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June 2011

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New Editor-in-chief
Officially Energized
Summit Highlights
Forum Panels Deliver Again
Ultimate Imaging
Energizing Summit East?
Wristbands at the Summit
Andre at IBS Las Vegas
Third Time is a Charm
Lowlights from the Editor

New Editor-in-Chief of ABCH Newsletter    



I am pleased to introduce Mary Petillo as the new Editor-in-Chief of the ABCH newsletter. With her extensive experience and writing skills, we all will benefit when the newsletters appear more frequent.  With all of my other duties, I found it difficult to publish the newsletters in a timely manner.  We look forward to Mary's contributions and a fresh format with more creative input from our Board Certified haircolorists.



Andre Nizetich

President of ABCH


Officially Energized!
The 11th annual Energizing Summit was a resounding success. There were 125 class sessions taught by 46 instructors on topics ranging from color theory to hands-on techniques, and from salon business management to preparing for the ABCH Certification Examination. The educators were recognized for their dedication to the improvement of color knowledge and standards in the beauty industry.  Many vendors offered their haircolor, educational materials and equipment at the exhibitor booths again this year.  While the Energizing Summit does not promote or educate with regards to specific brands, ABCH is happy to offer attendees the opportunity to receive needed equipment and discounts on the tools of our trade. 
The Energizing weekend began with a cocktail party on Saturday evening and ended Monday evening with a closing ceremony and a gathering of some of the 2011 educators.
Check the next ABCH Newsletter for the dates of the 2012 Energizing Summit, to be held again at the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles.
2011 Energizing Summit Highlights

Lisa Kelley, Mistress of Ceremony
Masterfully articulate, Lisa Kelley always tells you how it REALLY is...behind the chair in salons and on stages all over the country. On Sunday, she shared amazing statistics from the haircolor industry and how the general public feels and behaves with regards to haircolor. She knows her stuff and entertainingly shared it with the opening ceremony audience of the Energizing Summit 2011.

Larry Kopsa, Account Extraordinaire to Salons

Larry Kopsa specializes in keeping the accounts straight for salons. No one has a better pulse on the industry than Larry and he has information no one else has. Sharing insight from his experience as a former salon owner with his wife, Larry provided valuable resources to help solve problems. 

Special Event on Sunday: Lunch with Larry! Stylists bought a special event ticket and sat with Larry at a seated lunch buffet to hear firsthand his unique suggestions. 

 Tony FanelliForum Facilitator  

Tony Fanelli took the stage again as the facilitator and MC of the ever popular Forum. The attendance at this well-liked event was standing room only with many tired stylists sprawled on the floor to hear what the panelists had to share. 

Special Event on Monday: Lunch with Tony! Stylists bought a special event ticket and joined Tony for lunch where he shared stories from his amazing career shaped by both both successes and challenges. 

Haircolor Forum Panels Deliver Again
The Forum On Sunday was so popular in prior years, that we removed the second afternoon class at 3:30 and expanded the format into two separate panels, one covering business aspects and the other covering the artistic aspects of the salon industry.
The Business Panel consisted of: Tom Porter, Don Westbrook, John Siggers, Rob Reed and Andre Nizetich.
The Artistic Panel included: Tom Dispenza, Roy Peters, Misael Aponte, Tamara Dahill and Kathy Partin, and Dr. Said.
Everything from staff texting to saving on haircolor purchases were discussed. Thoughtful audience questions and explicit panel answers offered varied viewpoints, a venue to communicate concerns and a chance to share ideas and information.
Thank you to all our knowledgeable panelists and our enthusiastic audience of haircolorists!
Ultimate Imaging
Two very lucky people won the $7,500 prize "Ultimate Imaging Day" (PR consulting and hair fashion photography) from Sharon Esche and Alexander Irving in their "Making Your Clients Raving Facebook Fans" class. They gave one away for each class. That's $15,000 worth of value from attending ABCH Energizing Summit.
Congratulations to:  Judi Troutman - Raleigh, North Carolina and Rosey Ibarra - Downey, California
Judi and Rosey will each receive a fabulous $7,500-value day they'll share with national PR consultants Sharon and Alex (Esche & Alexander PR / BeautyPRpro) PLUS doing a hair fashion shoot with industry-renowned photographer Gary Lyons.

This amazing PR opportunity is further evidence of the caliber of educators drawn to the Energizing Summit. Sharon and Alex's generosity is rooted in their desire to nurture and educate haircolorists in their salon business careers.  

Energizing Summit East?
This topic came up again at the closing of the Summit--create another Energizing Summit somewhere on the east coast Maybe...but WHERE? New York? North Carolina? Massachusetts? Georgia?
We will research locations and let you know!
Wristbands...effective but not so stylish!
The news has spread about the level of high quality education being offered at the Energizing Summit each year. Unfortunately, in prior years some hairstylists took advantage  and slipped into classes without paying at registration.This year, all Summit attendees wore fluorescent colored wristbands on their left arms. It seemed to work well but maybe a more flattering color next year. 

Andre Teaches at IBS Las Vegas

Standing room only crowds greeted Andre Nizetich as he prepared to teach at the IBS Las Vegas, June 18-20. Andre offered several lectures and a hands-on color presentation to full classes, in spite of the light Father's Day crowd. Andre noted, "Hairdressers are hungry for generic education.  They are tired of educators trying to sell them color instead of teaching." 

Third Time Is A Charm 

Many hairstylists who take the ABCH examination have a difficult time passing the performance portion of the examination. Paul Chambers was no exception.  The first time he took the examination in Chicago he scored a paltry 87 (130 is the perfect score), but Paul was not to be denied.  He returned to Denver to take the exam again and while he raised his score 10 points, this was still not enough to pass.  Paul decided he needed help if he was going to pass the examination. 

He made a call to Nancy Searle, ABCH mentor extraordinaire.  Nancy took Paul under her wing and encouraged him to practice, practice, and practice.  He took the advice, came to the Energizing Summit, and took the examination again, where he passed with an outstanding score of 120. 

Let this be an inspiration to those of you who failed the examination the first time - don't  quit!  Success in life is about going after your goal and reaching it.  Paul is a much better haircolorist because he set his goal to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist and he achieved that goal. Bravo,  Paul!

Paul ChambersPaul Chambers, ABCH

2011 Examination dates:

Los Angeles on July 24; Boston on August 14; 

Austin, TX on September 11; Washington D.C. on October 9; 

Atlanta on November 6. 

Lowlights from the Editor

As haircolorists, you know that lowlights add depth and dimension to a shade of haircolor. My hope is that this is also what you will receive from my regular notes down here.


Please send me your thoughts about ABCH and/or this newsletter, as well as any hair topics that you want to see in future articles. Original creative hair photos (you must own the rights) and short articles may be submitted for consideration to appear in this newsletter.

I am looking for Your ABCH story. Tell me - Are you the only American Board Certified colorist in your city?  Do you teach at the Energiizing Summit?  Do you mentor exam candidates? 

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Certifiably yours, Mary