When composing the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) curriculum the ABCH Board of Directors along some interested parties wanted to fill some areas lacking in the existing method of teaching haircolor.  Clearly one of those subjects was porosity.  At the time when speaking of porosity what came out was porous or non porous, there was never any talk about the various grades of porosity.  At the time Thia Spearing who was spearheading the task of developing the ABCH curriculum took it upon herself to define the various grades of porosity.  What she came up with was five grades of porosity.  Each grade was well defined in terminology everyone could understand.  When she presented it to the remaining committee it was embraced by the entiree committee.  It was fine tuned slightly but it was entirely Thia's work.


                  The committee was confident the textbooks, beauty school teachers, and manufacturers would use this comprehensive method of defining porosity.  They ALL continue to use porous and non porous.  It is amazing to us why the educational bodies of our industry do not want to produce more knowledgeable haircolorists.  The ability to communicate with each other about something as simple as the grades of porosity would go a long way in helping the newbys in understanding porosity.


                  Mary Petillo is teaching a class at the Energizing Summit entitled, "How Color Reacts to Porosity".  The class is divided into two parts,  how the hair becomes porous and what happens to haircolor as a result of porosity. The unique thing about the Energizing Summit is the types of classes that are being held are generic in nature are include information not often taught.  


                 Mary will be utilizing some wonderful props which make it easy to understand how the porosity effects haircolor.  Among the many props she will be utilizing will be chocolate chip cookies.  The chocolate cookies are an indication of how the melanin is nestled in the cortex of the hair, the same way the chocolate chips are nestled in the cookies.  When the chips are dissolved the only thing left is crumbs.  It is a wonderful example of what happens to the hair when all of the melanin is dissolved. The students will have a complete understanding of what porosity is.    


ISSE Losing Battle For The Midwest  


          The ISSE had lost in their bid to integrate into the Midwest market.  The entire industry is shaking their heads in wonderment of the position ISSE has taken.  When you look at last years attempt and generate such meager results, you would think ISSE would slinkier away with their tail between their legs.  Not this group, no sir!  They are coming back next year and every year thereafter.    

          The justification for exhibitors to

Stay out of my backyard you nitwit 

enter the ISSE show was that the PBA,

the arm of ISSE, is a industry driven company and all of the proceeds from the show will be given back to the industry.  No one mentioned what happens to the years of   potential losses that could occur.  Americas Beauty Show is also a nonprofit entity and the proceeds for the show is used to educate their membership.

         The bottom line is as long as both the attendees see value in the show of their choosing they will continue to attend.  60,000 attendees for ABS and only 12,000 for ISSE makes for an uphill battle.  ISSE has a couple of benefits going for it, for one the proximity to the airports as well as the hotels being more reasonably priced.  This becomes increasing important to hairdressers as the bad economy continues.  

             The 2012 ISSE show is scheduled for April 15,16. 2012        

500th Haircolorist Signs Up For On Line Examination


              The 500th person has signed up to take the ABCH written examinations on line.  It has occurred mostly by haircolorists talking to one another and informing them about the exams.  Even though the written examinations are focused on the examination, it is still a wonderful way of learning haircolor.  A combination of the study portfolio and taking the examinations are a tremendous help in learning the finer points of coloring hair.  

              The view of ABCH is haircolor education should be generic.  Having a fragmented system of education does not advance the professionalism of haircolor

           You can sign up to take the examination by going to the ABCH website and signing up to take the exams.  There is a small charge for taking the exams, the charge depends on the length of time you want your accounts to remain active.  The exams are user friendly and timed so you can become accustomed to taking a timed exam.  When you finally take the ABCH exam for credit it will be very familiar to the user.  One of the great features of the exams is you know immediately whether you passed or failed.  You can continue to take the same exam over and over until you receive 100%.  Most of the questions are accompanied by a picture to help with the answer.  What a great way to learn haircolor.   Remember we exist only to help elevate the professional haircolorist..     

Andre to Teach Haircolor Skills at  

IBS Las Vegas

Lecture and Hands On Classes Featured

              Andre Nizetich has contracted with the International Beauty Show to teach a series of classes on generic haircoloring.  Andre is one of the few artists who actually teach haircolor without the support of any manufacturer.  His method of teaching haircolor involves the chemistry of haircolor and how haircolor responds on the hair.  It is an in depth class that utilizes a variety of props Andre has prepared to make learning easier.

            The seminars are concluded by having a hands on class on corrective foil techniques.  The dates of the show are June 18 through 20. 

It's almost too late.  

Beauty Schools  Dealt a Major Blow


           Two newsletter ago we indicated Why the continued funding to beauty schools is bad for the beauty salons.  That when you graduate great numbers of students without jobs in only dilutes our industry and incompetence becomes the norm.
            The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) were successful in warding off the Gainful Employment Bill introduced by the Department of Education to the house of representaves, they were not so fortunate with the Senate.  Schools will have to show there is a need for more cosmetologists, which will be very difficult to do. This is something that should have happened years ago before the industry became saturated with cosmetologists.  It appears no one in the school industry is concerned about their students after graduation, who are unable to  find a job.
           In 1993 the Office of Inspector General reported to the Department of Education that there should be greater oversight of students who are being trained for jobs where there is no chance gainful employment.
            The Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) (Beauty Schools) did not concur with that report.  The OPE stated, "that students should have a choice and that the oversupply of workers would lower salary levels and in turn would reduce demand for training and lower costs to the consumers.(In other words what the schools are saying is they don't want us cosmetologists to make more money, an oversupply is good)  Five years later there is an oversupply of one million cosmetologists with 200,000 being enrolled annually.  That was in 1993 one can only imagine how much of an oversupply we have today. Estimated to be at two million)
           Just exactly what the schools predicted is happening now.  The schools are now asking for support from the salons with a program called "Beauty Changes Lives" With Ted Gibson the offical spoksperson. Ted Gibson advocates students go to beauty school and "Be like me and charge $190.00 for a haircut." Thats like LeBron James telling young kids to take up basketball and be like me.  I wonder if Ted Gibson realizes the harm he is doing by suggesting beauty school to young kids. It is no wonder our industry is swirling near the drain.  Go to to YOU TUBE and Empire Beauty Schools and observe what they are putting out for us to train. 
             That doesn't seen fair to me, the schools get paid for training students then salons have to pay those same students to make them productive.  Where do I sign up to get a school.           
Formulating Frustrations Solved

Peggy Sue Schmoldt Formulating Expert


         Ask anyone who does haircolor what it is that is the greatest frustration you have when it comes to haircolor.  They will tell you, "I know what I want to do but I'm not certain how to do it."  In other words when a client selects a color, be it on a color chart or the mention of a noted personality, the haircolorist is at a loss of how to reach the desired result.  That is formulating and Peggy Sue would suggest that 85% of cosmetologists

Peggy Sue Schmoldt.

currently practicing do not know how to formulate.  Its no ones fault, most people are never taught.  In beauty school you learn how to apply haircolor but never learn the finer points of formulating.  Make a few errors with your first clients and your confidence is shattered. If you are the type who do not get shattered you keep trudging through until you learn.

           Learning from your mistakes is not the best means of learning haircolor.  clients today are becoming increasing impatient with incompetence, Peggy Sue says, "You need to learn the basics of haircoloring, the chemistry, the physiological aspects of haircolor and most importantly the psychology of haircolor.  All of these elements are critical parts of helping to learn haircolor."  

              You are not going to learn how to formulate in one class at the Summit what you will learn is how to get the sources to learn.  Learning from manufacturers is not a good way to learn haircoloring.  They avoid teaching all the bad things that can happen with haircolor. A class from Peggy Sue may just be what it takes to get you over the hump.  





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