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         Certified Haircolorists


May 31, June 1, 2009
LAX Marriott

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Featured Educator And Special Guest . . . . . . . Dennis Gebhart    

A Blueprint For     Haircolor

Dennis is a haircolorists' haircolorist.  His classes are down to earth, he is not one who deals with rhymes and riddles.  He is a straight  talker and knows what it takes to be successful.  This class will lift the veil of uncertainty off your haircolor services.  The information you will receive here is the missing peice of the haircoloring puzzle.  This class will allow you to master your craft and renew your love of haircolor.  If you desire is to raise raise your own personal bar, improve you skills enhance you knowledge and control your future, we invite you to join Dennis on his next journey into the world of haircolor.  
Featured Educator  Aura Mae        Be Happy, Make More Money
by Aura
Be Happy Make More Money
6 DVDsI'm not going to say this class is going to solve all of your problems, but you will look at things in an entirely different light.  I was one stressed hairdresser, things bothered me a lot, I mean a lot!  I am not happier and make a lot more money.  Its because I pick my clients a lot better.  Some people are just not meant for each other.  Thats a term used a lot in marrage, it is also true in clients.  You have to learn you can't be everything to everyone.  There are people who make you happy and those who make you miserable.  If you are going to stay in this business you better learn how to work it.  That is why I wrote my book, it is an easy concept one you can learn in my class.  Take my class, buy my book read it and you will look at you clients in a different light, be happier and make more money.
Featured Educator Tony Fanelli        Learn and Share Roundtable

Every time I attend an indusrtry event like the Energizing Summit, I learn just as much talking to the attendees as I do going to the classes.  I approached Andre and suggested we have a round table for those who may be a little  more timid than me, when it comes to asking others, "whats new".   We are going to have a Learn and Share Roundtable.  As director, I will be giving  topics to each table, they can be in the form of a question or a, "what do you do in your salon" type statement.  One thing for sure it will be something that will encourage conversation.  It will get the group talking.  At the closing we will appoint someone at each table to share the results with the rest of the group.  It is a great way to share new ideas and find out what is going on in the rest of the country. Select "Learn and Share Roundtable" as one of your classes.  I am also leading the discussion of a panel of industry experts at the end of the day on Sunday.  It is open to everyone, don't miss it.

Tony Fanelli