American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter  Nov. 2009
By Andre Nizetich

6N Haircolor Comparison in Full Swing
          We selected 6N because level 6 is in the mid range of the level system, you can extend the level 6 out to a level 10 or go in the other direction and go to a level 1.  This will give an indication how light or dark the line of haircolor is.  Some manufacturers call their level 6 dark blonde some call theirs light brown.  The changes in tone are very subtle.
          We received a total of 50 different haircolor lines for our comparisons. Six of the 50 were tested with the peroxide sent with the color, and also with the generic peroxide used on all remaining swatches. Coloring the swatches is just one phase of the comparison. The products  are more similar than they are different.  Of course, there are differences in tone. 
          After the three swatches are colored, one of the three will be exposed to the sun for 10 days.  This will tell us which of the haircolors are less prone to fading from the ultra violet rays of the sun.  The second swatch will be soaked in shampoo for 1 hour, then completely rinsed and allowed to dry naturally.  This process is repeated four more times.  This is the same process used when we compared the haircolor retention shampoos and it can be very revealing.  Do the colors really fade on tone or do some of the swatches fade to a reddish tone?  What causes the color to fade more, the sun or the shampoo? 
            The swatches were colored 10 at a time, carefully mixed the pH of each color taken both in a raw state and when mixed.  Notes were taken on the color out of the tube or bottle, mixing time and consistency.  Great care was taken to preserve the numbering system making certain the  swatches, bowls and notes were the same.  Once colored the three swatches were separated, folded and stapled, reminiscent of the color swatches made for the ABCH performance examination. 
               The swatches were then trimmed, and treated as stated above. The last two days the swatches have gone through two of the shampoo treatments and have had one day in the sun.  This entire process has been recorded on video tape as well as still photographs. There will be a complete breakdown of all colors tested, which includes a private label company and two retail box colors. 
            This is the second of many comparisons the ABCH will carry out.   The results of these comparisons are only a means of informing the haircoloring community of what is out there and what your options are.  Since the consolidation of the distributors, relying on information of their available products could be slanted based on what the distributor carries in his warehouse.  Knowing the prices of all haircolors available could put you in a better position to negotiate.
              All of the 6N results will be made available in the next newsletter.  The actual boards with the three swatches mounted will be displayed at the Energizing Summit in June.

Andre to teach hands on classes at the ISSE Show

     The annual International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California, is being held on Jan. 30-Feb.1,2010.  This is considered the largest beauty show on the West Coast.  Nothing comes close in attendance and exhibitors.
     Andre Nizetich will be presenting two classes.  "FOIL PLACEMENT DEFINED", which will cover various effects you can create with foil placement and the second class offered is "KILLER CORRECTIVE TECHNIQUES", in it you will learn fast and easy methods of correcting various problems. The best way to learn a technique is to practice in a hands-on class.   All mannequins used in the classes are pre-cut so the students will not have to deal with long scraggy ends while learning foil techniques.  As haircolorists  we are constantly being requested to solve a variety of challenges posed by our own clients. 
        Registration for these classes can be made on line though ISSE.
Appeal to to Join The ABCH Ad Program Worked 

         Thanks to all of you who joined the advertising program.  Our appeal encouraging more of you to join has paid off.  To date there has been 15 pages of advertising purchased. The ads will start appearing in magazines now through January.
      Here is some more Good News, we are in the process of completely reworking the ABCH web site.
        The new site will be adding a 400 question quiz where the prospective candidate can go to study for the examination.  The quiz will be followed by 110 case histories so candidates will be able to study for the Interactive portion of the examination.  
       The ABCH Board of Directors are considering whether a candidate can take the written  examination on line for credit. 
       A fee will be charged for studying the examination or for taking the examination on line.
Why Everyone needs to Support ABCH.  It's the best we have now.

         The NCA was an organization who represented the Cosmetologists of America.  Thus the name National Cosmetology Association.  We all seemed to take this too lightly.  An association that was started in 1920, almost 90 years ago now is gone.  
You can argue it was only absorbed by the PBA. The PBA is the Professional Beauty Association, you can read what you want into that name, but I can tell you from experience that hairdressers will not be on the top of their agenda.  We are going to be gobbled up by the big guys.  
           Why should you support ABCH?  Because we are not dictated to by anyone but our Board of Directors, and they are haircolorists, first and foremost.  We don't have any muscle now, but what if we had 5000 Board Certified Haircolorists?  Five thousand of the best haircolorists in America could be an awesome force.  Going directly to the consumer for support.  
         As I browse through the NCA's 75th anniversary celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, I read of all of the people who have given so much to make cosmetology a viable career for so many and poof, its gone. We need to pay attention to what's happening to us.  Its not just the recession, we are getting swallowed up by the big guys.  
          Since the introduction of booth rental, more than ever we have become a fragmented occupation.  Without the hairdressers and haircolorists there would be no beauty profession.  
Last Examination for 2009 to be Held in Atlanta November 8

       The last examination of each year has always had a home in Atlanta.  It also has the honor of the largest exam, when in 1998, fifty seven candidates participated in our second year of testing.  Sadly, this year registrations are down with only twenty two candidates.
       We have changed hotels in Atlanta three times and finally found a home in the beautiful Hilton at the Atlanta Airport. 
       We always attempt to select a hotel near a airport so the candidates will not have the additional expense of transfers to and from the airport. 
      The exam dates for next year will be determined after the scores of the Atlanta exam have been sent to the candidates. 
      The dates and locations will be posted on our website in December.
The 2010 Summit Countdown,
Interactive Corrective Haircolor Class Taught by  Teresa Reagor,

Mark your calendars for June 13-14, 2010

      Another talent teaching at this years Summit is Teresa Reagor.  She has perfected a interactive haircolor class she calls, "Captivating Color Correction". By utilizing posters of corrective clients she has the students interact and give opinions on how the situation can be resolved.  A great way to learn a different point of view and has the students interacting with out becoming combative or territorital. 
        Teresa has perfected the teaching system and now wants to share it with the Summit participants.  This teachnig method can only be utilized in an arena like the Summit where the classes are small.  A great learning atmosphere.
What happened to Co-Op Manufacturer Advertising?

          There was a time when many of the manufacturers paid a portion of any advertising a salon did.  The percentage paid varied depending on the manufacturer.  The amount was anywhere from 25% to as much as 75% and there were certain guidelines salons had to adhere to.  The manufacturers name had to appear in the ad, and some required the product name had to be more prominent than the salon name.  For what ever reason co-op advertising disappeared. 
          One at a time, the manufacturers eliminated co-op advertising from their benefit package for salons carrying their line of products. Now with the slowdown in salon client visits, it may be the right time to bring it back.               Advertising does work. 
           Co-Op advertising can do a great deal to bring clients back into the salon with more frequency.  The manufacturers should design some ads promoting salon services, as well as  their products. The manufacturers make millions because of the hairdressers and haircolorists,   TIGI, Paul Mitchell, Farouk, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, and Loreal, they all can afford to throw a few dollars back to help the salons. 
IRS Gives Certification 501(c)(3) Status

         After long negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service they have granted The American Board of Certified Haircolorists a tax exempt status.
         The IRS is pretty stingy when it comes to granting the 501(c)(3) status. This status allows  individuals as well as companies who contribute to a cause to deduct it from their own income tax.
         It took some time to provide the IRS with  information convincing them we are an educational body, and by raising the standards of individuals,  they are able to earn more revenue and improve their standing in their community.
          The accounting firm of Andrate and Associates provided the IRS with the info needed and letters from individuals who have become Board Certified and in doing so their income has increased.
          Not only did the IRS grant the ABCH the tax exempt status, they also made it retroactive to the original date the corporation was formed.
Thanks for reading our newsletter, we will keep you updated on what is new in the industry as well as give opinions from some of the ABCH Board of Directors as well as some of the members.
Andre Nizetich President
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Energizing Summit at Bargain Prices

Over 100 attendees took advantage of the 20% off early bird special for attendance to the Energizing Summit last year.  The reduced price was for the general admission as well as the hands on classes being offered.  Of course you will not be able to even register until February 1, we just wanted you to be aware of this special offer.  If airline tickets stay low this can make it a very economical educational trip.
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