American Board of Certified Haircolorists    Newsletter  May
By Andre Nizetich
Survey Results Revealed

Thanks to all who responded to the survey.   We learned how many of you feel about the Energizing Summit, the American Board of Certified Haircolorists and the ABCH Certification Examination.

I will attempt to encapsulate what we learned from the survey.  Those of you who would like to review the entire results may do so.

Are you Currently a Board Certified Haircolorist?   There were more non ABCH's than ABCH's who responded to the Survey.  45.4% verses 54.3%
We asked the non certified if they planned to take the ABCH Certification exam and surprisingly 35% said yes to becoming  board certified, a much larger number than the 18.5% no's. 
We then asked those  not intending to take the exam, why they were not interested.   The two big negatives were the cost and the travel, this made up 67.6% of the respondents and 47% gave additional comments.  It made for interesting reading.
We asked if they would like ABCH more if it were sponsored by a manufacturer.  The vast majority, 58.2% said no, to only 11% who liked the idea.
We asked if they have been exposed to the ABCH Study Portfolio.  An extreme number of respondents have.  Not surprising because of the large number of respondents who are ABCH's.  54.3% vs 19.4%
A large number would be more inclined to take the examination if they could have a mentor teaching them. That's not surprising because of the large number of haircolorists who fear failing. 
We did find those who have taken the examination found it to be a valuable experience and would recommend it to others.  This is what we found on the evaluation forms the candidates filled out after the examination.  Pass or fail they all found they became more confident after studying for and taking the examination.
When asked if they had ever attended the Energizing Summit,  The respondents answered equally yes and no.  The biggest reason for not attending was expense and travel.  47.5% made comments on the Summit.  Most wanted it to be in their back yard instead of Los Angeles.  Ditto for the examination.

There were interesting comments on how the American Board of Certified Haircolorists could be improved.  Most involved spending money we do not have.  You can read all of the comments and the result of the survey by clicking on the link below:   Makes for interesting reading.
Appearing at the Energizing Summit

Mentors for the Exam   Appear at The Summit

         There are a number of classes being taught at the Energizing Summit that will aid candidates in understanding the ABCH curriculum, thus giving them a better chance of passing the examination. You will discover the information received in these classes to be a great asset in helping you better understand the haircoloring process.
           There are two hands on classes taught on the performance examination.  One is headed by
Paul Morrison
Paul Morrison. the other by Tamara Dahill.  Both classes have the same information and will take you through the various tasks that need to be completed for the examination.  The difference in the two hands on classes is one of the classes will be using real bleach and color and requires a $40.00 surcharge and after the class  you keep the mannequin.  
The other class will utilize an imitation bleach and color.  The mannequins being used for these classes
Tamara Dahill
will simulate the actual prepared examination mannequins.  There is no surcharge for this class and you leave the mannequin in the classroom. Hurry and register as these classes are filling fast.
         Jan Caruso is a veteran evaluator for ABCH.  She loves the ABCH and what it did for her career.  For the past 5 years she has been teaching a class on how to pass the interactive portion of the examination.  It is a difficult task keeping order in a class when everyone feels their choice is the best pick of the
Jan Caruso.
choices presented.  Jan has the knowledge and charm to get her point across without ruffling feathers.  She only teaches two classes and both are almost full.
            Another very popular class is the class held by Courtney von Berg.  Undertones is a class everyone needs.  When you think that anytime you make hair lighter the undertones will dominate the haircolor.  This single reason is enough to want to be able to anticipate the undertones that will emerge when coloring the hair.  Courtney has a way of getting this very important message in a clear masterful way.  Her use of props make it very understandable.  One of the portions of the curriculum that helps haircolorists  most, is by dividing the hair into four different categories.  This is the first step in aiding the haircolorist understand that each category of natural hair has its own stages of lightening. Courtney is teaching four classes over the two days.  Very worthwhile is an understatement, these classes are great.    
Parson Inks Deal With Conair Co.

    Martin Parson is everyone's favorite educator, and we do mean educator.  He travels the nation teaching beautiful easy to style up do's.  His smooth delivery and sense of humor has made him an icon in the industry. 
    I can remember attending the Intercoiffure International Atelier event in New York some 30 years ago.  Guest artists from across the world were there to dazzle the audience with their creations.
Martin Parsons
Indeed, everyone was amazed at the workmanship on the models who appeared.  Near the end of the presentation came this young man with a full head of hair, styling long hair with no effort.  He waved the hair around like it was pizza dough bending it and placing the hair in an array of designs.  That young man was Martin Parsons and at the time he represented Redken.  His presentation made all the artists before him look as though they were amateurs. 
       Today his hair is gone, but he continues to dazzle his audiences at each venue in which he appears.  He does it with class and personality.  He  is the finest representative our country can send abroad.  While other educators own nothing but jeans, Martin Parsons appears only in suits and tuxedos.  Truly a class act!
         For the next year he will travel the globe appearing in venues on behalf of Conair.  The terms of the agreement are unclear but knowing Martin, he will be compensated.  If anyone deserves to receive a lucrative contract it would be Martin Parsons.   
Andre Nizetich

Andre Unveils Plan
to Lure Home Color Clients into Salons

       If all of the clients who color their hair at home came into the salons the salons would not be able to handle the surge.  Over 90% of clients who color their hair their choice of haircolor would be home haircolor.  Most clients who color their hair
There is a disproprotionate number of potential clients doing haircolor at home
at home would love to have their harcolored in the salon.  The reason they do not is because they cannot afford it, yet no one is pursuing this lucrative market
          While holding classes for consumers in conjunction with my local community college I taught consumers the finer points of haircoloring.  For me it was like a focus group.  I learned as much from them as they did from me. I always asked the question of the group, "Why don't you go to the salon to have your hair colored?" Two answers dominated, "I can't afford it" and "It's too expensive".
            I then asked how much they would be willing to pay to have their hair professionally colored.  I started at $60.00, no one raised their hands, I moved down in $5.00 increments, at each level more hands were raised.  When I reached $20.00 everybody in the room raised their hand.  It takes 10 minutes to apply a haircolor and 45 minutes to do a cut and blow dry, yet we charge more for the haircolor.  
             I just read an article written by a very nice man, Ruben Carranza who is the CEO of P&G North America.  The theme of his article is getting our clients back into the salon.  He suggested we need to create a unique salon experience.  We do that by using their new Sebastian Volupt hair spray.  You don't solve salon problems by just retailing.  That ship has sailed.  It's great way to up salon income, but its not going to create a unique salon experience.
             Let us get back to the service business by creating beautiful haircolors, doing unique colors clients cannot do at home.  Retail is fine but we are not going to get more clients into the salon with a new hairspray.
               There is a huge untapped market out there who would like to have their hair colored by a professional but cannot afford it.  These are middle class hardworking career people who would love to come into the salon, yet everyone is ignoring them.  Everyone is chasing the 10% who can afford it.  With this economy it has become worse, much worse. The gym is a great cross section of people who care about their appearance.  Yet I see these people who have been getting their hair highlighted, coloring  it  back to natural.   It takes a lot for a blonde to color her hair dark.  Times really have to be bad.  I have the answer. I keep thinking about all of those women in my haircolor class raising their hands at $20.00.
              It is a simple plan, color for less and color more. The answer is based on volume.  I will be making a presentation on Tuesday after the Summit, 10:30 AM at the same hotel.  Everyone is invited to attend.  It is a simple concept that will get hundreds of new clients into the salon and make the salon owner hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It will be worth your time.
Salons Gathering Hair For Oil Spill a Giant Bust

       Salons across the country are working to help solve to the oil crisis.  They are saving the hair they cut of clients and shipping it to a collection center to be used to gather the oil.  Oil that seeks to destroy  wildlife and seafood coming from the gulf.  
       John Siggers, from Atlanta,  is spearheading a program in the south to encourage salons to save their hair.  When he was asked why they did not simply use straw to soak up the oil and then gather up the oil soaked straw, John proceeded to tell the story of a hairdresser from the south who made the discovery of the hair soaking up oil As the story goes, barber Chet was very frugal.  He use to change the oil in his old car to save money and he threw the oil in the same 50 gallon drum he threw the clippings from his barber shop.  That is when he discovered the hair soaked up the oil to such a degree that when he went to empty the drum the hair and oil were one. He told a few of his friends about it and the word spread how hair can be used to soak up oil better than most any thing else, except in this case it didn't work.
        All of that work and money for shipping the hair to the collection centers was in vain, it simply did not work.  Word has it, the dispersed chemicals used to break up the oil, actually prevented the oil from adhering to the hair and the hair just sinks. None the less the hairdressers hearts were in the right place.
Seeking Adventure? Go to Work as a Haircolorist in Kuwait

The ABCH received an article from a salon owner in Kuwait seeking a professional haircolorist to raise the standard of haircoloring in that state.  It is a tall order, according to Dina the salon owner in question, "The quality of haircoloring is not that high, I would appreciate if you could reccommend someone professional who would be intrested in moving to Kuwait.  Salary package negotiable and accommodation provided."  You can contact Dina via email if interested. 

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