Energizing Summit Presents an All Star Line up of New Talent.  June 12, 13  


       Of course many of the past educators will be returning to the Energizing Summit for a return engagement.  There is also a great lineup of new faces anxious to pass on information they have gathered on their career.  Some are manufacturer educators who enjoy the freedom to teach in their own manner.  Most haircolorists make new discoveries while in the process of servicing clients that they would like to pass on to others.  

Larry Kopsa.
Kim Bregal
Lenny Strand
Franco Marino.
Erin Vigen.
David Velasco









Melanie Nickels.

The Energizing Summit is now the only venue where the educators have the freedom to teach without being encumbered by outside forces.  David Velasco a long time educator will be making his first appearance.  David has written several books on haircoloring and wants to disclose the contents of his six books with the audience.  Erin Vigen has made some new discoveries while in the process of coloring her red haired clients which could prove to be beneifical to those who do red haircolors.  Melanie Nickels Will put up a very strong argument in favor of organic haircolor.  She is a very dedicated user of organic haircolor.  CAUTION: she will try and convert you to using it as well.  Kimberly Bregal fought me to teach a class on preserving your clients highlighted hair.  She will teach you to highlight your clients hair as if you will be coloring it for the next twenty years. This hands on class offers a fresh approach to highlighting.  Franco Marino not only works behind the chair five days a week, he also has an academy where he teaches the blending the color and cut.  His approach is fresh and creative.  He specializes in reviving burned out haircolorists.  Pure tones is a subject we know little about.  Lenny strand does and he wants desperately to teach others about it.  He has fun with pure tones and he wants you to have fun also.   Also new to the Summit is Larry Kopsa who will be featured in one of the optional lunch sessions.  Larry is an accountant specializes in salons and spas. His accounting firm has more salon and spa clients than any other accounting firm in America.  He, better than anyone else, is qualified to explain why salons go bad.   

Roy Peters to Teach at Energizing Summit 


         After taking a two year break away from the Summit Roy Peters is going to return. According to Roy, "I love this event, I love to teach haircolor and this is what this event is all about.  Even though I work for Kuene I am able to teach any way I like. As a matter of fact they encourage me to teach here".

         Roy is one of the premier haircolor educators in the country.  He has traveled the globe teaching haircolor.  His way of teaching combines a sense of humor along with the serious stuff.  His class title, "Framing the face with haircolor" is among his most favorite and draws the most response from his audience.  The small intimate class size makes for a lot of interaction with the instructor.        


Aloxxi Haircolor and George Schaffer Waste no Time Getting Established

The Italian Theme Will Set The Stage

         Go to the website and you will get the sense of excitment that George Schaffer is feeling as he preparing
George Schaffer
to launch Aloxxi, his new haircolor line.  To keep the theme authentic he travel to Italy with a crew of makeup artists, stylists haircolorists and film crew.  There should be no question in anyones mind that George knows how to market.  Think back to all of the tasty ads he produced every season that rolled around.  Everything from Red Hot to a Russian Czar, there was a theme for every color.  All he has to do now is translate that to haircolor.  If anyone can do it George can.  The big challenge happens when it comes to developing a team of educators that can help salons with the transition. 

Goldwell Introduces a New Product for a Thirty Year Old Technique.

             Its now called bumping the base. It is lifting the natural color only slightly to take the dark edge off the hair.  Clairol was the first company to introduce a product that gave the hair a slight lift.  It was a gentle bleach you mixed with a low volume peroxide you left on the hair for 15 minutes.  The product is still
Before                   After.
being sold today.  It is called Luminize.  After the initial introduction, which was very successful, they followed up with Luminize with colors, which did no more than the original clear.
              The idea was to introduce a product that can be used on all hair types to take the fear out of using haircolor by those who feared doing haircolor.  It was the brainchild of Ken Perry Clairols marketing director.
              Goldwell is now introducing a similar product used to "bump the base".  A technique used to brighten highlighted hair. after it grows out and the highlights become dull looking. 
             Redken came out with a similar product called Shades Above, which is no longer being marketed.  All of these products are no more than a mild bleach.
            Why do we have to introduce a new product to something we can do with what we have in our lab now. We should all be aware that there is no lightener that has a label of one size fits all.  Five minutes could be just the right amount of lightening or you could end up with brassy hair.  What if it take more than five minutes to apply? Does the hair where it was first applied come out with too much lightness. There are no magic bullets.

John Paul Dijoria Now Selling Diamond Rings

              It seems John Dijoria is getting bored with selling shampoo.  He partnered with a diamond seller in England where he started selling diamonds.  He is now moving his operation to the United States where he is preparing to launch Dijoria Diamonds.  The diamonds are conflict free,  meaning the diamonds do not come from an area in Africa where they create unspeakable act on the people who mine the diamonds.  It is difficult to imagine someone making a diamond purchase on the internet but stranger things have happened. 
                When Paula Kent sold Redken to L'Oreal to she started a business attempting to sell boutique items through salons.  The idea was not well received and eventually went bust.
                 No one who has reaped a fortune ever gives back to the industry that made them rich, rather they try to devise methods of getting their hands on more of the hairdressers money.  I want to see one of these tycoons make an attempt to help the industry, especially now when many of the salons are struggling and trying to make ends meet.  Personality I have never understood the concept of treating the people who we made rich, who diverted their products who never did anything for the industry that didn't make them gobs of money like they are Sister Threresa.          

Schwarzkopf 10 Minute Haircolor Will go Head to Head with TCA 

               Schwarzkopf has introduced a 10 minute haircolor.  The haircolor professes to give superior results in both lift and deposit in 10 minutes.  TCA product that has been on the market for 10 years is saying why buy an entire line when you can use our product to do the same thing.  Dennis Bernard the manufacturer of TSA indicates our product offers superior results for a lot less money.
              The colors will be tested for deposit then checked for durability against a color that is processed the traditional timing method.  The lifting action will be checked using a different lifting haircolor.
             Schwarzkopf indicates their new 10 minute haircolor will lift 4 levels in 10 minutes. The difficulty in determining such a claim is the standard by which a level is determined.  If measuring a level on the darkest hair and if you are determining a level to be the slightest difference in color, it is possible to do that with most high lift colors.  As you get closer to the lighter end of the spectrum it will take 45 minutes to go from stage 10 to stage 11.  This changes the game. Both will products will be compared in the same manner.


Desperate Professional Responds to Gordon Miller Article  


This young lady appears to be someone who wants to be a part of our industry.  Can someone out there help her get a job?  I feel her pain $17,000.00 Debt and no job.  This is happening all over our industry.   Schools need to be honest with students about their job prospects. 


Hello Andre,
       I just finished reading an article from Gordon Miller that was sent to my email back in January. 
Quoting this article, " Why are students spending over $10,000 on an education - only to find themselves working in a salon that offers a dead-end job? "
      This is exactly what is happening to me!!
I'm 36 and I got my cosmetology license two years ago after I got laid off from my job.  I have some life experience and some job experience. So I got a loan for $17,000 and I enrolled in beauty school.
       After graduation, I started working as an apprentice assisting a "master" stylist in a high-end salon.  I worked the hardest I have ever worked for this guy.  I listened to everything he said and I did everything he said to do.  The more I listened to him the more I doubted myself and the worse I felt about myself and my skills.  He kept pushing me to be like his other assistants, young and skinny.  One day he told me my look was "average", it was then I knew it was time to go.  I'm not a hideous dog, but I'm not 20 anymore either.  He didn't accept me for what I had to offer and that really made me feel bad about myself.
         I quit that job and took 8 months off.  I was ready to quit hair forever and I did for 8 months. 
The problem is, I love this industry.  I want to do something great.  I want to make a career that I can be proud of, yet I keep hitting dead ends.
I decided to work at booth rent salon.  The rent was cheap and I wanted to work with the specific products they carried.  I believed that if I worked hard I could build my clientele. This salon is beautiful; it's clean and modern.  Yet, there is no foot-traffic, it's in a small suburb and I am the only stylist that woks there.  I have spent a lot of money on advertising in the past ten months and I haven't gotten any clients from my advertising.  I pass out flyers and I use social networking sites to advertise, but my business hasn't increased at all.  I have been applying to salons all over town, but no one is calling to hire me. 
         I'm ready throw in the towel on this career.  My $17,000 student loan is due and I have no money pay it and no job prospects.  I have so much to offer this industry and I know I could be so successful but I can't seem to make it happen.  I am desperate for guidance. 
        I ordered a video from your Real People series and I loved it.  My dream is become certified in haircolor and to teach.  I appreciate any insight or advice you can offer me.  Thank you for your time.

Stephanie Solorzano


Why Beauty School Funding is Bad News For Beauty Salons.   

Schools Win Vote For More Funding    

           I never understood the notion that when beauty schools received federal funding it was good for salons.  I never understood the salons going to capitol hill giving the legislators manicures and facials so they would look favorably on the schools when it came to refunding the schools.

             One of my colleagues called  to inform me to watch cspan channel because the debate was going to proceed on the "Gainful Employment Bill"  I happen to know a little about school funding, I waged a campaign against school funding in the late 80's when schools were cranking out students at a rapid pace.  More students than the industry could possibly absorb.  It is worse now, much worse.  At that time the Office of Post Secondary Education(OPE) stated, " Having an oversupply of workers will lower the salary levels, reduce demand for training and will drive down the price of services and the consumers will benefit"  They also stated we have an oversupply of one million cosmetologists and 200,000 being enrolled annually.  Congress responded by increasing funding for vocational training from 1.6 billion to 6 billion.  

           So when the House of Representatives voted to continue funding for schools I was shocked.  Shocked because the Congress is supposed to be saving money.  Listening to the debates it was clear the representatives did not have a clue how their votes would effect the beauty industry.  

We have a oversupply of workers.            

       Just as was stated by the OPE the number of workers has increased fourfold since 1993.  The more you have of something the less value it has. If the state of California anticipates an increase of 1,500 cosmetologists by 2018, then why do they license 35,000 graduates per year. That's more than a 25 year supply.  The beauty industry is a very portable industry. pair if scissors, blow dryer and a few supplies and you're in business. We are running out of clients         

Gainful employment act hurts minorities.  

        The best thing they could have done for minorities is pass the bill.  The people who get hurt the most are the minorities.  The recruiters laugh at them as they sign them up for a $20,000 loan, knowing they will never get a job.  They will say anything to prospective student to get them to sign on the dotted line.    

Tution money is not being spent to educate 

           The amount of money being made by schools is obscene.  Millions and millions of dollars are being used to purchase real estate and build mansions.  A single school can generate millions of dollars a year.  You can only imagine the income generated by schools with multiple locations.  If beauty school graduates fail to acquire the necessary education to become productive, the The task  falls on the salon.  Students are not taught haircolor.  Its difficult, with 60 different haircolor manufactures teaching color is expensive and not required by the state, so it is not taught.  NOTICE to schools:  the ABCH curriculum is generic and can be learned on line. Go to www.haircolorist.com

Federal funding attracts the wrong type of students
              Once a school receives Federal funding they must accept everyone that wants to attend that school Many students would prefer not be there.  This means parolees, welfare recipients and the Jerry Springer audience.  Why do we have to enroll individuals who do nothing but inhibit the learning experience for those who want to learn.  
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     Energizing Summit Savings

If you sign up for the energizing Summit during February you will receive a 20% discount. That allows you to attend the Summit for only $240.00. A substantial savings. The discount includes any of the hands on classes that have an additional charge for the mannequin. In these classes real bleach and haircolor are used. There are several hands on classes that are included in the fee that use mock bleach and color and there is no additional charge.  Registration starts on February 1 and continues right up to June 11 the day before the Summit. Go to www.haircolorist.com   to select your classes and register. 

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