American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter  May 2010
The Lies About Haircoloring

Two well informed haircolorist educators reveal how haircolor information is manipulated to get you to purchase more haircolor than you need
Brenda Amaral Lisa Kelley, Two Fireballs
The name of their class is "The Lies About haircolor".  Their purpose in life is to inform the haircolorist that the frustrations they are feeling about haircolor is probably the misinformation you have received.  their message is loud and clear " its not what you don't know that is the problem it is what you know that is not so". Theirs is an amazing class they will teach you to "wise up", don't believe everything you hear.Those celebrity haircolorists you love, get paid big bucks to lie to you.  The fact is most of you have the skill to be as good as them if you hone your skills.  Lisa Kelley and Brenda Amaral are a couple of veteran haircolorist who have been around the block a few times.  They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. If you have never seen their presentation you are in for a treat.  You will learn from them why we are bleeding clients to home haircoloring.  Why we are pawns for the haircolor manufacturers and how we can change the the way we do business.  It has nothing to do with the economy.  Why are more men shaving their heads and more women are wearing pony tails. We can change things if we want to, we first have to admit there is a problem.  You will leave this class knowing your time was well spent.  WARNING: do not attend this class if you are in love with your manufacturer.  

We Tested a Silicone Peroxide, Expensive!

        Al Kaylor CEO and head chemist at Tu-K labs promised a real WOW! factor from the haircolor when used with the silicone peroxide. So decided to test it out.  We selected Ion tube color to use on the test. We also used a cream peroxide to be mixed with the same color. to make a comparison In all we colored four swatches two of the swatches were in the soft brown category.  The soft brown swatches would determine the lift, the two Yak swatches would measure the deposit of red haircolor.
Both peroxides were mixed
with the same colors
Both of the formulas mixed up the same.  It appeared the silicone formula was slightly thicker after mixing, even though the consistency was thinner.  There were differences, the greatest difference we found in the two peroxides was the pH.  The silcone peroxide had a pH of 4.5 and the generic peroxide was 5.3. The other huge difference was the price.  The silcone peroxide cost $4.25 for a bottle that holds 4.5 ounces.  Even if you could tell a difference in the results. Spending a dollar an ounce for peroxide would put you in the poor house.
All swatches processed for the same time

       There was no difference in the results of the two peroxides.  The conclusion is it would be a waste of money to pay the price of the
The results were the same
for all the swatches
silicone peroxide. Having said that coloring swatches one time could not really give you an accurate reading of what the peroxide is capable of.  In a conversation with Al Kaylor after our finding he indicated the special peroxide were earmarked for the over the counter beauty supply stores.  That explains the small bottles and expensive price.  If we knew that, we would not have bothered testing it.
           So far there have been 6 haircolorists email and call to ask when we would be testing the new  L'Oreal haircolor. The answer is yes, as soon as we can get our hands on some.  
Problem Solving Techniques is Jay Marshlicks Speciality         
Jay Marshlick

     The opportunity to have a class with one of the brightest most talented haircolorists in the country happens very seldom. It is even more rare to have a hands on class with Jay.  Jay Marshlick makes his home in Savannah Georgia.  His salon is voted one of the best 200 haircolor salons in America.  he is the poster boy for promoting his salon and retaining his staff.  There is a great deal to learn from one of the more successful salon owners in America.
       Jay says, "as professional haircolorists we have to be able to solve problems.  Our clients come to us with haircolor problems, sometimes we can solve the problem by simply explaining why something happens. other times it requires a major correction, Whatever it is we have to fix it".  His soft spoken demeanor is what makes his class so enjoyable.  You will love his class. 
Learn How to Make More Money With Haircolor, From a Wise Distributor

         Having a owner of a distribution company teach you how to save money seems like an oxymoron.  After all distributors are supposed to get you to spend money.  That is generally the
case but not Leo Lapierre.  Leo is all about saving you money by buying smart.  How to negotiate with your distributor.  Find out if you are getting the best prices from your distributors. Listen to Leo and you will save enough money in a year to purchase a new car.  Its only a matter of knowing how to buy.
          His distributorship is in New Hampshire, so you don't have to worry about him calling on you after the Summit.  That is not his motive for teaching at the Summit.  He wants to see salon owners be successful. Why else would he come to Los Angeles to teach.  He is already successful in his own right.  His presentation is matter of fact and to the point.  One thing about Leo is does not mince words, if you want help he will give you the tools to accomplish what you want to do.  Leo loves you,
Lots Going on in The Manufacturing  Sector of The Beauty Biz
It is a revolving door. they start a business build it, sell it, start another business.

        We of course are most interested in what is going on in the haircolor sector.  Going from nail
George Schaeffer
polish to haircolor is a stretch to say the least, but tat is what George Scheaffer is doing.  He says he has longed to own a hair care company.  his wish has finally come true with he purchase of Aloxxi haircolor.  George is the sole owner and will run the company completely separate from OPI.  His promotions for nail polish are out of this world, very creative and effective.  If he can use that same creativity to market his haircolor he will do all right. 
           Steve Stefano former CEO and owner of Joico, is re-entering the business.  This time with a new haircare line called Clinque Science.  It is currently being test marketed. The time table for its release will depend the results of the test market.  You would think the CEO of the major
Jim Markham
companies would just lay back and enjoy life having been paid millions of dollars for the companies they founded.  jim Markam is yet another tycoon who is a marketing genius.  He is the founder of Purology the shampoo for color treated hair, it was followed by an entire array of conditioning and styling products.  These former CEO's stay away just long enough for people to forget the promises he made never to divert his products and to keep his line professional.  He kept his promise, except he sold his company to one of the industries largest diverters. So much for promises.
Thanks for reading our newsletter, we will keep you updated on what is new in the industry as well as give opinions from some of the ABCH Board of Directors as well as some of the members.
Andre Nizetich President