If you want to be a success in the beauty business you have to take advice for people who know.  Don runs a very successful salon in Murietta Georgia.  When I say successful I mean making money.  Don and Flonnie have learned the art of making money. His images appear in numerous hair fashion magazine.  This is all part of the marketing he does to win over clients.  The name of his class is "Attracting and Keeping New Clients" Marketing is the name of the The Westerbrooksgame.  He tells his employees "I'll get you the clients you have to keep them".  And they damn well better or they are out the door.  He has a constant flow of new clients coming into has salon.  It is an amazing philosophy on running a salon.  He does not hire anyone who has gone to beauty school.  He says "I'd rather train them myself, I don't want anyone teaching my employees bad habits and telling them how much money they are going to earn".  He hires people off the street and has them productive in two weeks.  The first thing he teaches them is foiling hair.  Everyone in the salon works the same.  Same comb, clips, uniforms, brushes.  He even discourages his employees to go to beauty shows, says it corrupts them. Rather he escorts them to worthwhile lectures and demonstrations.  Sounds like an tyrant but he is a kind gentle man who wants his people to be successful, and they are. Seven of his employees make well over six figures.  This is a class you don't want to miss.  Don and Flonnie are only doing two classes and they are bound to fill up.  Don't miss them.   


Ranks #8 in Nation

Andre on The Top 40 Haircolorists List

           Andre Nizetich, President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists and producer of he Energizing Summit was named to the top 40 haircolorists in the nation by the readers of the Beauty Entertainment Magazine.  Kim Vo was named #1 and Beth Minardi was in second position, Andre was #8.

           More than just doing color Andre is recognized for his expertise in teaching haircolor.  There are several props he designed to help students get a clearer picture of how haircolor works.  He has written several books on teaching haircolor, one which was published by Milady.

           Andre indicated,"Changes in teaching styles happen very slowly.  It is understandable because you have to go through many layers in order for it to happen. If you change beauty school curriculum, teaching has to change. The changes need to be published in the textbook and then added to the exam, then you have to train the examiners to grade the process.  Then it all has to go through the approval process, this involves a lot of people". 

              This is why we still teach finger waving but not blow drying, extensions or the new straighteners.  This process has to be changed if we are to have a more knowledgeable workforce".   

Learn Haircolor On Line With ABCH and Exam Professor


The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) have assembled a compressive series of examinations to help the haircolorists of America to become better haircolorists.  The examinations are

Exam Professor

taken directly from the ABCH curriculum which is completely generic.  The view of ABCH is haircolor education should be generic.  Having a fragmented system of education does not advance the professionalism of haircolor

           You can sign up to take the examination by going to the ABCH website and signing up to take the exams.  There is a small charge for taking the exams, the charge depends on the legnth of time you want your accounts to remain active.  The exams are user friendly and timed so you can become accustomed to taking a timed exam.  When you finally take the ABCH exam for credit it will be very familar to the user.  One of the great features of the exams is you know immediately whether you passed or failed.  You can continue to take the same exam over and over until you receive 100%.  Most of the questions are accompanied by a picture to help with the answer.  What a great way to learn haircolor.   Remember we exist only to help you become a better haircolorist.     

Haircolor Education Fragmented 

Standardized Teaching is Mantra of ABCH  


            With 60 manufacturers of haircolor, each using different teaching and vocublary is it no wonder the young beauty school graduates have a difficult time learning haircoloring.  It can be very confusing when you have 8 different names for the same thing.  Lets take peroxide for an example.  How much easier would it be if everyone called peroxide, peroxide. instead we come up with names that make

Using the names of common items like lemons  to describe color makes it much easier for the learner to understand.  Most important don't teach them all hair is alike, each hair category decolorizes differently they have their own stages of lightening.

it sound special but is not.  Developer, activator, catalyst, oxidizer, accelerator and array of other names that tend to only confuse the learner.  Its the same with techniques.  Bumping the base has become the popular vernacular for lifting the base only slightly to give the hair a better contrast with highlighted hair.

             Watching artists putting color on canvas, they use techniques which have established names, names which have become standard among artists. When teaching or demonstrating their work they call the technique they are using by the name used by all artists, they have a standard language         

             We should not teach creativity,  teach technique. allow the student to learn it, refine it then let them become creative on their own.

            Above all introduce them to the American Board of Certified Haircolorists curriculum and examination.  It is the fastest easiest way to learn haircoloring.  We all utilize the same language.  

            Shame on you manufacturers who do not support certification.  We all benefit from a more knowledgeable workforce that can make clients happy. 


 Social Media is here to stay

Learn The Secret on Making Your Clients Raving Facebook fans


         We have two of the very best PR people in the beauty industry appearing at the Energizing Summit to teach you how to make the most of social media.  Getting new clients through the door is not easy because people do not like to change salons or hairdressers. It will take something special to get clients coming to you.


Esche and Alexander PR Team Supreme

Esche and Alexander PR has made a study of Facebook and discovered a secret way to make Facebook fans clients of your salon.  This dynamic duo is giving only two classes on Sunday.  If you have never attended one of their classes you are in for a real treat.  Even if you are not a techie and hate computers you will love this class.  




Two Full Days of Education  

Don't miss the premiere haircoloring educational event of the year, with 

132 classes plus the Haircolor Forum.  Also 27 hands on classes, many without a surcharge.  Classes fill up fast so don't wait until the last minute to register.  Some classes are already closed.


Go to to sign up

June 12th. & 13th.  LAX Marriott Hotel