This is Very Exciting, The Best Generic Haircolor Education Ever!   


       This is the response we are getting from the many that have already registered for the Energizing Summit. The lineup of talent is second to none. The best thing about the Summit is having the opportunity to interact with people who have the love of haircolor in common.  Some of our educators do not have big names, most are ABCH Board Certified and they all have one

.Courtney von Berg

thing in common, they love to teach and pass along valuable haircolor information. Take for instance Courtney von Berg, 20 years of coloring hair she says, about her subject, "Undertones and learning how to deal with them is the most important subject you have to learn about haircolor. After all in any haircolor you put on the hair that lightens the natural color the undertones will dominate. It makes sense to learn to anticipate what is going to happen to the color. It is possibly more important then formulating". Courtney has been teaching the "Mastering Undertones" class for 10 years. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm make attending her class a joy. Teaching part time at a beauty school has prepared her to refine her presentation skills. 

Michael Page


          Another great educator, whose classes are filled at each Summit, is Michael Page. People who have worked with Michael will tell you of his dedication to his craft. He is the first to arrive at the Summit to prepare all of his mannequins and he is the last to leave.  The time and effort he puts into his classes is obvious. When he is not teaching he is attending others classes so he can refine his craft even further. The class he teaches is "Advanced Foil Placement", a class that is both creative and analytical, left brain right brain if you would. Breaking down the foil placement takes a great deal of mastery and skill. After all not everyone places foil in the same manner, and everyone thinks the manner in which they do it is the best. We all work in our own environment and seldom have the chance to observe how others are doing their highlights, low lights and the many other techniques we need to know if we are to progress. The class is fun and fast moving.  An hour and a half never went by so fast.    

Jay Marshlick Speaks to Salon Owners on Being a Superlative Leader


        It was 1997 when Jay Marshlick took the examination and became  the first ABCH Board Certified Haircolorist in Georgia. Jay knows opportunity when he sees it. I'm certain there were other things he would rather do than travel to Chicago to take an examination to become Board Certified, but he did and passed. All the Evaluators could see he was determined to do well and if he did fail he would be back until he passed. He knew exactly what he was going to do with his certification when he went back to the salon. It wasn't too long before everyone in Georgia knew who the first Board Certified Haircolorist was in Georgia.   

       That was just the start, he now owns his own salon and purchased the property it is on. He has also purchased a school and is introducing the ABCH curriculum to all of his students. The first school in the nation that teaches haircoloring the ABCH way.

        Jay is an example of the educators we have at the Summit. People who have lived it and want to pass it on.   

George Schaffer Uses Fingernail Polish Marketing For Haircolor  

Tasty Advertising 

         Aloxxi is using an approach to marketing never used with haircolor.  George Schaffer is planing to give his haircolors more personality by giving names that have personality and appeal to clients. Of course the ads will have that Italian 

George Schaffer.

flair. Names like "Blonde Bambino" or "Florentine Dream" will arouse the clients curiosity. He feels the traditional identifiers like 6N or 8BV are boring and do not create the excitement that haircolor should. Reaching the client to arouse their curiosity may be very expensive. Wouldn't we like to see some of those L'Oreal type ads with the hair flowing and have them finish by saying, "Available only at your professional haircolorist."
           The challenge comes when he has to find the educated professionals to do the type of work that will enhance his haircolor line.

Scientist, Doug Schoon Responds to Misleading Claims by Oregon OSHA  

            Internationally known scientist Doug Schoon scolded the Oregon OSHA for putting out information their scientists know are not true. In so doing they are creating further confusion regarding "Formaldehyde."
          In reality Methylene Glycol and formaldehyde are very different; both chemically and physically! Methylene Glycol is a liquid, Formaldehyde is a gas. Even so, Oregon OSHA has recently declared they are synonyms, yet these two substances have very different chemical compositions and belong to different chemical families, Aldehyde vs Alcohol.  Glycol belong to the alcohol family of chemical substances.
            Medical researchers around the world regularly perform scientific studies with 37% Formalin which they are led to believe is 37% Formaldehyde, when in fact it contains only 0.0466% Formaldehyde, 59% methylene Glycol and 10% Mentanol.
             Recent controversies over Keratin Smoothing treatments have finally exposed this world wide problem. Rather than clarify this issue, Oregon OSHA has been reinforcing the confusion with their recent press releases.
          We need clarity from OSHA not more confusion. Please OSHA take a bold step-provide the leadership needed to correct this important misunderstanding.

 Haircolor USA Will Attempt a Comeback 

        It has been several years since the Questex company decided to no longer produce the event known as HAIRCOLOR USA.  The haircolor event was produced by several haircolorists from Intercoiffure. It continued for several years drawing throngs of haircolorists  to the Foutainblu Hotel in Miami, Florida. They even held some of the classes outdoors so the attendees could enjoy some of Miami's sunshine.   

         The format was several manufacturers would have classrooms where they would educate(sell) their products to the audience. They would then rotate to another class where they would be sold on another product. This went on for two days being herded from one class to another. The attendees did not have a choice of which classes they wanted to see. If you were in the blue group you went to the blue class, like it or not. Fewer and fewer attendees came to the event and several of the manufacturers decided not to participate and that was their demise.   

             Hopefully this time around they remember their mistakes and will produce a more favorable event for the attendees.   

John Halal Says "I quit"   

Summit Educator Upset Over School


          I can't say I didn't expect it, after all John Halal was past president of the association of accredited Beauty schools. Clearly that is where his alliance is. My alliance is with hairdressers. When I read his email on his decision not to no longer support the

John Halal.

Summit I called him back and we had a very civil exchange. John indicated I was an OK guy but I upset a lot of people with my comments about beauty schools when it came to federal funding. He said my comments came at a very sensitive time when the legislators were considering the elimination of federal funding for schools. He indicated he was going to send me an article he wrote regarding how the industry needs to work together. The name of the article was "We're all in this together."  John, why then are schools prospering while salons are struggling? Why don't we get some of the billions dollars the schools get so we can use some of it to make your graduates productive. Salons get zilch, nada, zero. No, we're not in this together.

            The schools march to their own drummer. They do nothing to help the salons who hire their employees. As a matter of fact, they blame the salons for not paying their graduates more money because their funding is threatened to be cut if we do not pay them more. Of course there are good schools who do their best to produce a product salons can put to work in the least amount of time, but there are more who could care less. Does it sound like we are all in this together? 

             Any attempt to help the salons with new legislation is met with resistance from the schools. We wanted apprenticeship, shampoo license, hairstylists license all put down by the schoolsPersonally, I think the schools should operate their business the same as salons; without funding from the government. That's the way it worked when I went to beauty school.  Tuition was $400.00 and they relied on their clients to make a profit.  

Energizing Summit Registrations

Are up 150% over Last Year

Some classes are already closed

          The 2011 Energizing Summit is on target to be the largest Summit in the 11 year history.  The lineup of educators are second to none.  Having to sit in a large hall watching someone placing foils in the hair are losing audience appeal. Smaller interactive classes are what haircolorists are looking for.

Misael Aponte

 There is something for everyone.  You have the creative aspect of haircolor being taught by Doug Martucci and Misael Aponte; and you have the more analytical aspects of haircoloring like Kris McGinnis and Mary Petillo.
           If you have not yet registered for the Energizing Summit don't delay When the classes get filled there is no way you can enter.
Save 20%

     Energizing Summit Savings

If you sign up for the Energizing Summit during February you will receive a 20% discount. That allows you to attend the Summit for only $240.00. A substantial savings. The discount includes any of the hands on classes that have an additional charge for the mannequin. In these classes real bleach and haircolor are used. There are several hands on classes that are included in the fee that use mock bleach and color and there is no additional charge.  Registration starts on February 1 and continues right up to June 11 the day before the Summit. Go to   to select your classes and register. 

Extended to March 10