It is the hottest haircolor technique everyone is talking about. It graces the pages of the top fashion magazines and can be seen on many of the top starlets.  All of Hollywood is talking about this new form of Balayage called the Ombre.  Our own John Siggers traveled to Paris to see and learn from the pros who came up with this new technique.  It has to be learned from an expert, as easy as it looks it take expertise to perform this technique properly.  

                 The most important thing to learn is how to get the consistency of the bleach just right as well as the wrist action used to apply the bleach to the hair.   DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Take a class or two at the Summit from the Siggers team let by Lea Bascili, Master of the Ombre technique.  The class starts with Lea giving a demonstration on the application technique  then you are set free to work on your own mannequin.  Any one of 20 experts will be there to help you along.   If you don't think you can learn it in one setting, take an additional class.  This class alone is worth the price of admission, You would have to spend $400.00 and travel to Atlanta GA. to take this class otherwise.  Don't miss this opportunity to reap the benefits of all of this talent here for you.  


John Paul Dijoura 



John Paul Dijoria.

    The April issue of FORBES Magazine named the richest individuals on the planet.  On the list is none other than John Paul Dijoria(JP).  He is 254 on the list with a net worth of 4.2 Billion.  This puts him in very exclusive company with the likes of: Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines,  4.2 Bill.

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks, 2.5 Bill.

Ross Perot Sr, 3.4 Bill. Ross Perot Jr 1.4 B

Michael Milkin 2.1 Billion. JP is not the richest but he has a good start.  

        Dijoria is recognized as a shrewd marketer and promoter, he brought his Paul Mitchell company to the pinnacle of professional success by starting the diversion craze with was followed by most of the other professional retail companies.  He has a number of other companies acquired from the cash flow of the Paul Mitchell company.  Petron tequila and The School which was formed with partner Wynn Claybaugh.  They boast having over 100 franchise schools and in 2009 had the fastest growing franchise company in America.  There seems to be no end to his successful ventures.

         All of this success came with his partnership with Paul Mitchell, who pioneered the sculpted hairstyles that

John Paul Dijoria with the

late Paul Mitchell

were placed under the dryer to dry without the use of the blow dryer.  hairdressers across America embraced the concept.  Paul Mitchell and Jean Bra traveled across the country selling his concept to hairdressers and thus was born the Paul Mitchell System.  Paul Mitchell Passed away much too young.  First and foremost Paul Mitchell was a hairdresser, one wonders how the company would have ended up had he not passed away.

Schwarzkopf TCA Test

New Information 


           No one told us we were supposed to put the TCA swatch under heat for the 10 minutes it was processing, therefore new swatches had to be colored to have a fair comparison.  We were informed after the fact that heat was to be placed during the processing.  The instructions we received had no mention of using heat.   

So the comparison was reviewed again.  This is the final comparison including the swatches shampooed and left out in the sun.  The shampooed swatch is green, the orange is the one left in the sun, red is the control swatch.  The results are as follows:

#1 Schwarzkopf 10 min. color     processed for 10 minutes.

#2 Schwarzkopf 30 min. color

processed for 30 minutes. 

#3 Schwarzkopf 30 min. color with TCA

processed for 10 minutes(no heat)

#4  Schwarzkopf 10 min. color processed for 30 minutes.

#5 #1 Schwarzkopf 10 min. color with TCA processed for 10 minutes(withheat)  

          The center swatch is the control swatch, on the left side is the shampoo swatch, soaked in shampoo for 5 hours.  the swatch on the right is the swatch that was left outdoors for 10 days.

          While the TCA swatch with heat came out darker than the swatch without heat, it is still lighter than the Schwarzkopf 10 minute color.  It is difficult to see the advantage of a 10 minute color if you have to stand there and watch it process.  With 30 minute color you can perform another service while it is processing.  Also a 10 minute color continues to darken if left on longer whereas the 30 minute color is not as time sensitive.  

Law Suit Moving Forward.

Salon FAD Trolling  For More Plaintiffs      

           Anyone who has lost any money and reputation as a result manufacturer diversion should be salavating to become a plaintiff for this class action law suit.  It cost nothing and it will return our industry back to the respectability we all deserve.  Can you imagine how much better off we would all be if diversion did not exist.  Just close your eyes and dream about your having all of the profits those manufacturers reaped as a result of our recommendation.

         Go into your local drug store and observe all of the professional products on the shelf.  Make no mistake about it ALL of those products were placed there by the manufacturers.  There are no collectors, or salons selling to the beauty supplies.  There may be a little of this going on, but the vast majority of products got there by a sophistacted gray market distributors who purchase truck loads of product who in turn sell it to outlets like drug stores, super markets, Target and Costco.  

            The manufacturers would then make up stories on how the product got into these unauthorized outlets.  Stories like counterfeting and shipping the product overseas and it found its way back.  All of it every bit of it is all stories to keep you buying their products because they would never do anything like that. We gave them our trust and they screwed us. In court papers they do not deny it.        

           Just recently there is an article in our trade journal whereas Farouk is filing a law suit againist someone who is counterfeting and selling CHI IRONS. I would be willing to bet that no one is counterfiting his irons he wants to sell more of them to unauthorized outlets.  So that the salons don't get upset he makes up a story about how someone is counterfeting his irons.  No law suit is going to slow down Farouk, It is in his blood, he will divert his products forever.   


               If interested in becoming a plaintiff go to www.salonFAD.org  or contact directly, salon FAD at 713-589-4790.                 

New Device to Control Color Waste

Claims to Cut 30% on Haircolor Purchases

          Its called the COLOR TRACKING SYSTEM.  The brainchild of Chris Danolaris and Chicago Cosmetologist President Frank Gironda.  40 year veterans of the salon industry who grew tired at the amount of waste occurring in their respective salons.  They devised a system whereas the haircolorist must punch in a code into a keypad before they can dispense peroxide into the color.  the Color Tracker keeps score of the amount of color being used by metering the peroxide.  Assuming the color you are using requires equal parts of peroxide, if you meter out 2 ounces of peroxide this means you used 2 ounces of color.

          The Color tracker was introduced at the Americas Beauty Show where they held a one our class on how the machine works.  The concept sounds good, If it saves even 10% of haircolor purchases it would be a bargain.  

Hands on Classes For Certification Performance Exam to be Held at Summit. 


            If you are planning to take the American Board of Certified Haircolorist (ABCH) Practical examination you would be advised to take the classes offered at the energizing Summit.  There are four classes being offered.  Two of the classes will be led by Tamara Dahill, vice president of the ABCH, and two classes by Paul Morrison Director of the ABCH.  All of the classes will have additional Board Certified haircolorists assisting with the classes.  The classes take the student through the entire examination process.   

           It is a three hour class where all of the tasks in the performance exam are explained in detail.  Then you are able to perform all of the tasks on a mannequin that has been prepared in advance for you. (for the exam you must prepare your own mannequin for the exam)  The preparation of the mannequin is part of your score.  Sign up soon the classes are going to fill up.  The Sunday class for Paul Morrison has been filled for a week.  Click on the link below to go to the Summit sign up.  




Two Full Days of Education  

Don't miss the premiere haircoloring educational event of the year, with 

132 classes plus the Haircolor Forum.  Also 27 hands on classes, many without a surcharge.  Classes fill up fast so don't wait until the last minute to register.  Some classes are already closed.


Go to  www.haircolorist.com to sign up

June 12th. & 13th.  LAX Marriott Hotel