American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter/October '09
By Andre Nizetich

Dog Groomers and Cosmetologists

          Every now and then my granddaughter ask us to sit her dogs.  She has two Shiatsu's.  She loves her dogs, but every time she brings them they are in desperate need of grooming.  The price for a shampoo and cut is $130.00 for both of them.  It takes the gal about two hours to complete the task. This includes snipping the nails and cleaning the anal glands. (yuk) She comes to the house in a self contained van, hooks up the water and electricity and she is ready to go.  I was curious to know what it took to become a dog groomer.  Not because I am the least bit interested in becoming one, I don't think I have the personality for it.  I just wanted to compare it to shampooing and cutting humans.   
          First of all dog groomers are not licensed. According to Cindy the state has been trying to license groomers but she is against it.  She says, "the state don't have to know about my business".  But there is a movement within the dog grooming community attempting to get dog groomers licensed.  According to her there are schools out there, but they are run by grooming companies who train you and put you in a van to become self employed.  in spite of not requiring a license or having to take a test, there is a shortage of dog groomers.  "Yeah" Cindy replied "People today don't want to work, this is hard work, you have to be on your feet all day".   "Oh really",   I said as I watched her clip away. 
         It Didn't seem particularly difficult or creative but maybe it was because I was watching a real pro.  I got me thinking, why do we have to go to school pay tuition take an qualifying examination only to see a dog groomer charge more than many cosmetologists charge for their services. At $65.00 dollars an hour that about the high medium range of what cosmetologists make.  According to Cindy, you can go to their school and be booked completely right away.  I have been watching the want ads since I spoke to Cindy, to see if there were ads for groomers, there were not, nor were there any ads for Cosmetologists. Only ads for salon owners wanting to rent space.
           In California we license 30,000 cosmetologists a year.  I am wondering if that is in the working professionals best interest.  A salon owner may think, "How great "We can pick from the best. The problem is today it appears the quality has slipped.  It seems as though as tuition rises quality diminishes.  Dog grooming companies have a distinct advantage over salon owners.  They can train their people in their schools, have the students pay them them for schooling, then hire them as employees.  What a great concept!  Why don't someone introduce such a concept to the state for cosmetology students?  It make too much sense for the state to even consider.
This a cartoon I recovered from a book I wrote entitled, "The Destruction of The Beauty Industry". It was written in 1987, What was true then is still true today.
Advertising Program Having
a Dismal Showing for 09-10

     There is now over 1,450 American Board Certified Haircolorists.  We are concluding our eleventh year of testing.  We have administered close to 90 examinations and well over 2000 candidates during those 11 years. The evaluation forms we send out with each examination all indicate what a wonderful experience it has been taking the examination and how much it has helped their career, studying for and taking the exam.  Even those who did not pass the examination praise the entire certification process.
       One haircolorist  wrote an extensive letter saying the American Board of Certified Haircolorists has helped her to realize her dream.  Now she is able to specialize in haircoloring and has so many haircolor clients she is able to do only haircolor--yet this same person no longer is part of the advertising program,  When asked why she no longer participates, she said, "I don't have to advertise anymore I am turning clients away.  The most successful haircolorists and salons always need new clients.  Don't make assumptions. Even the the most loyal clients could move to a new city or be lost to another salon if you can not fit them in
      Another common response is "Its not my salon why should I advertise?" If the salon owner wants to advertise me, let them pay for it." Perhaps suggest the salon owner split the cost of the advertising since both of you will advertise from the increased profit.
         Many excuses that can be made for not wanting to advertise.  The only justification-- I am no longer in the business, nor do I ever expect to return.
        We will place advertising in several magazines to kick off the 09-10 advertising season, and we have less than 250 paid subscribers.  If you care about improving your haircolor business, if you want to make things better for yourself and all qualified haircolorists, its time to sit down and write a check for your advertising. Do your part to make this a more professional occupation.
       Our goal when we started certification was to reach 5000 haircolorists.  If we can reach 5000 haircolorists we could become a real force.  Think about a full page ads in People Magazine.  What a force we could become. We need bigger numbers or we will never be able to upgrade the industry.  You worked hard to get your certification let people know you are part of it, spread the word we need your help.          Andre
Boston Examination Nets 11 New ABCH's, Pass rate of 65%
       An excellent group of haircolorists emerged at the Boston examination.  There were twenty four were signed up to take the examination, eighteen was the actual number that arrived and took the exam.  Here are the stats:
Total examined                                      18
Passed performance exam                    16
Passed the written exam                       12
Passed the interactive                           12
New ABCH's                                            11

High scores were performance, Maria Perez 121, perfect score 130. Written, Laura Magliaro 223, The perfect score is 250.  Interactive, Nicole Thompson and Jennifer Cogswell tie with a score of 38, perfect score 40.

   Nicole Thompson                Jennifer Cogswell    
           Maria Perez                   Laura Magliaro
Approaching Deadline for
6N Color Comparson

    Thanks to all of you who have sent us their 6N's. Thus far we have received 12 6N's, four from manufacturers, none from the big guys. This will be an interesting test.  The actual test are grueling. but the results should be very interesting. The haircolors have to be precisely mixed, applied and timed.  All of the tests will be on Yak hair.  The only fair way to conduct a comparison is to use the same hair type.  After the hair is colored you put the swatches through the paces to asertain which brand performs as expected. All of the swatches will be treated the same.  It is not to late to send in your 6N.  Send your color to ABCH 1891 N Gaffey St. Suite P San Pedro CA 90731

To date we have received the following colors, (some I have never heard of):

If your color is not part of the above send in a tube or bottle and be a part of it, or maybe you don't want to know.
Look up Persevere in the Dictionary You will find a picture
of David Carleton.

       Most candidates would have packed up their bags after the second rejection letter, not David, Not even after the third letter.  David took the examination four times before he finally passed all three portions.  If you ask him why he came back time after time and he will tell you it was because he became a better and better at haircoloring as a result of studying for and taking the ABCH examination.
        According to David, "Where I live in Vermont there is little opportunity for quality haircolor education.  When I decided to become Board Certified I knew it was something I wanted.  I have spent over $4,000.00 to get this prize and it has been worth every penny.  If I didn't pass this time I would have come back again and again until I passed".  From all of the evaluators who scored David, David,  "You're our hero".
Warming up to 2010 Summit The
Amazing Speed Foil Team Returns

Mark your calendars for June 13-14, 2010

The Speed Foiling class is the first class to sell out each year.  Headed by Julie Lazarof, along with Kris McGinnis, Gay Thomas, Yolanda Solano and Sara Beth Carlin.  This team shows the fastest easiest way of placing foils in the hair.  Joyce Weaver wrote Julie a letter stating, "I have never felt so confident foiling,
I have cut my foiling time in half.  How can I ever thank you and your team for the wisdom you imparted to me.  I am a far better haircolorist because of you and your team. I love you guys".  This is the sentiment expressed by many of the students in this class.  Come to this class and be ready to learn.  This team is all about helping you become more proficient at foiling hair.  Sign up early.  Registration opens on February 1, 2010

From the Beauty Industry Report
Paul Finkelstein CEO of Regis Gives His Views
He says we are lucky to be in the beauty business

       According to Regis CEO Paul Finkelstein the beauty business will fare much better than other businesses during the worst ecomomy since the great recession of the 1930's.  He says this in spite of having the only down year Regis has had in their 87 year history.  "The value concept salons, which makes up 90% of our units will have same store sales increases during our fiscal year."  Regis has more than 12,000 salons in their system, he went on to say,  "We are very confident of the future.Our 12,000 units make up only 4% of the overall beauty business. We have a lot of potential growth.  We are planning an additional 20,000 to 30,000 more salons in the next 10-15 year period.  We happen to be blessed to be in the beauty business because many other retailers will be closing their doors".
After Thirty Eight Years Roy Peters and Redken Part Company

        It is hard to imaginr Roy Peters no longer being part of the Redken scene.  He has been part of the Redken Educational team for what seems like forever. It is not clear who divorced whom, or if was a mutual parting. Roy traveled the globe preaching the Redken Gospel.  At one point he was their main man.  His wit and humor is unparallled in the world of haircolor education.  He always makes learning fun. 6 DVDs
          If you are wondering what he is going to do,wonder no more.  As soon as Nancy Koss of KEUNE Hair Cosmetics found out that Roy is no longer attached to Redken she made him an offer he could not refuse.  You see Nancy once worked for Redken and she experienced first hand what a tremendous educator Roy is, so she wasted no time snatching him.  So now it is Roy Peters of KEUNE.
Guess Who's Running For Office-- Farouk For Governor?  No Way!

         There is no question that Farouk is a successful business man.  We all know the story of how he came from Palestine and through hard work and perseverance his company has climbed to the pinnacle of success with his line of products and most recently his line of tools are considered among the best.   What I can't understand is how does that qualify him to run for any office, especially the Governor of Texas.
          He is going to take all of the money hard working hairdressers have bestowed upon him and he's going to spend it running for office.  Why doesn't he give back to the beauty industry, the industry that made him wealthy?  We can use some help getting more clients into salons.  He can start by not diverting his products all across America.  If he can't be honest with the people who support him. how can the people of Texas trust him.
Theme Girl For  Summit Selected

          Jessee Skitrall who is more known for his beautiful conservative haircolors, who is known and recognized for his corrective haircoloring techniques, created this beautiful avant garde haircolor and style. You can see some of his corrective techniques on You Tube.  Just search "The Kadus Guy" He is also a regular educator at the Energizing Summit teaching "Correcting Haircolor Disasters" He teaches hands on classes, according to Jessee, it is the only way to learn haircoloring.
         He had a team of people helping him with this entry.  The beautiful model, Denisse Davis, The photographer Lawrence Grant /Studio 105, Makeup, Stacy Quach.  From the Board of Directors of ABCH, thank you Jessee.

Gordon Miller Resigns to Join BTC

        Gordon Miller was lured away from his post as the NCA's director for 11 years to join Mary Rector at Behind the (BTC).  The handwriting was on the wall, with the merger of the NCA and the PBA you had two chiefs.  You can't have two people running the same organization, someone had to go.  The change gives Gordon the opportunity for a change of pace and to get away from trying to balance all of the different elements of the NCA.  Its a great move for Gordon.  With his vast experience with in the industry with Milady and Pivot Point BTC can benefit greatly.  Gordon is one of the good guys and will do everything he can to make a better life for hairdressers.  Congratulations!

Thanks for reading our newsletter, we will keep you updated on whats new in the industry as well as give opinions from some of the ABCH Board of Directors and some of the members.
Andre Nizetich President
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Energizing Summit at Bargain Prices

Over 100 attendees took advantage of the 20% off early bird special for attendance to the Energizing Summit last year.  The reduced price was for the general admission as well as the hands on classes being offered.  Of course you will not be able to even register until February 1, We just wanted you to be aware of this special offer.  If airline tickets stay low this can make it a very economical educational trip.
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