Dahill

Tamara Dahill, salon owner, ABCH Vice President and Senior Evaluator is your teacher and coach through this valuable performance exam hands on workshop. Practicing hands-on exam procedures with live bleach and color enables you to take the mannequin home for further study and preparation for the exam. 

Less than 50% of exam candidates pass so this is a rigorous challenge. Mastering anything in life is always difficult but that is what sets the highest achievers apart. All the performance criteria and exam answers can be found in the Study Portfolio. This class lets you try out the exam techniques and directs you to the easiest and best choices to help you receive the highest scores.  

She explains during her 3 hour class there are 5 techniques out of 8 potential services you must perform, plus answering oral exam questions while you are working. Tamara will calm your nerves and guide you through. Her quiet strength and confidence is empowering.

Put your artistic ego on the shelf and push yourself in this class.

Make 2012 the year to become certified.   

Looking Back at 2011 

Gwen Stefani brought the Harajuku influence around for a repeat performance (for pre-teens this time) but Harajuku style began years ago as a teen fashion/social statement and is named for Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. Every Sunday, large crowds of young adults and teens spend the day in Harajuku hanging out, dancing, and socializing, dressed in a variety of styles that always includes a individualistic hairstyle.

Harajuku styles have been around for years but did it make it to your salon?   


Aquage Hang Tag Label
Acknowledges Previous ABCH Color Challenge


This hang tag refers to the 2010 Color-Treated Shampoo Challenge. The results appeared on display at the Energizing Summits, 2010-11. Looks like the manufacturers really are paying attention to us! Thank you Aquage for this mutual respect. Aquage also performed very well in the Pureology Challenge, rating high in the Better Than Pureology category.
Correction to the Pureology Challenge Results

Unfortunately, we noticed a minor error in the photo results as reported in the last newsletter. The image of the CHI swatch was accidentally used again with the Aquage name and price per ounce. As you can see from the photo above, both shampoos performed almost identically with regards to fadage during this Challenge. Both shampoos performed Better Than Pureology. This error has been corrected and the correct swatches will appear in the follow-up Pureology Challenge article in the next newsletter. 


Effects of Shampoo pH


Recently, Andre interviewed Dr. Said, ABCH educator, to find out how the pH of each shampoo tested, among other factors, affected the resultant fading of the hair color swatches. Watch for the next edition of this newsletter for the full article!
Another Pureology?

Jim Markham, the pioneer of Pureology, is introducing a new shampoo to preserve the color of the hair, ColorProof Evolved Color Care. Like Pureology, he is being selective of the salons in which he places his products, and has targeted high top salons for their products.

According to the article in the recent Beauty Industry Report, Markham states, ..."the newest innovations in ingredient technology combined with the best-in-class ingredients to create the next generation of high performance luxury products specifically designed for color-treated hair."

"To deliver the best formula costs money, and consumers who want the best know that. Beauty and fashion companies are reporting big increases in their luxury sales this year..."

ColorProof is due for release in the first quarter of 2012 but before the product is even released, Markham is justifying its higher price point. Perhaps this luxury shampoo has advanced technology over Pureology and may perform as well as those top rating shampoos in the Challenge.

We assume that this new evolved line would also be sulfate-free. It will be interesting to see what ingredient claims and product statements Markham comes up with for the ColorProof Evolved Color Care, in light of the fact that Pureology made such an average showing in the Pureology Challenge. 


We look forward to testing this new "evolved" shampoo as we continue the Challenge.

Lowlights from the Editor
Happy New Year!
Energizing Summit Registration opens February 1! 
Throughout the next several months, we will increase the frequency of the newsletters to introduce the upcoming 2012 Summit educators. Articles will offer insight into classes and workshops.  
Watch your mailboxes for it!

Write to me...I want to share your ideas and dreams!        USE subject line: ABCH    

Certifiably yours, Mary 

Mary Petillo, ABCH