Schwarzkopf 10 Minute Color vs T.C.A. 


                 Schwarzkopf introduces a 10 minute haircolor, it is used to color hair in just 10 minutes.  The timing begins after the color has been completely applied.  If it takes 20 minutes or a half hour to apply a haircolor(which is not unreasonable) a portion of the air will have haircolor in place for as much 40 minutes before it shampooed off.  No sooner is the ink dry on the new Schwarzkopf 10 minute promotion that Dennis Bernard challenges the promotion by indicating, "there is no need to purchase a completely new line of haircolor to have 10 minute haircolor, all you need do is to add T.C.A. drops to your existing haircolor".  It is for this reason we decided to do a comparison to help determine what would be the best approach for the salon owner. 
                 Obviously price is a big factor.  The price of T.C.A. is pennies compared to what you have to pay for Schwarzkopf 10 minute color.  There would be no reason to introduce a new haircolor if you could not charge more, which they do.  The regular color is $7.39 for the 2 ounce tube, the 10 minute color is $7.69 fo the same amount. This comes to 30 cents more for a tube of haircolor.
                  The question becomes how do you compare the two haircolors?  T.C.A. can be used with any color, so it is advertised. It was determined we would add the T.C.A. to the Schwarzkopf 30 minute

Yak hair was used to measure the deposit portion of the comparision.   

color and compare it to the Schwarzkopf 10 minute color to see the difference.
                To determine the deposit portion of the equations we will be using a level 5 color for both the 10 minute color and the 30 minute color.  There are 3 swatches for each of the color mixtures.  There needs to be enough hair to run the durability test. 
              The hair will go through the same durability test as was done for the 6N comparisons.  It is not enough to compare only the depth of color, we also need to know how the color holds up.  Does the color shampoo out of the hair more readily, how does exposure to the sun influence the durability of the haircolor.  For the lift portion of the comparision, we will be using virgin natural hair to determine how the 10 minute color compares with TCA drops applied into a 30 minute color, as well as a 30 minute color used without the TCA drops.  We are also going to process the 10 minute color for 35 minutes to observe if the 10 minute color becomes darker the longer it is left on the hair. according to the advertisements when all of the swatches are colored and processed the swatches should be the same color.
               Not really understanding the entire 10 minute concept of haircolor processing.  The only advantage is for the client which is reason enough, but at what cost. You apply the color and you have 35 minutes to do another service.  You apply the color and you do nothing for 10 minutes but wait.  The question is are you saving time or wasting time?
               The results, less the durability test will be in the next newsletter.  It should be noted a representative of Dennis Bernard and the TCA company was invited to observe the comparison being conducted, the invitation was turned down.  

 Featured Summit Educator

Kathy Partin Teaches  

The Advantage of Color Concentration Technique


        Color concentration has been kicking around the haircoloring community for a long time.  In simple terms it is the ability of removing some of the water from your haircolor formula and more direct dye haircolor.  The idea is to have more color in  

your formula so your haircolors last longer and do not wash out as rapidly.  The gray coverage and the lack of brassy hair are some additional advantages of color concentration.  Kathy has made a long term study of the effects of color concentration and has many followers to her credit.  Kathy holds both private and group  classes in her salon.  As an attendee of the Summit you have the advantage of learning from her vast knowledge of the subject.               

Japan Has Been Planning to Enter The Consumer Haircolor Market,  Here's Their Answer 

Fat Foam Haircolor 

         There is a new haircolor appearing on the drug store shelves, its called Fat Foam.  No its not the new Italian rage it comes from           Japan and it is called fat foam.  A new form of applying haircolor without any dripping or running.  For years there has been the Bijin line of powder haircolor marketed through salons as a professional haircolor.  It has not made much of a impact so now they are going to the consumer market with Fat Foam.  It is available in 18 colors. For $10.00 you get a container to mix the color in.  Pour the liquid into the container add the powder and shake.  you get a nice thick foam the consumer can apply to their hair themselves.
          You can go to the website an it will direct you to You Tube,www.fatfoam.com  there you will see many testimonials as to how great the product is and how it gives salon results.  There is one longer curly head that applied the product and ran out of product.  The results of that particular head was reddish at the scalp and ash on the curly porous ends.
No one mentions how you would give a retouch with the foam.  It is clearly designed for all over the head application.
          We will be testing the product along with the remaining 6N's that were not part of the first comparison. 

Jessee Skittrall Summit Educator Supreme 


             He is not the biggest name in haircolor education, but he deserves to be Jessee had been an educator with the Summit each year since he won third place in the speed foil competition the first year.  He wanted to teach the attendees how he ended up being a winner in the foil competition.  Jessee is a natural as an educator.  He is so

Jessee Skitrall

knowledgeable about haircolor, when he was scheduled to do a 3 hour hand on class he ended up teaching for three hours because he had so much to teach the students didn't want him to quit lecturing.  Kris McGinnis,  Secretary of The American Board of Certified haircolorists said, "He is so interesting I could listen to him all day, he can cite the differences between Italian, German and American colors and how the shades vary depending on the preferences of the population.  He is so smart when it comes to haircolor I learned so much from him and I have been coloring hair for 25 years"  

It has not been an easy road for Jessee who as Educational Director  for Kadus a line of haircolor he helped pioneer in the the United States had the line pulled out of this country.  While directing the education for the Kadus Company he did numerous You Tube Videos which can still be seen.  Known as the Kadus guy on You Tube he did some interesting techniques,  known for his soft casual haircolors, his videos can still be seen.

    Having him back to the Summit is a real plus.  Don't miss the chance to see this brilliant artist.    

Chicago Exam Nets Only 6 New ABCH'S


          Whenever we go to an examination we go there with the aspiration of producing a number of new ABCH's, so when only 6 individuals pass all three portions of the examination, we are very disappointed.  The good news is those who did not pass came very close and missed on only one portion. Congratulations to Courtney Cumbie for receiving the high score for the performance examination, a 119 out of 130.  The high scorer in the other two portions of the exanination, Joseph Kinnard fell a little short in his performance portion.  It was a very enthusiastic energetic group who will be back again with better results.

 6 up

             Those who did not pass the interactive or written portions of the examination may take the exam again on line for the written and over the phone for the interactive.

             Our congratulations again to those 6 who have achieved a point of difference with their peers. 

Salon FAB Files Suit Aganist Manufacturers For Diversion     

Plaintiffs State a Claim Under The Lanham Act      

           The plaintiffs are comprised of several salons who claim were injured by manufacturers who advertisments indicate their products were available only at professional salons.  Because the plaintiffs have alleged facts sufficient to state a claim under the Landham act.

             The first amended class action complaint asserts three causes of action: False advertising and unfair competition under the Landham act and injunctive relief.  The plaintiffs claim they have suffered loss of salesand damage to their reputation and good will as a result the manufacturers advertising claims that certain haircare products sold by the plaintiffs are available for purchase only in salons, when in fact the products are widely available outside of salons.

             Salon FAD is is a non profit organization that was formed in 2008 to advance to intrests of salons in the face of large scale diversion of professional products into non professional retail channels.  FAD stands for "Fight Aganist Diversion".  Salon FAD is based in Houston Texas. Farouk country.  It was spearheaded by Dixie Pelfrey who is acting CEO.   

              The defendants are L'Oreal Inc. Farouk Systems, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Sexy Hair Concepts LLC, P&G company,  TIGI Linea LP  

              The plaintiffs have moved to dismiss the suit on three separate grounds. 1) The plaintiffs fail to allege an injury that is tracable. 2) False advertising, the defendants argue the false advertising actually bolstered sales to the salons. 3) the plaintiffs lack lack statutory standing under the Landham act. The defendants' also argue the plaintiffs lack standing because they are free to cease purchasing the defendants' products, and therefore, hold the power to avoid the injury to their reputations that the false advertising would bring. In the 18 page document provided by the court there were many different motions made by the defendants' The judge was stanch in his decision to move forward with the suit.     

                On a motion to dismiss the court must accept all allegations in the complaint as true.  There is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo explaining the judges reaction to the defendants' claims and the various sections of the law that were cited in the determenation  The bottom line was the plaintiffs won the first round.  It is a major victory for the plaintiffs.  It means the plaintiffs can now audit the books of the defandants'.

               Salon FAD is seeking to add plaintiffs to their class action.  In so doing you will be part of a group of salonsattempting to represent nationwide class of salons and licensed cosmetologists who are suing the the defendants listed above for false advertising.  The case is being represented by Susman Godfrey one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. The case is on a contingency basis so there will be no out of pocket cost to the plaintiffs.  If interested in becoming a plaintiff go to <info@salonFAD or contact directly salon FAD at 713-589-4790.                 



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