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September 2011

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ABCH Welcomes New Evaluators
Diversion Report
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Only 3 more Exam dates this year!  


     2011 Examination dates: 


   Austin, TX on September 11


   Washington D.C. on October 9


   Atlanta on November 6 


Register online  or take the practice exam



   Andrea Zonak        Heather Silva      Kelly Anderson        Debbie Kosinski   Kristin Felton    Christaleigh Fernia

           Highest                 Highest                                                     Highest                                                  Perfect

Combined Score   Performance Score 119                             Written Score 228                            Interactive Score 50


*Not all high scorers passed the exam, but all deserve recognition.



     The Los Angeles exam produced 15 new American Board of Certified Haircolorists, a 73% pass rate. On the other hand the Boston examination produced 5 American Board Certified Haircolorists with only a 25% pass Rate.   

      There were some high points such as Christaleigh Fernia receiving a perfect score in the interactive portion of the examination and Heather Silva achieving a high score in the performance portion of the examination.  For some reason, the interactive section of the examination was the portion of the exam that gave the candidates the most difficulty.  The interactive is conducted at the end of the day and exhastion could be a factor for the poor showing. 

        Most of those who did not pass the exam already expressed that they were anxious to re-take the portion of the exam they failed.  The Evaluators were Lisa Kelley, Bridget Davis and Yelena Kravchenko.

Pureology Challenge Moving Forward


     Thus far, there has not been an overwhelming number of manufacturers coming forward to challenge Pureology on their "Our Shampoo is Better than your Shampoo Challenge." None the less, the comparison will move forward with the shampoo brands we have gathered.  We will use some of the same shampoos that were used in the last comparison.  The comparison will begin in earnest after the Austin certification examination on Sept. 11, so its not to late to get your shampoo in to the ABCH office.


ABCH Welcomes New Evaluators 
Melonie Nickels
Bridget Davis


     Two new evaluators have joined the Certification Program.  Melonie Nichols and Bridget Davis are the latest to join the certification program.  To become an evaluator, it is necessary to attend five examinations at various sites to serve as a mock evaluator and score the candidates the same manner as the seasoned evaluators.  

    According to Tamara Dahill, the evaluator captain and Vice President, "We want the evaluators to score independently and draw their own conclusions on each of the candidates, but it must be within the criteria that has been established."  Consistency within the performance portion of the examination is difficult to maintain since it is easy for the evaluators to get off track and forgive egregious behavior because they excel in other areas.  Tamara checks the trainee evaluators scores to make certain they remain on track.  Not everyone who goes through the training will make the grade and become an evaluator. 

Congratulations Bridget and Melonie!    

Diversion Report For The Fourth Quarter of 2010


           In the fourth Quarter of 2010 diverted products grew to $97,894,000, that's an increase of $6,500.000 over the third quarter of 2010.  We are moving in the wrong direction, it should be decreasing.  The pending lawsuit by Salon FAD does not appear to deter the manufacturers.  It is doubtful the members of the Board of Directors are sitting around a conference table asking each other how can we stop diversion.  More than likely they are asking each other how can we pull the wool over the hairdressers eye so they continue to believe we are not guilty of diverting.  These folks are eating our lunch and we are figuring out another way we can honor them.  Here are the offenders, think twice about buying their products! 


$20,296,000 ......MATRIX                          $ 3,490,000.........BUMBLE AND BUMBLE

$15,341,000       TIGI                                $ 3,190,000         RUSK

$10,996,000       PAUL MITCHELL             $ 1,532,000         PUREOLOGY

$10,597,000       AMERICAN CREW          $ 1,298,000         KERASTASE

$8,442,000         FAROUK                        $ 1,089,000         JOICO

$8,127,000         SEXY HAIR                    $    625,000          NIOXIN

$5,740,000         REDKEN                        $    396,000          ZOTOZ CORE BRANDS

$4,909,000         SEBASTIAN                   $ 1,574,000          ALL OTHERS


The products with the largest increases from the third to the fourth quarters are Kerastase +27.5%, Nioxin +21.6% and Sebastian +18.3%  The only company to show a decrease is Bumble and Bumble at -4.5%


                                             Source of information: Beauty


                                                   AS  SEEN AT COSMOPROF 

   You could have called it the Keratein, Extension and Oil show.  Be it Morricanoil or any of the 9 other types of oil trying to cash in on the oil success.  And yes, there were many new lines of haircolor from all over the continent, looking for distribution in America.  Putting together a line of haircolor is the easy part, finding someone to knock on salon doors and convince them they need a new line of haircolor is the tough part.

    There was a unique product for cutting and dispensing foil which made sense.  There was such a dispenser a few years back that was introduced but did not hit it off with haircolorists because of the cost.  It sold in the neighborhood of $2,500.00 and just did not seem to have the value.  This new dispenser sells for $400.00 and the foil is very reasonable.  The web site is very through and it gives you a you tube demonstration. There is also a link to great variety of sizes and colors of foils and at a very reasonable price.  
    The only downside, is that it has to be plugged into an electrical outlet.  This causes it to be not as portable.  The pro's far outweigh the con's. The company is located in the U.K. and looking for distribution in the U.S. To view a demo go to:  

Pink Hair    Pink Hair     Pink Hair     Pink Hair   Pink Hair




Andre asks...



...that California licensed over 100,000 cosmetologists in the past three years, at a cost of over 15 billion dollars, and have not produced a single tax paying job.  As a matter of fact tax paying jobs in the field of cosmetology have decreased.  This means schools along with the State Board of Cosmetology are growing the underground cosmetology economy.  The worst part is they are doing it with your license fees.   

Beauty Salon Lawyers 
A real life legal specialty
Yes, there are attorneys all across the nation that specialize in prosecuting stylists and beauty salons that have acted or performed services carelessly, negligently, or illegally. You may have some protection from insurance but it is still a major headache to deal with hiring your own lawyer, missing time from the salon, and possible negative press just to get to a he said/she said stalemate or worse fines/suspension of your license, so it worth it? 
Use products safely. Complete all paperwork (client release forms, client cards with current formulas, state licenses.) Performing a color service is not always a case of 'can I do this service' but rather 'should I do this service.'
Lowlights from the Editor

Debunking hair folklore:

'White Henna'                                 

"A euphemism. It has no possible connection with henna but it is a mixture of kaolin and magnesium carbonate or sodium perborate with hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent. This paste-like form facilitates the application, as it does not run. The term 'White Henna' arose as a mild deception at a time* when hydrogen peroxide had earned a bad reputation, owing to misuse, for damaging the hair. Pure henna does no damage to hair."                  Henna ( Lawsonia inermis)

circa 1920* (James Stevens Cox, 1984)

Yeah...just like lightener is really bleach in today's salons. It is all marketing and semantics.


Thank you to those certified haircolorists who have sent me their stories. 

Watch for future articles about both their success and challenges. 

I am looking for Your ABCH story. Show me your great photos! Is your framed ABCH certificate posted in your salon? Snap any great shots at the Energizing Summit this year? Write to me...I wanna see them!     

Certifiably yours, Mary