American Board of Certified Haircolorists    Newsletter  April
By Andre Nizetich
Deborah McCann & Peter Valenti

This dynamic Duo team up to offer two great classes at the Summit, Both hands on classes.  "Caution, Approaching the red zone" and " Foils in the fast lane". 
           Excellence~ It is what Deborah is known for. Her experience and knowledge in principles of haircolor, color placement, and business will increase your professional approach. Revisiting the essentials will excel your creative genius to keep your color placement fresh and trendy, and set your work apart from your competition. It is her passion for excellence that has made her one of the top educators & mentors in the industry. As a Redken Artist & Educator Deborah has inspired stylists in the US and International markets. Unwavering is the best way to describe her persistent goal for quality , as an evaluator for the Redken Haircolor Certification , and The American Board of Certified Haircolorist countless stylist have benefited by her mentoring. She has been quoted and published in American Salon, Modern Salon and Inspire as well as consumer magazines like Cut & Color and Celebrity styles on her unique approach to color placement and consultation. Let Deborah impel your work to a new level of distinction, fuel your haircolor business, and arouse a new found enthusiasm in your art.
          Peter Valenti uses a tremendous array of red haircolor in his classes. What better way to learn red haircolor than to actually get your hands in the process. this hands on class Peter and Deborah will take you places you have never been before explore how to approach the most common problems when creating red tones. Do your reds fade faster than they should? Does the vibrancy look fantastic when your client leaves but changes to another tone within days or weeks? What are the causes and and how do you and how do you correct and minimize these problems will be discussed. We'll be separating myth from fact when approaching red tones.Find out where particular tones "live". We will also be sharing some creative placement in the placement of red tones, also some quick easy techniques to be able to expand haircolor services to your guests. This dynamic duo are combining their talent together teaching classes at the Summit. Arrive with an open mind and leave with a wealth of knowledge. 
Appearing at the Energizing Summit
Lights & Shadows
      An intriguing look into the dimensions of hair colors and how they are achieved. Take this class to better understand what happens when you color hair. Let these two talented artists take you to heights you never thought possible. Follow the patterns they create with some unique formulas. You will be getting hands on experience applying the color following exactly what they do. Observe how they create the amazing looks with haircolor.
       Dhaniel Doud and Deb Rosenburg are regulars at the the Redken Symposium where they dazzle the large audience with their talent. You have the opportunity to observe them close up and with your hands in the colors. If you are truly interested in learing haircolor this class is for you. Experience something extraordinary. Dhaniel and deb are a rare mix of creativity and technical skills. You will never look at haircolor the same again. When you return to your salon you will hear their instructions ringing in your ears. Sign up for classes You will leave class knowing your time was well spent.
Andre Teaches at The Las Vegas Hair Show

      The Las Vegas Show is being held on April 24-26.  Andre will be conducting three lecture classes as well as a hands on class on Monday. His popular hands on class was sold out in two week. The demand of generic haircolor education is tremendous. The Hands On classes at the
Unfortunitly,Energizing Summit are the first to fill. Unfortunately,
hairdressers graduate from beauty school without extensive haircolor training. The school curriculum consists of so many subjects there is little time to give training in any one subject.  A two week course in haircolor could be in order. Each Beauty school should offer a post graduate class to teach haircolor to students who would like to get more extensive training. There is a real need for quality haircolor knowledge. Salon owners do not usually have anyone available to train them to do color, so new hires learn on clients.
      Two days at the Energizing Summit would go a long way in gaining some basic skills. Enough to be able to work on clients. The hands on training of foiling techniques is a great way to get acquainted with dimensional haircolor.    
by Mary Petillo

       The Malady
  With Milady

       The Milady Standard Textbook for Cosmetology is aptly named. This textbook has been the standard textbook for the majority of beauty schools across the country. Their mission is to prepare these students for a career in cosmetology. The reality is that they prepare them to pass the state board exams and how well these tests actually prepare students for the reality of salon situations will be the topic of another article.
       My correspondence with Milady over the last two years had lead me to believe that they were seriously considering adding some of the ABCH information back into the textbook. They were sent two copies of the latest edition of the ABCH Study Portfolio to share with the authors and editors of the haircolor chapter. To date, it appears that they are not interested in including any of this information in the next edition due for release in 2012.
       Their response was that the cosmetology instructors have difficulty with modern tint-back formulas so the Porosity Grading Chart and the descriptions detailing the characteristics of the grades of porosity would be too difficult and confusing for students and instructors. While the chart might take some careful study to comprehend fully for the novice, the text descriptions are very straightforward.
     The malady with Milady is that they expect too little of the cosmetology students today. Public schools have found it necessary to increase expectations for students in K-12 grades in order to prepare them for the advancements made in technology and the challenges of the new millennium. Beauty schools should expect no less. It is good news knowing that Milady will list the American Board of Certified Haircolorists in the Professional Organizations referral section of the next textbook edition. We'll take it! If they can't get it in school, at least they might find us to further their education after they are in the salon.

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."    Michelangelo

Model Answer For Challenge
The interactive portion of the examination exposes those who lack formulation skills

       Anyone who has attempted to remove seven applications of black tint from the hair know it is near impossible.  You can not go from black hair to a brown color. 
      Therefore the model answer for this challenge is to refuse color service. If you applied a bleach from scalp to the ends you failed this challenge. In the opinion of the evaluators the candidate should know the difficulty involved and not proceed. If a test strand was taken there was a minor deduction. It is the mother who is seeking to have the color changed and not the child. The mother has no idea what is involved in her request. If a test strand was taken to show the mother what is involved it was a minor deduction, although it should have not been necessary. Basically this would have been an exercise in futility. The best way to handle this situation is to explain to the mother exactly what will happen and suggest she let the daughter have the black color grow out. If you proceed with this correction you will have an unhappy client and a very unhappy daughter.

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