American Board of Certified Haircolorists   Newsletter  August

2010 Summit Gets Rave Reviews.  Dates Set For 2011 Summit, June 12th and 13th. 
One of the highlight of the Summit was the haircolor forum.  Tony Fanelli fields questions from the audience for the panel of experts.  The topic of discussion for the evening centered around organic haircoloring as well as Keratin products.  The panel consisted of Educators appearing at the Summit, from left to right Tony Fanelli, Dr Hayel Said ( Dr Said was the recepient of the Andy Award) Lea Bascili, Masael Apointe, Don Westbrook, Lisa Kelley Roy Peters and Tom Dispenza.

            Education was abundant at the 2010 Energizing Summit.  There were 45 educators teaching classes mostly pertaining to haircoloring in some form.  There were classes on Business and how to raise awareness and promote your salon and there were even classes on how to be a booth renter in a haircolor environment.  But most classes pertained to haircolor, be it creative or the more technical aspects of haircoloring.   Formulating, Undertones, Dark hair techniques, Selecting the perfect haircolor, Blending haircolors and the list goes on.  This was the 10th annual Summit and plans are being made for next years Summit.  This is strictly an educational event.  This is the only event where education takes precedent over product sales.  There are exhibitors who attend and sell products, selling products is just not the thrust of the Summit.
             Some of the the new educators for next year will be Franco Moreno who hails from New York and teaches the blending of cut and color.  For the first few Summits we conducted classes in photography and how to shoot your hairstyles.  Gary Lyons famous fashion photographer has consented to hold classes in photography.  There are other commitments for next years Summit that will make it the best ever.  The Board of Directors are always seeking new talent to conduct classes.  We can't wait till 2011 Summit it will prove to be the best Summit ever.        

P&G Cuts Off Kadus USA Market

Brocado Seeks New Color Line For U.S.A.

        The Brocado Company, Sole distributor for the Kadus line of haircolor has to be feeling the wrath of the corporate world.  P&G the owner of the Wella Company, who in turn owns the Kadus has made the determined to no longer distribute the Kadus haircolors and bleaches in the United States.  The P&G company has been trimming their line of products in a cost cutting effort.
        This has left Brocado and their distribution network with out a line of haircolor to promote.  ABCH has heard from many of the salons that had been using Kadus and they are rightly very upset to have their line of haircolor and bleaches pulled out from them with very little notice.  Salons are scrambling to find an alternate to the Kadus line which they became accustomed to and loved.
            For a salon to change color lines is a lot of additional work, experimenting and reformulating with the new lines of haircolor.  Sally  Brower of Peppers Salon in Puyallup, Washington State stated, " We have tried several other lines of color and have not yet found we we like as well". 
            The corporate world elicits little regards for the hard working salons by disrupting distribution of a line of haircolor.  This behavior is being experienced across the country as businesses merge.  The corporate world seems to disregard the fact salons are the life blood of the beauty industry and salons need to be financially viable in order for  the remainder of the industry to prosper.
Lilli Jackel Famous Toronto Haircolorist Dies

          Lilli Jackel was a haircolor "Icon"  Known for her trademark "Lilli Blonde"has passed.  To achieve a lilli blonde, she would start by bleaching the hair to a yellow, then rather than toning the hair she would take diamond shape patterns at the scalp and
Lilli Jackel dead from kidney failure.
 color them a chocolate brown.  The result was a beautiful blend of light and dark which no one could duplicate.  She was a working dynamo, with as many as twelve haircolorists working directly under her she would book 6 columns and formulate for all of the haircolorists in the salon.  No matter how busy she was, she was the only one that would section the diamond patterns for her Lilli Blondes. Heaven help the haircolorist assistant who did not follow her patterns exactly.  It was a joy to watch her work, she was like a conductor guiding her assistants in perfect harmony.
         Lilli spent her entire career attempting to upgrade the professional haircolorists image.  She was a member of Intercoiffure and a founding member of the now defunct International Haircolor Exchange ((IHE) She will be missed by the community of haircolorists who knew and adored  her.
Waltraud displays her ABCH Certificate front and center as you walk in the door

Colorist Credits ABCH For Opening Her New Salon

         Waltraud Gannon has been a haircolorist for over 40 years.   She loves what she is doing.  according to Waltraud,"I have worked for others my entire career and have never had the confodence to open my own salon until I earned my certification.  It wasn't easy, I had to take the examination twice in order to pass, I would have taken it 10 times until I passed".  Now waltraud is tutering others to become board certified.
Waltraud's new salon has ABCH as part of the name of the salon

No Evaluation on Inoa Haircolor
Attempt to purchase color line for evaluation was rebuffed.  "You need to attend class"

       An attempt to purchase haircolor from the Maly Store in Torrance was denied.  The reason given was in order to purchase Inoa haircolor you are required to attend a one day class to become certified.  The clerk at the store was unimpressed with my credentials as being the president of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists.  Nothing I could say could persuade the clerk to allow me to purchase the color.  He indicated the computer locked him out and he could not override The computer.  To date I have not received any haircolor from the many individuals who indicated they would send me some Inoa color.  Perhaps this article will produce some color.  We will reimburse you. 
L.A. Certification Exam Produces a Record 25 New ABCH Colorists

        What a great group of haircolorists all trying for the title of Board Certified Haircolorist.  Perhaps it was the preparation or having the examination questions on the website that
Richard Low scored 225 out of a possible 250 in the written exam. Outstanding!
made this group of haircolorists so outstanding.  The ability of being able to practice the written examination on line seemed to spill over on to the other two portions of the examination. There were a total of
36 candidate that took the examination. That put the pass rate right at 69%.  That is a record percentage of candidates that passes all three portions of the examination.  The pass rate are generally is 50% or less. Of course there were 5 candidates who were taking the examination for the second time, this help raise the percentage.  There were 27 that passed the performance
Lauren Hodges received the highest combined score with a record 399.
e examination, there were also 27 who passed the written examination.  The interactive had the least number passing, only 25 pass this very subjective portion of the examination.  Candidates may take the written and the interactive portions of the examination over without traveling to another examination site.
            It appears the word is out that it is a difficult examination and candidates are coming to
Charlene Coffing scores 49 out of a perfect 50 in the interactive portion
the examination site better prepared.  Everyone is looking for haircolor education.  There is no better way to become more educated in haircoloring than to study for and take the examination. Even if you are apprehensive about taking the examination you will become a far better haircolorist by simply preparing for the examination.  It makes no sense for us to be
Amber Murphy scored a 122 out of a possible 130 in the performance exam.
working with chemicals if we do not completely understand what we are putting on the clients hair.
      The Evaluators indicated the Los Angeles candidates were the best group of candidates they have ever evaluated. 
       The next Examination will be held in Boston on August 8th.

Seen at Cosmoprof, a New Way to Disperse Color 

       It may be the future of haircoloring.  No more bottles or tubes the haircolor is dispersed in containers that are held in a vending like machine. There are 29 colors and 10,20,30, and 40 volume peroxide.  The colors are held in pie shaped bladders in a cardboard box.  It works by
dialing in the formula you want and the amount you want on a computer screen that guides you through the entire process.  The color formula is then dispersed into a bowl mixed  and applied. The cost of the color is $1.10 a mixed ounce. The publicity indicates you can save 20 to 30% in haircolor costs, highly unlikely at that price.  It would depend on the color you are now using.  In the 6N comparison There were tube haircolors that were as inexpensive as .57 a mixed ounce (4 ounces). At $1.10 an ounce that would be an average cost of the color. They are counting an application at 2.5 ounces, this would make a 4 ounce formula on the high end of the spectrum. The formulas are kept in memory for further use.
         The machine itself sells for $7,000.00  which needs to be factored in. It will be available for lease or you can have the machine free if you purchase enough haircolor.  Because it is computerized you can program it to monitor usage by the employees.  Ditto for a booth rental salon you can monitor usage and bill the booth renter at the end of each month.  it is a win win for both the booth renter and landlord. 
              The quality of the color is key.  There was a lot of unanswered questions in regards to haircolor ingredients.  Word has it the system has been used successfully in Europe for several years. it has a lot of appeal if the color is of the quality we are accustomed to.  We have been invited to observe a demonstration, we will report back.   

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