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May 31-June 1, Los Angeles
                 The American Board of Certified Haircolorists
Featured Educator,    Doug Martucci
High energy, extreme creativity and bold haircoloring are words that describe this class
This is a hands on class you don't want to miss.  Doug Martucci gets behind the indepth process of block haircoloring.  What it means to you and how you can benefit from it.  It means a great deal to have this in your arsenal of haircolor techniques.  This system of haircoloring defines logic and conventional thinking.  Its n ot only about technique, it is also about formulating colors.  The great thing about this class is you can actually experience it.  This hand on class is for all levels of haircolorist.  Don't miss your chance to color hair at the highest level with Doug Martucci.
       Color Retention Shampoo Test

   We ran tests to find out who makes the best color retention shampoo.  We colored Yak hair with the same red haircolor. We are now going to soak the swatches in the shampoos for one hour at a time for 5 hours and we will find our which shampoo holds on to the color the best.  This time we also tested the most popular retail brands.  The results are now in and there are lots of surprises.


Andre Nizetich
As president of the ABCH we take pride in providing the best generic education available.  There are classes for all levels of haircolorist.  Click the link below and view all of the is different classes you can take. Don't wait classes fill up early.  Go to
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