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December 2011

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8 New ABCH's Atlanta Exam
Another Satisfied ABCH Candidate
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The Value of a Good Release Form
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2011 Certification Exams are Complete.


   96 new board certified haircolorists in 2011!   


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8 New ABCH's From The Atlanta Examination

There was a time when the Atlanta location was the largest examination we held. This year, we had only 17 candidates but they are a great group.  High scorer Edwardo Escobedo is a classical singer, and what a VOICE! He has agreed to open the 2012 Energizing Summit with a medley of songs. Holland Morgan, only 18 months in the beauty business, is on his way to a smashing successful career.  First, ten years as a chef holding down a variety of jobs and now in a second career, he has become a great haircolorist.  He credits ABCH for being able to move forward at his rapid pace.  All of those smiling faces (and even those not pictured who did not pass) have gone the extra mile to be the best they can be and we salute you all.

This is what it is all about - working to elevate the haircolor profession.  We have a great group of evaluators who take their job very seriously. Sincere thanks to the three evaluators in the Atlanta exam: Tamara Dahill, Courtney vonBerg, and Jay Marshlick.  

ABCH does not endorse haircolor so that we can be very objective when it comes to evaluating our candidates.  Furthermore, we are not swayed by the haircolor used at the examination.  Since ABCH is completely generic in its teaching, we hope that the haircolor manufacturers will encourage their customers to become board certified and to attend the Energizing Summit. Congratulations to our newest board certified haircolorists!
Another Satisfied ABCH Candidate

That Smile Tells it All After 15 years in this industry and as a platform artist for Euforia, very few things challenge me anymore!. . . . .This examination was the most challenging, tough, and educational experience of my career.  I feel like I am a new hairdresser.   All the evaluators were wonderful, they actually put me at ease.  

Thanks so much for the absolutely fabulous experience, 

Jeffrey Mayo, ABC

The smile tells it all!   

Andre Noticed...
Wella Color Charm Gets a Face Lift

After 50 years with the same old red and gray color scheme, Wella has decided to spruce up their Color Charm packaging with new colors. The labels, as well as the boxes, carry their new colors, giving the line more visual appeal. The different colors on the labels and boxes correspond with the base colors in the boxes  In my opinion as a Color Charm user, they can lose the boxes and lower the prices.  The boxes are a pain in the neck, but taking the bottles of color out of the boxes and throwing the boxes away is a waste of time and money.  It does give the haircolor a lot more appeal.  If a client was shopping for a haircolor, they may just select Color Charm because of this new box.  Me, I could care less about the fancy boxes, its what's inside the bottle that counts.
Lee Goodnight, ABCH is the WINNER of 
Sexy Hair's "Caring is Sexy" Contest!

Congratulations, Lee! He was one of 10 finalists and won an educational class at the Institute of Courage! A few of the many ways Lee volunteers in his community is through free chemo-cuts and wig trims, as well as making & selling pink fishing lures to benefit M-Line, who provide mammograms for those who cannot afford them. Thank you, Lee, for all you do!       
                                                                                            Lee Goodnight

The Value of a Good Release Form


Salon industry experts agree that using release forms in your business is good practice and is a recommended part of every risk management program. The value of a good release form is found when used efficiently during the consultation will encourage informed consent. 

A good release form lists these topics with space allowed for details:

  • Minor- signature and printed name of minor's parent or legal guardian and requested service.
  • Previous damage or chemical services- possible greater risk of damage and discoloration to hair.
  • Corrective color- results cannot be guaranteed.
  • Dramatic Change- considerable change to length, color, texture. appearance
  • Clothing- refusal to change into gown to avoid damage to personal clothing.
  • Waiving strand or patch test- possible unforeseeable results like allergic reaction, inability to achieve desired results, hair breakage, loss or discoloration, etc.
  • Other

A patron signed release form (waiver) does not mean that clients can't sue. Statistics show they can and do sue salons for negligence, dissatisfaction, etc. With a good form and adequate supporting state law, a waiver may lead to a case dismissal but does not eliminate the right to sue.

Laws vary between states but the following are generally observed by all states:

  1. A minor cannot release liability.
  2. Patrons can still sue for gross negligence.
  3. Written release language that goes beyond state laws is unenforceable

      Take your proposed release form for review by your attorney.

At the end of a successful consultation, the client's decisions are based on realistic expectations leading to informed consent.

Lowlights from the Editor  


Watch for a special edition of Highlights with the Pureology Challenge results! 



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