American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter April,2010
By Andre Nizetich
     A Brilliant
Public Relations Team
    Classes offered at the Energizing Summit on June 13,14 in Los Angeles

      Sharon Esche and Alex Alexander are, the very best at what they do. They have represented some of the largest and influential companies in the beauty industry. Now they are helping salon owners, like yourself, build your business. They are Power Communicators. They will be teaching one of their most intense workshop to ABCH attendees. This is the only venue where they teach because they love our audiences. So if you think you can faceblogtwitlink? Get with it and get better. Learn the current secret to enhancing your brand, your image and your business.
Hear their take on 'Publicity verses Public Relations'. This class is a must attend as a haircolorist, stylist and salon owner. You will be able to evaluate where you are now and your future PR planning.
  Have fun during the breakout session while you're getting on top of turning your social media skills into effective communication with the media and your clients.  Walk away with valuable PR reference package available FREE, at the Summit, only to their workshop attendees.  Get a major leg up on PR in advance by subscribing to their beauty pro educational blog at www. and download your compleimentary e-book entitled Life Changing PR for salon and spa owners.
   This class is extended for a half hour so all of their valuable information can be presented.
   Summit registrations:
Headline Chicago:
Chicago Exam Produces
 Seven New ABCH's

      The examination was held in conjunction with Americas Beauty Show. Although it was not part of the show you could still feel the shows energy.
     Excitement was in the air as seventeen aspiring haircolorists sought to become new American Board Certified Haircolorists. We now have seven new ABCH Members.
   Three of the seventeen taking the examination were re-testing in the Performance Examination. Two of the three passed. Three of the remaining five all were from the 'The Total Look Salon', this gives the
salon a total of nine ABCH Members.

      Interesting fact: Of the '09 group who took our exam in Los Angeles, only one failed. Shortly after returning from failing the exam she quit that salon and went to work in another salon. But she now is advertising herself as a ABCH Member. Instead of working a little harder and retaking the examination she took the easy way out, quit, and and now fakes it. Shame on her!
  Pictured with Andre is Kristal Babel who scored an incredible 126 out a possible 130, and to the right is Bong Lucy Irrgang who achieved a perfect score of 50 in the Interactive portion of the examination. 
 From the same salon is Jennifer Kluempke, pictured below, who received a score of 230 out of a possible total of 250 on the Written examination.
Congratulations Ladies!

By Andre Nizetich
Our Haircolor
Covers Gray Hair 100%

Finish the sentence for goodness sake!

       What does that mean to the haircolorist?
It is not unusual for haircolor manufacturers to speak in generalities, not meaning to mislead us, but they do. How hard would it be to complete the sentence by saying, "Our haircolor covers gray hair 100% if you use a level 4 haircolor or a level 6 haircolor"?
     It is impossible to put all gray hair into one giant category. You must consider the percentage of gray hair, along with the different haircolor categories of natural hair where the hair looks completely different when it starts to gray. So rather than attempting to answer the question completely the manufacturers will leave you hanging. Everybody forward this article to a haircolor educator they know. I would love to hear from them.
    Learn how to evaluate your gray hair client by attending one of Pamela Pacheco's classes at the Energizing Summit.
    Just for fun I called several haircolor companies and asked to speak to the head educator. I introduced myself and said I was doing a magazine article on gray hair and wanted to ask a couple of questions. The questions were, ' Does your haircolor cover gray hair 100 percent' and, 'What do you mean when you say your haircolor covers gray 100 percent'.
  The answers were very interesting, most of the educators answers to the first question, without hesitating was, 'of course' or 'absolutely' or just a simple yes. On the other hand the second question brought some hesitation. In other words they had to think about their answer. Two companies indicated they would not answer the question, I would have to submit the question in writing, then they would determine the answer. You would think the head educator would have their act together enough to answer a question like that.
Soft Brown category on top, Dark Brown category on the bottom.  Swatches from left to right. Control, Highlight, Levels 12, 10, 8, 7.6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
     The problem with manufacturer education is they do not devote the time they need to in order to have an informed educational team. They should take a lesson from Redken and how they have taken over professional haircoloring by having everyone talking the same language. 
     How hard would it be to make a prop or props, as shown above, indicating how the progression of darker levels of haircolor effect gray hair. The next time someone asks if your color covers gray 100 % you can respond by saying, 'it depends on the level of haircolor you are using and the haircolor category and the percentage of gray hair', then you show them a prop to reinforce your answer. After all, they could be looking to buy your haircolor. The smarter your customers are the more color they will use and everyone is more prosperous
      Producing a swatch chart such at the one above would be invaluable for teaching haircolor classes that involve coloring gray hair. Gray hair coverage is a very misunderstood subject, yet it is the number one reason people color their hair. 

See this and all of the educational swatch charts at the Energizing Summit June 13, 14.  
by Mary Petello

Looking Good Between Appointments

     Our clients are walking advertisements for our salons and each of us as professional hairstylists. No matter how well a haircolorist performs a gray coverage color service, there is a period of 1-2 weeks prior to the next pre-booked appointment that the gray around the face or on the part line will be obvious. This is especially true if the client wears their hair smooth or slicked back in a ponytail. There is a new product advertised called TouchBack Hair Marker. This new product applies from an applicator tipped with a comb, dispenses fluidly, and dries in a minute to glossy hair that is completely comb-able. The old-fashioned touchup sticks applied like and appeared like a crayon. The other type was a mascara wand, which dried stiff and clumpy like mascara. This new product claims to be stylist friendly since it is a passive product, does not containing any ammonia or peroxide, does not rub or flake off, and it shampoos out completely.
    A product like this, if it performs in the end as advertised, would be an industry improvement that would make haircolorists and their gray coverage clients look good even the day before their next service. Celebrity endorsements of this product claim that this new marker has been used on famous names for red carpet appearances. This is worth looking in to, but let's have Dr. Said and John Halal look at the ingredient list.
    New products are great but "The 6N comparison" by Andre will prove to be very interesting.
Challenge Yourself!
 Learn To Formulate    

  One of the three portions of the ABCH Certified Examination is the Interactive Assessment. It won't hurt to expose some of the challenges the candidates are faced with when taking the examination.
  The Board of Directors and the Evaluators, who devised this portion of the examination, know full well there is never one answer that is absolute correct. This is why we grade the answers from 1 to 10, with 10 being the model answer. There also can be more than one model answer. This exam consists of five challenges so the perfect score is 50 and failing is 39.
  The purpose of Interactive Examination is to expose the people who do not know formulation, thus they rely on others in the salon to formulate for them. When a neophyte takes this exam they expose themselves to challenges they have never had to solve. This is one portion of the examination you can not study for because the knowledge comes from your own salon experience. 
  There is a script in the back of the each photograph. The dialogue is between the client and the haircolorist. You need to read the script and determine what needs to be done.
  It is beneficial for you to question your client first. The sound of their voice and the way they answer your questions all play a part in your decision.

Here is one exam scenario:

  A mother, who is a regular customer, brings her daughter into the salon. She is very unhappy with her daughters hair and would like it returned to the natural color which is a light brown. The daughter has colored her hair with a black tint over the past year, 7 applications.
She now has a 3 month outgrowth.
What would you do?
          ISSE Show Smells Blood

        The Americas Beauty Show, formally know as the Midwest Beauty Show,  held in Chicago is between a rock and a hard place.  It is losing dollars along with prestige. A decision was made to move the show to the beautiful McCormick Center in downtown Chicago. That move was prompted by them joining forces with the NCA to hold the World Olympics of Hair. The NCA hoped to impress the international cosmetologists who were coming to Chicago from all over the world. It appeared to be a match made in heaven. As it turned out it was not. The requirements of the NCA were overwhelming and at the same time it was Chicago, which means high prices for the exhibitors. Booth prices and Drayage were sky high and attendance was not as expected.
      When ABS moved to McCormick center to help the NCA host the World Olympics of hairstyling, Gorden Miller and the NCA Was going to host another show in the Rosemont Center where the ABS moved from They had a difficult time attracting exhibitors. Now that the NCA has merged with PBA they have the Power to pull it off.
       Next year the ISSE Show is moving into Chicago and holding their show just two weeks before the Americas Beauty Show. ISSE is offering less expensive space along with free drayage.
            It seems like yesterday, there was a show in Los Angeles and another held just twenty-five miles away on that same date in Long Beach. Eventually the Los Angeles location went belly up.
 Lets hope that dose not happen again.         
Thanks for reading our newsletter, we will keep you updated on what is new in the industry as well as give opinions from some of the ABCH Board of Directors as well as some of the members.
Andre Nizetich President