American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter  May 2010
Learn Double Process Haircolor

According to Bonnie Ray, if you are a professional you need to learn the proper way of doing double process haircoloring, take this hands on class and find out
          For the first time we will be holding hands on class on double process haircolor. (DPH) Bonnie Ray from Maine will be conducting the class.  She will be explaining why the ABCH method of doing a double process blonde is a much more sensible approach that the current method being taught.  Even if you do not currently perform
Double process Model
any double process color, as a professional you should be able to discuss the service to your client.  Sometime in your career as a professional harcolorist you will be called upon to do a DP haircolor. Bonnie Ray indicated," I am surprised at how few people know how to perform a DPH".  One of the most important things you have to learn when doing a DPH is keeping the second bleach off the scalp.  This is critical to the success of the service. All manufacturers of an on the scalp bleach warn
Bonnie Ray
and model
about the hazards of using a second bleach on the scalp within 24 hours.  You must keep the second application off of the scalp.  This is exactly what the students in her class will be doing in the hands on class.  This is a great opportunity to get your hands into actually doing the most important function of this amazing service.  Another great class at the Energizing Summit.  There is NO additional charge for this amazing class. Everything will be furnished.    Sign up now!

Doug Martucci "A Star is Born"
           Doug Martucci Teaches Haircolor.  You may not have ever heard of Doug Martucci.  He has only been in the industry a few years but he has established himself as one of the most exciting new talents teaching haircolor.  He will be educating at this years Summit , holding two three hour hands on classes.  Here is your opportunity to learn from a skilled, young,  refreshing talents in the industry.  He is a former educator for Paul
Doug Martucci and Model.
Mitchell company working under some very talented team members.  His talent was quickly recognized and was swooped away to become the educational director for the Jimgles company out of England.  At the Energizing Summit he will be teaching classes on Dimensional Mastery.  This hands on class covers all of the finer points of the art of dimensional haircolor.  The partings, application techniques, and the fine art of mixing haircolor.  Doug has a very understandable method of explaining in a matter of fact way, how haircolor works.  According to Doug," Once haircolorists understand what is in a tube of color and what it can do, haircolor becomes easy.  I is trying to do something with the color it is not capable of doing is where a person gets in trouble."   This is a great opportunity to use Jingles haircolor.  We often get in a rut using one color and being comfortable with the color you are using.  This is a good method of releasing that inner urge to try a different  line of haircolor.

The Siggers Team led by Lea Bascili Teaches Balayage hands on classes

The Battle Between
ISSE & PBA gets hairy

       Accusations are being thrown about. One party indicated they were looking to merge, the other denies ever hearing any offer of a merger and if they did they would tell them to take their offer and shove it.  It is apparent there is some bad blood between them.  
         With manufacturers already cutting back on trade shows this seems like a good excuse to opt out of any further trade shows.  This leaves more opening for the small exhibitors but will it be enough to sustain the ABS with their huge  McCormick Convention center.  It is a good news bad news situation, the good news it is a big beautiful center with all of the amenties, the bad news is it is among the most expensive convention centers in the entire country.
           It seems as though ISSE is shooting themselves in the foot by planning their show in the same month as ABS.  The NCA had planned a show at the Rosemount center the year after ABS moved to the MCormick center and they could not pull it off.  They tried again the following year and missed again.  This was under the leadership of Gordon Miller.  There has been bad blood between the NCA and the Chicago Cosmetologists (CC) for years. The NCA was supposed to be in charge.  They were the National organization and the CC was one of their affiliates.  That old adage the golden rule, "He who has the gold rules" that was the CC, they were not going to let the NCA push them around.  So the chance to get even with them and infiltrate the Chicago area with a show and the strong arm of the ISSE behind them They're going to show them.
          Personally I love them both.  The PBA has been extremely generous with the ABC by providing us space to hold our examination.  they have done so for the past 10 years. I have also taught for the ISSE show the entire time they have been in Long Beach.  They too have been wonderful to the ABCH by showing support. I'm sure others feel as I do, like do, like I have to pick sides.  Its like having your friends marrage break up, you feel like you have to take sides.
          The NCA has made some really dumb mistakes in the past, like forcing continuing education on its members.  This is the dumbest thing they have done.  They will hurt the PBA a little bit, but they will hurt themselves and the industry even more.  We need a big show in October, move it while there is time. 
The Siggers Team Will Teach You Malaya
          It was on a trip to Paris 12 years ago that John Siggers and his wife Carol took to take a new french hair cutting class, During that class they were exposed to the Balayage technique and

Lea Bascili Siggers Tean Leader
fell in love with it.  They have returned to Paris every year to learn new Balayage techniques and  to refine their skills.  They have taught thousands of haircolorists over the years how it should be done. 
           It looks simple enough, but it is a very refined technique which gives the hair a natural touched by the sun look.  If you want to learn the Balayage learn it from the person who brought it to America.  There are a lot of imitators out there teaching the Balayage but there is only one Siggers team.
            According to Siggers, "The key to the success of the Balayage is the right bleach and the way it is mixed." Siggers became so frustrated with other bleaches, he formulated is own bleach to be used especially for the Balayage  This bleach will be demonstrated at the Summit classes.
            Lea Bascili Will lead the Siggers team of haircolorists.  The entire team 20 strong will be
Siggers Balayage
giving personalized instruction.  You can go to Atlanta Georgia and take a two day class for $400.00 or you can learn the Balayage at the Summit.  The hour and a half classes require no extra charge and you can take as many classes as you like. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best.  
Thanks for reading our newsletter, we will keep you updated on what is new in the industry as well as give opinions from some of the ABCH Board of Directors as well as some of the members.
Andre Nizetich President