Results of 10 Minute Color vs T.C.A. 


                 According to the advertising the manufacturers put out, all of the haircolors we tested should have come out the same color,  The 10 minute color should have the same result as the 30 minute color.  They were both 5N.  We added TCA to the 30 minute 5N and processed for 10 minutes which should have made the color the same as the Schwarzkopf 10 minute 5N, it didn't.    

                 Because of the results we experienced with the other colors we choose to color another swatch with the 10 minute haircolor for 30 minutes to see if the results were the same or darker than if the color was on the hair for only 10 minutes.  After all, those who take longer than 10 minutes to apply the color, perhaps as long as 30 or 40 minutes, the area of the head which the color is first applied would end up being darker than the area where the color was applied last.  The haircolorists using 10 minute color should know that.

                  Whenever a new haircolor product is launched the instructions should include how the haircolr responds.  Many new product introductions have limited instructions.  We are expected to know how the color responds.  It is as though manufacturers have this dilemma.  If they say something about their product could it be perceived as a negative.  Like if Schwarzkopf said in their instructions, "Note: this color should be timed for 10 minutes from the conclusion of the application.  If your application takes an additional amount of time the color result could be darker than indicated.  If this is the case you should consider continuing to use the Schwarzkopf 30 minute haircolor"  The manufacturers are concerned about losing sales they would never issue warnings about their products, "Let the haircolorists find out for themselves is their mantra". Manufacturers should be required to issue instructions about their products if there are any side effects.  

                 The deposit portion of the comparison certainly had its drawbacks.  The performance of the products in question did not respond as expected or advertised.  On the other hand the "lift" portion of the comparison was rather bland.  We will report on this in the next newsletter. 

#1  Schwarzkopf 5N 10 minute haircolor processed 10 minutes with 20 volume peroxide.  

#2  Schwarzkopf 5N 30 minute haircolor processed 30 minutes with 20 volume peroxide.         #3  Schwarzkopf 5N 30 minute haircolor processed 10 minutes TCA and 20 volume peroxide.  

#4  Schwarzkopf 5N 10 minute haircolor processed 30 minutes with 20 volume peroxide.       

From left to right, mixed 10 minute color and applied to 3 Yak swatches, processed for 10 minutes. Mixed 30 minute color and applied to 3 more Yak swatches and processed for 30 minutes, added 10 drops of TCA haircolor accelerator,  This mixture was then applied to 3 more swatches and processed for 10 minutes.  Results from left to right, TCA 10 minute color, Schwarzkopf 30 minute color and 10 minute color.  According to advertising all of the swatches should be the same color, obviously they are not.  Next news letter, level 9 color results. 

 Malibu Wellness Class 

Trisha Kemp Tells

it Like it is


        When you have a product that is unique to the industry, a  product that needs to have the undivided attention of the audience for an hour and a half to appreciate the product, we allow them to have the floor.

        Trish always receives rave reviews in the way she teaches.  It is a pleasure to experience

someone who loves teaching about a product they know all about.  That person is Trish Kemp, educator extraordinare.  In her hands on class she actually shows you how the product works.  You see it, you experience it, you feel it.  She is amazing and her demonstrations will blow you away.  You may have seen her at trade shows with people are shoving and pushing and music blasting so loud you could not hear her.  At the Energizing Summit you can take full advantage of her message.  Remember the name Trish Kemp. 

No sooner we reveal Fat Foam, here comes more of the same. 

John Frieda

Shows His Fat Foam Product 

         Hard to know who was the first wit hthe foam idea the introductions came so close together.  The foam is produced in slightly different ways.  One is mixed in a shaker the other in a bottle.  They both  

 produce foam.  In the on line instructions there is some testimonals that are conflicting.  Consumers are let to believe all you have to do is to apply to the hair as you would a shampoo, allow to process and shampoo off.  There is no mention of how you would give the hair a retouch.  Either there is a total disregard for the condition of the hair or the company don't think anyone would be fool enough to use the product more than once.   

          The testimonials vary greatly some say its the greatest haircolor they ever used while others indicate their hair is left dry and brittle.  There are more precautions in the instructions then there are in a typical haircolor.  Do not use when ill, or recovering from an illness, it will cause a perm to relax, wait 14 days after a relaxer, bleach or perm.  By the time you get past the DO NOT you have to wonder what is in the products.   

             One thing for sure, someone out there is giving consumers another reason to not go into the salon.  You can feel confident it will not be a threat to professional haircoloring.    


Popular hands on classes

Speed Foiling Classes, Close to Being Filled.  

            One of the most popular classes at the Summit each year is the Speed Foiling Class.  Headed by Kris McGinnis and her team of dedicated haircolorists will teach you the most effective method of placing foils in the hair for dimensional haircoloring.  These hands on classes (3 hours long) will turn you into a haircolor expert.  Forget all of the fancy stuff and standing on you head to put foils in the hair, this technique will have you putting 60 packets in the hair in 30 minutes.  Its fast and its easy.  If you are sagging in your foil work and you need a boost in your haircolor work

The McGinnis team Left to right, Tiffany, Krystal, Yolanda, back row Julie, Tanya, Kris, Marie, Gay, Lorie Marie.

this is the class for you.  There is 200 years of combined haircolor experience in this team.  It pays to take classes from those who are in the trenches everyday.  You will not find a more dedicated group of haircolorists willing to teach you how to do dimensional haircoloring.  Foiling and dimensional haircolor are the backbone of the professional haircoloring business.  Don't be left behind, learn the easiest and fastest method of doing advanced haircolor.

Did you know?

California licensed 30,000 new cosmetologists a year in the last 3 years and did not add a single payroll job.

           This simply means there are more and more people working underground 

and not on anyones payroll.  Can this be good for the salon industry?  Salon owners are struggling and attempting to make ends meet.  Anyone have answers for this delemma.  With retail going south, salons are losing a big part of their support system.

Law Firm Filing Suit for Salon FAB         

History of Lofty Settlements For Their Plaintiffs      

           Visit the website of Susman Godfrey and you will see a very impressive bank of attorneys with offices located across the country.  When you hear that a organization of salon owners are going to take on the likes of L'Oreal, P&G, Conaire Paul Mitchell, Sexy Hair, T&G and Farouk, you may say to yourself, "Good luck with that lawsuit, it will never happen. Who can possibility take on these major manufacturers and win"? 

           The lawsuit is very complex.  the discovery requires the plaintiffs produce documentation to determine how much the salon industry has been injured by the manufacturers selling their products to outlets other than professional salons.  The promise to maintain the products as professional only, was the enticement for 

salons to participate in the selling of their products.  This was false advertising and a betrayal of professional salon industry.  In effect the plaintiffs need to produce documentation that will show the salon industry, as a whole, would have prospered  if the named manufacturers would have not diverted the product to non professional outlets.  There are some big dollar numbers being bantered about, anywhere from ten million to one billion.  It sends chills up and down ones spine just thinking about it.

               The concept of making these major manufacturers responsible for the downfall of salon retailing is the brainchild of Dixie Pelfrey.  Dixie was an executive vice president for Farouk Systems and was instrumental for much of the growth of the company.  When she discovered that Farouk and his two sons were diverting product she resigned her position with the company and decided to bring about a class action lawsuit on behalf of the salon owners of America.     

               If interested in becoming a plaintiff go to <info@salonFAD or contact directly, salon FAD at 713-589-4790.                 

Examination Record, 20 of 23 Pass Performance Examination.

Denver Examination Certifies Fifteen New ABCH's


          We have not had an examination in Denver for five years.  This made up for all of the years we were absent.  The scoring broke all records.  Thanks to the effort of Toni Mondragon and Nancy Searle who mentored a many of the candidates to pass the examination.  It was amazing to behold the workmanship and precision that the candidates displayed.  Jenelle Orlando broke the record for high score in the performance examination.  She received 129 points out of a possible 130.  Kate Hall was the high scorer for the interactive assessment examination, she received a score of 49 out of 50.  Marge Beem aced the written with a 225 out of a possible 250.   

            Here are the numbers for the Denver Examination.  They are outstanding! 

Number taking exam        23

Passing Performance        20 

Passing Written                 16*

Passing Interactive           18*

New American Board Certified Haircolorists                            15 


*Three did not take the written and the interactive 


A big reason for the outstanding scores at the Denver examination was mentoring done by Toni Mondragon and Nancy Searle.  We owe them a huge thank you for all of the work they put in preparing twelve of the candidates for the exam. Toni put in a total of 330 hours of teaching to prepare the candidates.  See Toni and Nancy in the ABCH, Certified Haircolor Products booth at the Energizing Summit in June, ask them about their mentoring process. 




Two Full Days of Education  

Don't miss the premiere haircoloring educational event of the year, with 

132 classes plus the Haircolor Forum.  Also 27 hands on classes, many without a surcharge.  Classes fill up fast so don't wait until the last minute to register.  Some classes are already closed.


Go to to sign up

June 12th. & 13th.  LAX Marriott Hotel