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November 2011

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Lennie Covington, ABCH
Pureology Challenge
Hair Glasses
Andre says..caution hair advice
Forcing a Trend
Vintage Halloween
Lowlights from the Editor

Last Exam date this year!


Atlanta on November 6, 2011 


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Top row high scorers: Ruthie Ebbett (perfect score Interactive), Christina Wojtaszek (High Score Performance 128 out of 130), Sage Kinney (High Score Written 227 out of 250), Vankhanh Tran, (Highest Combined Score 390 out of 430), Yoshiko Yoshino (Runner Up Performance Score 124).

Second row: Frouzeh Akhavani, Lauri Boszczuk, Erica Brown, Sarah Choi, Crystal Dorsey

Third row: Katherine Huynh, Denise Monique Idris, Julie Ann Perez, Kelly VanNewenhizen, Christa Pieda

Fourth row: Susan Badalato, Chistel Taylor, Nic Nguyen, Diosyl Ibasan, Jeffrey Mayo

Fifth row: Hoangoanh Anna, Denise Sharp, Robin Lee, Crystal Scott, Nsombi Hale.


24 New ABCH's From the DC Examination
The largest examination of 2011  
A 57% pass rate does not appear impressive until you consider that 30% of the candidates were ESL's.  Preparing and taking the examination is extremly difficult for everyone, but especially more so for those newer to the English language.  The Ratner Company, a private family-owned firm runs about 1,000 hair salons in more than a dozen states and manages some 12,000 stylists company-wide,
encourages their haircolorists to study and take the examination.  They reward those who pass by purchasing their advertising program for them.  Evaluators were Tamara Dahill (Vice President,) Courtney von Berg, Charles Traina,  
Ginger Jacobellis, Yelina Kravchenko and Paul Morrison.  All agreed it was a wonderful group of candidates. Those candidates who did not pass all three portions indicated they will be back again.

Candidate Praises Certification Program 
for Her Success 

Lennie Covington, ABCH
Lennie Covington started her cosmetology career knowing very little about haircolor, she is now a Board Certified Haircolorist.  She is part of the group above but just a little special.  She has perseverance.  It took her three attempts at the examination to become Certified.  It cost her a lot of time and a lot of money to get where she is, but to her it was all worth it.
Lennie's written evaluation of the exam stated, "I have achieved great speed and accuracy from the ABCH exam, more than anything else in my 18 years as a hairstylist.  I have already recommended 10 other stylists to take the examination.  Most people just like to go to shows but they don't learn anything. I am so blessed to be a Certified Haircolorist.
Thank God for all of the evaluators and Mr Andre who worked hard to to put this examination with all of the techniques and skills to keep stylists encouraged and seek more training to be the best.  I feel I am the best because of my ABCH training. God bless you! 
Pureology Challenge in Full Swing

In the next newsletter, we will have the results of the Pureology Challenge.  The manufacturer places on each of their bottles "Longer lasting haircolor guaranteed." Manufacturers may feel safe placing a guarantee on the bottle knowing the chances of anyone challenging the notion is unlikely.  Even if our challenge shows Pureology does not perform in such a manner to give longer lasting haircolors than would other shampoos, the guarantee does not state such.  If
haircolor is being applied to the swatches and allowed to process for a full hour.
Haircolor is applied to swatches used in the challenge.
the promise was, "Our shampoo gives your hair longer lasting haircolor than all other shampoos", that would be much easier to challenge.  Unless it states that it lasts longer than others, the guarantee is pointless. 
So why are we doing the challenge?  Only to point out the shampoos that perform better and worse than Pureology. Are we getting what we pay for? Price point is important but the number one reason individuals like a shampoo is the fragrance not the lasting quality of the shampoo. We are going to have a panel of three men and three women vote on the shampoo they think has the best fragrance and rank the top five.  We are also going to state the price and the pH of each shampoo, and where the shampoo was purchased.  Watch for the interesting results, next month!
human hair glasses
Hair Glasses

Two graduates from London's Royal College of Art found a unique use for snipped tresses destined for the trash can -  fashion glasses made from human hair with bio-resin used as a binding agent.
Alexander Groves and Azuka Murakami believe that hair has been re-imagined as a renewable material, important with the world's increasing population. This collection appeared on display during the summer of 2011 at the Royal College of Art Graduate Exhibition.
See other eye wear styles made from their 100% bio-degradable collection.

Other uses of human hair have been in the news over the last few years: 
 *  Hair mats used to create oil catching booms and used successfully during oil spills.
 *  Nylon bags of human hair used as a deer and rodent repellent in vegetable gardens         and fields.
Andre says...
Be careful where you get your haircolor advice


Based on the number of people who call the office, there are a lot of people who are in desperate need of haircolor advice.  This is haircolorists, as well as, consumers.  The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is going to have training sessions for... get this... distributor salesmen! Distributors are going to be advising you how to color hair. 
A better option for the PBA-- instead of having training sessions to teach distributor salespeople how to sell more haircolor, they should have training sessions and teach haircolorists how to do a better job of coloring hair.  I said it when the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) merged with PBA that would spell the end of any representation for the cosmetologist.  Hey, how about you encourage cosmetologists to become Board Certified Haircolorists? Having a guild of competent haircolorists would do a great deal to raise the standard of professionalism. 
Isn't that what the Professional Beauty Association is all about?

Advice to those wanting to go to beauty school: It's time we started using the European method of training cosmetologists.  Watch this video before you enroll in school.  Earn while you learn.  
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Do Not Force a Trend
     Drew Barrymore
      First try at ombre                              Latest try at ombre                                   Back to red!
                                   harsh in daylight...still bad at night...nope, not straight either!
            Wiccan priestess                           Creepy sisters             Cousin It's Great-aunt                             
Vintage hair photos to celebrate the season (creepy above and classy below)
                  Spooky tales                           Halloween Pin-up Girl                 Bewitching             
 Vintage Halloween long haired girl
Lowlights from the Editor 
Lee Goodnight, ABCH, is one of 10 National Finalists in the

Thank you to those certified haircolorists who have sent me their stories and sincere gratitude to all who volunteered during this PINK month. Volunteering feeds your soul and blesses those you touch.

Watch for future articles about more successes and challenges. 

I am looking for Your ABCH story. Show me your great photos! Come on...hairstylists love to show off! Any scary costume contests in your salon this year? What are you grateful for in 2011? 

Write to me...I want to share them! USE subject line: ABCH    

Certifiably yours, Mary